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FBI spy planes flew over police protests with surveillance cameras

The FBI flew surveillance flights over Baltimore during the unrest that followed the death of Freddie Gray and over Ferguson, Missouri following the death of Michael Brown, using advanced surveillance techniques including infrared cameras, documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union have revealed.

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Police Arrest Man For Going Over 3 Minutes Talk Time at Council Meeting

By Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars

Footage shot at a City Council meeting in Gonzales, Texas shows a man being immediately arrested by police after he goes over his three minute talking limit while complaining about federal authorities taking over the local police force. 302 more words


Michigan boy turns birthday party into ‘thank you’ for local police

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – A Lansing boy’s birthday wishes are about to make national headlines because he’s throwing someone else a party.

A 5th grade student is thanking Lansing Police for the hard work they do. 140 more words

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North Dakota first to give coppers armed drones

Lucky intern gets to volunteer as test subject for drone taser

It is now legal for law enforcement in North Dakota to fly drones armed with everything from Tasers to tear gas thanks to…

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Losing a Wallet. Twice.

Anyone with pre-travel anxiety will understand.

I was traveling late in the day with my 8 month old daughter to attend a family wedding. As I ran those frantic last minute errands, I put my clutch purse on the top of my car, secured the baby’s car seat, and drove off. 264 more words


Bukarest: Grosseinsatz von ASPA, SEK, Lokalpolizei

Bukarest Nordbahnhof/Poliklinik – Absperrung wegen ASPA Einsatz

Quelle u.A. Radu Bogdan Stoica

Text: Eckhard Kretschmer

Passanten, Patienten und Autofahrern bot sich heute vormittag vor dem Nordbahnhof ein Bild, das an Terroreinsätze oder Bombenentschärfungen erinnert haben mag. 198 more words

Black churches targeted by racist arson across the South

Click to enlargeTWC News
Briar Creek Road Baptist Church fire ruled arson, Charlotte, North Carolina

Since nine people were gunned down in the Emanuel A.M.E.

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