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Adjusting Kitchen Cabinet Doors

I’ve got a couple of kitchen cabinet doors that are out of alignment. Trouble is, they have these complicated looking hinges on. Anybody know how to adjust the doors using them?

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Present for Granny?

I’m looking for a present to send my Grandma for her 8Oth birthday. Anybody got any ideas? I’m always stuck on this sort of thing

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Audit report attacks N. Lantau Hospital over waste

An auditor’s report has lambasted the North Lantau Hospital over its wasteful use of space and medical equipment.

Four years after being commissioned, a fifth of the hospital remains empty while tens of millions of dollars of equipment is under-used or has not been used at all, the report found. 231 more words

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N. Lantau water treatment plant to double to meet population growth

The Water Supplies Department says it needs to double the size of its north Lantau water treatment plant to cope with the development of Tung Chung and the airport district. 143 more words

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Virtual Reality in the bathroom

Anybody know anything about having a bathroom designed using virtual reality so that you can see what it will look like?

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Should we still be sending flowers?

I was about to send my girlfriend some flowers on her birthday, and I got to thinking, is that still a thing? Do people still send flowers or is it a bit old-fashioned these days?

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Is it possible to repair a work surface?

I’ve taken a big chunk out of a new worksurface (only recently installed – aarrrgh!). Is it possible to get this repaired, or will I have to get a new one fitted?

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