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14th December 2017

Some insect and extinction facts to fascinate and depress: Insects have been on earth 1,000 times longer than humans. In the first week of November this year 95 new species of beetle were identified in Madagascar alone. 106 more words

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6th December 2017

Chaffinches from Scandinavia begin to double our native populations now. As usual, we have more female than male, which is due to differential migration… 98 more words

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1st December 2017

This healthy, (ringed) female Sparrowhawk, flying in yesterday, at first scared all the other birds away. After a couple of minutes, a Magpie landed in the same tree… 85 more words

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30th November 2017

New data on, appropriately, Darwin’s Finches, in the Galapagos, show definitively that new species can arise in as little as two generations. Closer to home, … 63 more words

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26th November 2017

The Oak Marble Gall, produced by one of 30 UK Oak Gall Wasp species, arrived here from the Middle East in the 1800’s… 78 more words

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23rd November 2017

Just a reminder that Honey Bees, and a few butterflies, including Red Admiral, do not hibernate but slow their bodies down and emerge whenever the temperature is around 10C or more, throughout winter, 62 more words

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20th November 2017

Now most leaves have dropped, and the weather is getting colder, the Goldcrest reappears, or at least gets more visible, in our garden. The UK’s smallest bird, 68 more words

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