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OK, I'm back

My profuse apologies that this blog has been sadly neglected for a few weeks now. But finally the current crop of drab columns in the Manx press has convinced me to end this indolence. 667 more words

Another Reason We Need to Tell Our Stories

With a single tweet, the 83 year-old newspaper in my community disappeared. Of course this is nothing new, it is happening in communities across North America… 760 more words


How can I find out what all the local newspapers are in a particular town or area?

Willings Press Guide, which is in stock in a few larger libraries has a geographical index of local newspapers.

Search our catalgoue on the Libraries West website to find out which libraries have copies of Willings Press Guide.

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Who's Watching Your Council? Journalists Go On Strike

Ever wondered who’s scrutinising your council? Cutbacks in local news coverage mean that it could end up being no-one.

I wrote an article on why we should support our local newspapers for Londonist. 146 more words


Has the regional press got its mojo back?

COULD it be that at long last the regional newspaper industry has got its mojo back?

The pessimists have enjoyed a field day during our years of cutbacks and closures. 376 more words

Local Newspapers

North South gap in newspapers

I was very interested to read the feature in Press Gazette last week which looks at the density of local newspaper coverage across the UK. It shows that Northern Ireland is best served by the press, with 33 newspapers per million of population. 304 more words

When a newspaper loses its mojo

Has our local newspaper has gone AWOL? Have the effects of PETA’s ridiculous plea for one of St Albans’ finest pubs’ name to be changed in the name of political correctness infiltrated the offices of the Herts Advertiser? 469 more words