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Outrage after disturbing Facebook video showing nude baby being abused in bucket of water goes viral

Facebook has placed a warning but has not removed a controversial and disturbing video showing a naked baby being abused. The video shows the baby screaming as it is tossed around by its arms in a bucket of water. 241 more words


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The blurred image you see is that of a naked screaming baby, and what this woman did to this infant has Facebook cracking down.

Throwback Thursday: Bristol Opera House Fire Ruins

Pictured are the ruins of the Bristol Opera House, which was destroyed by fire in 1912.

The Opera House was located at the corner of Laurel and Church Streets. 36 more words

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Facebook Is Totally Dominating on Mobile

Users increasingly using Facebook on their mobile devices helped to lift the company’s first-quarter revenue 42%, but even that fell short of Wall Street lofty expectations. 338 more words

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Goat breaks into ESPN -- Police chase ensues -- No, it wasn't a commercial

A goat made its way onto the campus of ESPN on Thursday. No, it was not for a commercial, it really happened.

“There was a police car at the north gate,” said nine-year veteran ESPN Security Supervisor Jonathan Thompson. 168 more words

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Is this cat going up or down the stairs?

The question: Is this cat going up the stairs or down the stairs?

A user on 9gag posted the optical illusion with the caption “up or down?”

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#AaronHernandez Tweets

#AaronHernandez on Twitter is quite busy with tons of commentary while everyone waits for a verdict.

@NBC10_Adam @LAKEdwards @susancandiotti @McCannSportsLaw #AaronHernandez pic.twitter.com/uSMcNnuPEm

— KidRock FirstKiss #1 (@Chuggachamp) …

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