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21st October 2016

Chiffchaff- A blue-tit-sized warbler, very active, flitting through small trees searching for insects among branches, and sometimes out to catch them mid-air. It’s Chiff-chaff call makes it easy to identify in spring, while singing, but… 72 more words

Local Wildlife

18th October 2016

Jack Snipe- Usually secretive birds, the smallest of the Snipe family, these newly arrived migrant Jack Snipe were, unusuall,y feeding for hours in the open near a hide at Kilnsea, Spurn Point. 98 more words

Local Wildlife

15th October 2016

Autumn delights: If for no other reason than it is that time of year again, and soon to be half-term, when forays into the woods and parks are possible, here is a drawing of autumn fruits and seeds I did a while back. 11 more words

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3rd October 2016

Stock Doves have come to the garden in recent years years, but can be confused with Wood Pigeons. Stock Doves are smaller and less bulky… 69 more words

Sheffield Nature

1st October 2016

Hornbeam– Easier to identify in autumn, when the clusters of seeds and bracts change colour, Hornbeam trees were coppiced for charcoal. Hornbeam charcoal burns so hot… 84 more words

Sheffield Nature

28th September 2016

Southern Hawker Dragonfly– (apologies for break- back on my feet again)- Hawkers are our fastest Dragonflies, able to fly forwards and backwards. Hawkers are tricky to tell apart but these are… 81 more words

Sheffield Nature

Bees, Hives and Honey

Remember when we got bees? I do…

We were so excited, we set them up at a friend’s place in Missoula. That was the last you heard about them, because that was the last I wrote about them…. 1,058 more words