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My first article

This was the first article I ever wrote. It explores the fortunes of Portsmouth and Southampton, two south coast football teams, for The Pink, a sports paper linked to the Southern Daily Echo.

Meeting halfway


What a Whopper!

In these days of serious and often gloomy news stories, the public, and indeed the media, are often looking for some light relief. Any press officer who can come up with a quirky human interest story is pretty much guaranteed coverage. 213 more words

Most Successful Kurds in Britain Awards story I wrote published by South London Press

This was a really great event, held at Portcullis House, at the Houses of Parliament, in Westminster, on 18 March. It was organised by Ibrahim Dogus on behalf of the Centre for Kurdish Progress. 137 more words

Do we get the media we deserve?

Do we get the media we deserve? That was the theme of a very interesting debate which I went along to last week. It was organised by Liverpool Parish Church as part of a series of… 339 more words

Winning hearts

Feb 15 2015

The Friday Times

Fahmida Riaz

At the sixth Karachi Literature Festival, Fahmida Riaz received a prize on behalf of a friend with a heavy heart… 621 more words


We're dying from apathy, not terrorism

Publisded on Dawn

July 02, 2014

Murtaza Haider

Thousands have been targeted, but only a few have lived to tell the tale.

Sitting in the semi-lit lounge at the Washington Plaza Hotel, Raza Rumi narrated the details of the… 808 more words

Raza Rumi

We need to save our local newspapers

A few days ago Trinity Mirror announced the latest round of local newspaper closures. Sadly one of them is my own local paper, the weekly… 315 more words