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220. Making The Most Of The Snow - by Monty

I sincerely apologise for neglecting my communication duties. I do hope that everyone is well. The thing is, I have only just regained consciousness after forgetting to send Chicken a Valentine’s Day card. 176 more words


The Job of Police

The Job of Police
by JBS President Emeritus John F. McManus

The horrific shooting spree in a Florida school has led to widespread discussion about what… 847 more words


A disease called Big Pharma?

spread by the lack of apparent action by police, FBI, and judiciary. Over 60 known holistic health practitioners have mysteriously died in recent months.

This video describes this pernicious crimewave and obvious coverup. 35 more words

Control Of Humanity

Local police, DOJ warn of scammers posing as law enforcement

People are losing thousands of dollars to a scam that police are seeing a lot in southwest Virginia. The U.S. Department of Justice sent a warning about it Tuesday. 301 more words

DOJ Warn Of Scammers Posing As Law Enforcement

Sessions: Criminal aliens drawn to 'sanctuary cities'

(National SentinelImmigration: As the Trump administration continues to weigh options for punishing cities that have adopted so-called “sanctuary” policies for illegal aliens, Attorney General Jeff Sessions told a group of local law enforcement officials Thursday such policies actually  332 more words

Many Hate Crime Victims Never Notify Police - and Local Coppers Don't Send the Data to the Feds

❝ More than half of the people who said they were the victim of a hate crime in recent years did not report the incidents to police.

207 more words

197. Biker Gove Is Back On TV - by Monty

The police have been round. By Police, I mean PC Dave from the Station. He said he had spent a stressful two hours trying to persuade the Duty Sergeant not to arrest Chicken for threatening behaviour. 227 more words