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197. Biker Gove Is Back On TV - by Monty

The police have been round. By Police, I mean PC Dave from the Station. He said he had spent a stressful two hours trying to persuade the Duty Sergeant not to arrest Chicken for threatening behaviour. 227 more words


196. Furious Chicken Takes Phone Into Her Own Hands - by Chicken


My big job as Prime Ministers has all been stolen away by somebody else! Monty did keeps saying I did have to stay calm but I did kick him in the head. 213 more words


Parents aged 14 & 15 flee hospital with their 3 day old baby(Photos)

Two teenage parents who smuggled their newborn baby out of hospital in the middle of the night fear they’ll never see their daughter again – but have vowed to fight for her. 340 more words


When are local police going to step up and protect people being assaulted by Left-wing anarchists?

(NationalSentinel) First, disclosure: We are extremely pro-police here at The National Sentinel. We recognize that without our local police officers, there would be anarchy in the streets and millions of people would die in a week. 694 more words

Executive Branch

California ratcheting up division again with potential 'statewide sanctuary' plan

(NationalSentinel) California lawmakers are angling for a huge fight with the Trump administration over new plans to essentially turn their entire state into a sanctuary for illegal aliens. 309 more words

President Donald J. Trump

Obama legacy: 9 of 10 cops more concerned for their safety

(NationalSentinel) Thanks to constant questioning of police motives and intent by President Obama, his Justice Department and Democrats in general over the past eight years, more than 90 percent of cops in a new survey said they are more fearful for their safety now than in any previous period. 414 more words

President Obama