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Digital First Media acquires the Boston Herald for $11.9M

Digital First Media, one of the largest publishers of locally based print and online media in the United States, has completed the acquisition of the… 121 more words

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Still March

A book has been written called Morning by Allan Jenkins, there is an article in today’s paper and whilst we don’t rise at such an early hour as some of those interviewed Ian & I are continuing to wake at 6.30, occasionally just before the alarm, to feel better for it, as the article tells us we are gaining time,  if we have to leave the house at an early hour, say before 9am, we do so without being so stressed.   246 more words

Newsquest to acquire regional media company CN Group

Newsquest Media Group Ltd. is to acquire Cumbrian-based media company CN Group in a deal which is part of a larger, scaled operation by the board to better protect the long term future of the group, its staff and its pensioners. 228 more words

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Local Papers Stay Local

Local papers stay local

When I travel around Britain I always buy a local paper wherever I stay as I think that it tells you a great deal about the town or city in question. 419 more words

Why Theresa May's plan to save local journalism could end up benefiting media moguls - Steven Barnett

There are two ways of looking at the new Press Review announced by Theresa May, the UK prime minister: a genuine attempt to inject some badly needed funds into the failing business model of journalism, or another backhander to the mainstream corporate press to keep them sweet. 923 more words


Local Newspapers and Learning about the Holocaust and Refugees

When researcher Mike Levy wanted to find out about local responses to refugees in the period leading up to the Holocaust, he discovered newspaper articles to be a fruitful resource. 1,149 more words

Groupe Lexis Media acquires 12 Transcontinental Media publications

Groupe Lexis Media has acquired 12 of Transcontinental Inc.‘s publications, as well as their related web properties, with 75 employees of these various publications and 16 employees from TC Media’s Production team being transferred to the buyer. 216 more words

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