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The Fascination with Green

Ahhh the American dream. Close your eyes and you can see it, a nice house with a new car in the drive way, a white picket fence, and a perfectly green lawn. 310 more words


Escape From New York

Yesterday I left Staten Island for the first time in nine years. That’s right, I hadn’t stepped foot off the island, even for other boroughs, in nine long years. 685 more words

Social Observations

10th August 2017

Brimstone Butterfly– one of the few UK butterflies which overwinter as adults, I’ve been watching this beautiful female which will have emerged from eggs laid by the overwintering generation… 100 more words

Sheffield Nature

About Those Bahamas Shark Attacks...

The Bahamas has had two sharks attacks in as many months – and people are worried.

The first unfortunate victim was snorkelling with a tour boat off the coast of New Providence when she “ 266 more words

Expat Life

5th August 2017

Small Copper: We are lucky to have this small. bright, active butterfly in our garden sometimes, especially this year on the Marjoram. Present in many areas, in… 70 more words

Sheffield Nature

31st July 2017

Male Sparrowhawk– Yesterday the grey-backed, smaller male Sparrowhawk (the female and juveniles are brown-backed) was heralded in the garden by loud alarm calls from other birds. 103 more words

Sheffield Nature

29th July 2017

Greenfinches have declined so much since the 1990′s that we have felt lucky to have a family of adults and two young, visiting our feeders, enjoying their… 86 more words

Sheffield Nature