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MSc Thesis: Community Life and Political Culture in Hawick, c. 1945-75

I’ve been meaning to upload this for a while, but it was the Scottish Historical Conversations panel on modern history the other night that convinced me it might actually be of some interest to someone other than me. 174 more words


Local News Revenue Conundrum: Events

To diversify revenue streams media providers in the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere are experimenting with a range of different way to secure income. Previously I mentioned One popular way newspapers are doing this is through paywalls and digital subscriptions. 511 more words

Local News Revenue Conundrum

Local news media remains important for many news consumers,111 but attracting advertisers and getting audiences to pay for content remains a challenge. According to Mark Zusman, editor and publisher of Willamette Week, a Pulitzer Prize–winning weekly serving Portland and the Willamette Valley, the key challenge local news organizations face is “sorting out the business model.” This underpins all other e orts explored in this report. 482 more words


Engagement in Storytelling and Story Gathering

Through social media, events, and traditional (paper and email) correspondence, journalists have more opportunities than ever to engage with the public around their work.

This accessibility is influencing not only how audiences interact with content, but also the creation of new types of journalistic output. 782 more words

Face-to-Face Engagement

The impacts that journalists and news outlets can see from digital and traditional forms of engagement can include deepening relationships, generating leads, and helping to promote news literacy. 653 more words

Strategic Drivers for Engagement

An effective journalist has always been on a first-name basis with the movers and shakers of a town. With the co ee shop owner, the lunch spot waitress, the city manager, the mailman, and both the official and self-appointed ‘mayors’ in the neighborhood.”

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Happy National Newspaper Week!

Oct. 1 – 7 is officially “National Newspaper Week” and MediaBids would like to thank each and every newspaper we work with.

The theme this year is “Real Newspapers…Real News” and a website has been set up for interested newspapers to download content & house ads reinforcing the importance of newspapers to use in print editions and online. 23 more words

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