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Morrisons store closures: Is your local supermarket closing? Full list here - check now

The supermarket chain, Morrisons, is closing stores across the country which will put many jobs at risk. The grocer revealed the decision was made after a performance review or all of its 494 stores. 25 more words

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Update: Pregnant woman allegedly raped and killed by suspected herdsmen in Enugu, has been identified

The pregnant woman raped and murdered by suspected Fulani herdsmen at Nchatancha in Enugu East Local Government Area of Enugu State, has been identified as Mrs Regina Mba. 317 more words


The Last Day of a Londoner

Well, we’ve done it! Sadly, we have reached the end of our journey. Being a temporary Londoner has been awesome. There have been some small ups and downs (yes, I’m talking to you Northern Line), but mostly it has been a very positive experience. 590 more words


Happy Janmashtami

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Episode 17 - Bloody Ell, Blood Orange IPA (Beavertown)

This episode the lads get involved in a childrens game of hide n seek, talk about the lesser-spotted Smithwicks and discuss the parable of Dopey Dick. 45 more words

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നെ​ടു​ന്പാ​ശേ​രി​യി​ല്‍ 28 ല​ക്ഷ​ത്തി​ന്‍റെ സ്വ​ര്‍​ണം പി​ടി​കൂ​ടി: മൂ​ന്നു​പേ​ര്‍ അ​സ്റ്റി​ല്‍

നെ​ടു​ന്പാ​ശേ​രി: കൊ​ച്ചി രാ​ജ്യാ​ന്ത​ര വി​മാ​ന​ത്താ​വ​ള​ത്തി​ല്‍​നി​ന്ന് 28 ല​ക്ഷം രൂ​പ​യു​ടെ സ്വ​ര്‍​ണം ക​സ്റ്റം​സ് ഇ​ന്‍റ​ലി​ജ​ന്‍​സ് വി​ഭാ​ഗം പി​ടി​കൂ​ടി. സ്വ​ര്‍​ണ ച​ങ്ങ​ല​യും മി​ശ്രി​ത​വു​മാ​യി 900 ഗ്രാം ​സ്വ​ര്‍​ണ​മാ​ണു പി​ടി​കൂ​ടി​യ​ത്. സം​ഭ​വു​മാ​യി ബ​ന്ധ​പ്പെ​ട്ട് സ്വ​ര്‍​ണം ക​ട​ത്തി​യ ആ​ളെ​യും വാ​ങ്ങാ​നെ​ത്തി​യ ര​ണ്ടു പേ​രെ​യും അ​റ​സ്റ്റ് ചെ​യ്തു. 26 more words


In Richmond, two murders in broad daylight shake up the city: 'I knew it was something serious.'

RICHMOND, Va. — A Richmond woman sat grieving on the curb in the city’s East End Thursday.

She had celebrated a birthday last week, and an anniversary a couple of days ago. 180 more words