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29th May 2016

Magpies and Jays, like most of their cousins in the Crow (Corvid) family, will take the eggs and young of small birds. Both have been around the garden while the… 114 more words

Urban Wildlife

16th May 2016

Great Tits– a photo summary of the Great Tits in our nest box. Great Tits are the most studied bird in the world, and quite likely to use a nest-box, though they… 114 more words

Urban Wildlife

14th May 2016

Wheatears- It is hard to imagine that these lovelyy, robin-sized birds were trapped and eaten in their thousands in this country, for centuries. Migrating from Africa in early… 118 more words


Putting the 'Home' in Homestead

So I promised you all photos. In my head I said y’all, not you all… I think that means I’m becoming acculturated….

Anyway, let me take you on a little walking tour of our soon to be new home! 279 more words


So Close...

Well, we came super close to purchasing a place this week. It was pretty much what we wanted but with buildings and a truck. We met the owner by accident while we were looking for a different property and he offered to sell his place to us for an amazing price. 426 more words

Property Hunt

Adventures in the Rain

The Bear and I haven’t really been doing too much, given that it’s been raining pretty steadily since Friday.

We have been battling the epic outbreak of Ticks That Seem to Just Want to Hang Out, Maybe Watch a Movie, but Nothing Serious….” It’s weird. 545 more words


Neighbors Update

I managed to get some good pictures of our neighbor dogs over the last couple days. 

This is Izzie, trying to make the Bear understand that she wants her bacon IN her pancake. 93 more words

Local Wildlife