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23rd January 2017

What sights this morning along the River Don, from Neepsend Bridge to Lady’s Bridge, we were lucky to watch a female Kingfisher (unlike the male, the female has an orange underside to its bill), too far for a close up but stunning, bathing for many minutes in the sunshine, … 51 more words

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21st January 2017

Scented shrubs good for wildlife in winter gardens– two of my favourites are  Daphne Jaqueline Postill and Winter Flowering Honeysuckle (Lonicera Fragrantissima, also know colloquially as January Jasmine). 69 more words

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Welcome Overwintering Guests

  The landscape wore January’s measured weather, like an old, frayed shirt – unkempt and scruffy, yet familiar.  The soil, mostly frozen, gripped the rainfall slowly and tentatively, befuddled by its ready state. 285 more words


18th January 2017

Redwing visited again this week- our smallest Thrush, and one that, except in Northern Scotland, is only a winter visitor to the UK, flying in from… 100 more words

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15th January 2017

Larch- back in the country, here’s another of the occasional series on conifers. The Larch, the only European native deciduous conifer, was introduced to the… 85 more words

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1st January 2017

Harlequin Ladybirds– these large ladybirds give off a strong pheromone which allows them to detect each other and so gather in numbers at this time of year, 92 more words

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30th December 2016

Song Thrush- We were lucky to have what is an increasingly rare sighting of a Song Thrush today– these wonderful songsters are now on the endangered or Red List in the UK, 88 more words

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