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23rd March 2017

Telling Frogs and Toads apart- I promised help with this so here it is: Toads are warty and drier skinned, Frogs smoother and longer-legged. On average, … 108 more words

Garden Wildlife

21st March 2017

Common Toads, rejoicing under the Latin name Bufo Bufo, seldom appear in our garden nowadays but in Monyash (White Peak) they have notices up asking people to take care not to drive over the many… 126 more words

Local Wildlife

18th March 2017

There’s lots of great spring activity at present– birds of many species chasing in two’s, three’s, four’s, trying to win mates, pair bonding by much tail and wing-flicking… 112 more words

Sheffield Nature

16th March 2017

Tree Bumblebee- here is an easy to identify Bumblebee that is common in our garden, and out feeding today. The first sighting of this highly efficient pollinator… 133 more words

Sheffield Nature

14th March 2017

Frogs and Newts are emerging from hibernation and getting back into water. These amphibians actually spend most of their time out of water. Re-making one of our ponds, this time last year, we uncovered both species, with… 84 more words

Sheffield Nature

9th March 2017

Treecreeper- we have been lucky to watch this beautiful, wren-sized, highly camouflaged bird recently, in the garden. Often around and overlooked, known also as ‘Tree Mouse’, they are hard to spot, 71 more words

Sheffield Nature

7th March 2017

Queens are the only Bumblebees to live through winter, and be out now, whenever the temperature rises to around 10C. The UK has 1 species of Honeybee, 24 species of Bumblebee and 225 species of Solitary Bee, 100 more words

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