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23rd August 2016

Common Blue Butterfly- the most likely blue butterfly to be spotted in the UK, (outside  of parks and gardens, where Holly Blue is more prevalent- see earlier post). 113 more words

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21st August 2016

St John’s Worts – there are many wild St John’s Wort species (Hypericums) so here are a couple of easy-to- identify species out now- Perforated St John’s Wort, widely used in herbalism,  111 more words

Urban Wildlife

The Best Wee Country in the World- Scotland for World Photography Day

Today is World Photography Day, and to celebrate I’m sharing a few of the shots I’ve taken on my travels around Scotland in the last few years. 125 more words

30 Days Wild - The Wildlife Trusts Challenge

Backyard Bears & Other Outdoor Musings

With multiple local bear incidents in the last week and my inclination for spending my spare time outside, in or around the woods, I’ve been thinking about living in such close proximity to wildlife as we do North Van, and what that means in terms of ensuring both their and our well-being. 526 more words

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18th August 2016

Teasels and BeesTeasel-heads contain hundreds of flowers which emerge over time in rings up and down the head. The whole plant- stem, leaves and all- is spiky… 152 more words

Urban Wildlife

16th August 2016

Holly Blue Butterfly- If you live south of a Cumbria/`Durham line, and you see a fast-moving blue Butterfly zig-zagging through your garden or park it is most likely to be the delicate Holly Blue. 77 more words

Urban Wildlife

8th August 2016

Two Fleabanes out now: the yellow Common Fleabane (below providing food for a Common Blue) resembles a small sunflower, but with glaucous, ‘furry’ leaves. 87 more words

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