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Crime and the perception of crime.

An interesting read when we are talking about local crime are the statistics from the Durham County Council website. These on initial viewing look low but not Zero as we would all like. 85 more words


The Box Purse

It was her only luggage. She reached in and pulled out 2 hundred dollar bills, securing one of the last available hotel rooms that night. 246 more words



To the casual observer it appears that Virginia is run by violent psychopaths. That’s the takeaway from the recent report of an anti-poker SWAT team raid in Fairfax County… 292 more words


Teenager Calls 911 Over XL/PSN DDoS Attack

The Christmas Day PSN and Xbox Live network outages have caused a plethora of questions for gamers who are trying to play. However, one Florida teenager thought the issue required local police authority’s help.

Console Updates

Local judge unseals hundreds of highly secret cell tracking court records

By: Cyrus Farivar

A judge in Charlotte, North Carolina, has unsealed a set of 529 court documents in hundreds of criminal cases detailing the use of a stingray, or cell-site simulator, by local police. 931 more words


Freezing Puppy

Last night while in a friends car, going home, I noticed a small white poodle tied with a leash to a porch. This very much concerned me for the following reasons: It was almost 11pm, every light in the house was off but there were cars in the driveway, and it was UNDER 20 DEGREES!! 272 more words

Animal Rights