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10th October 2017

Young Goldfinch are still showing up in our garden- these must be from a late brood. Goldfinches, recovering from losses in the 1970’s and one of the… 83 more words

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8th October 2017

Chiffchaffs and Willow Warblers are hard to tell apart and both might be stopping off in your garden, like the Chiffchaff is in ours, filling up on their way south for winter migration. 61 more words

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30th September 2017

Butterfly Conservation reports that the wet summer (11th wettest on record) proved another bad year for most Butterflies and Moths, insects which help in plant pollination. 83 more words

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25th September 2017

Bumper hedgerow crops– The year’s strange weather pattern, with cold early spring, a dry April and enough sun and rain in July and August, has led to a really good crop of… 105 more words

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23rd September 2017

Angle Shades Moth– a distinctive, macro moth (wingspan 50mm) which can be seen in gardens throughout the UK and Europe, the bright green caterpillar feeding on herbaceous plants… 67 more words

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16th September 2017

Two Nuthatches, (so named because of the way they jam hard seeds and nuts into the bark of a tree and hammer them open- ‘nut-hackers’ 81 more words

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14th September 2017

Sedums of many sorts, so brilliant for feeding numerous bees, bumblebees, hoverflies and butterflies during these autumn weeks, have been providing important nectar for many insects and three types of Bumblebees in the garden today. 92 more words

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