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Englishing Brazil for Export

If you wanted to encourage a localist English squirrel to try their first nibble of Brazil nut, what would you use to tempt them closer? Macadamia or hazelnuts? 521 more words

Sing Better English

A Year After the Umbrella Revolution, Calls for More Autonomy, Even Independence, Grow in Hong Kong

Sai Yeung Choi Street in Hong Kong’s blue-collar Mong Kok neighborhood was a riot of color on the night of July 11 — in more ways than one. 1,781 more words

Neighbourhood Plans - nimbyism or localism?

There’s an important referendum going on this week, that is, the Long Ashton Neighbourhood Development  Plan is going to the vote! I’ll confess now that I haven’t been particularly involved in this process. 990 more words


My latest Argus column: The Work Programme simply isn't working

(This is the text of my latest Opinion column that was first published in the Brighton Argus on 24th September 2015)

It was rumoured before the general election that one change that would be made should the Conservatives be re-elected was to fundamentally change the Work Programme. 225 more words


Protecting the services of the middle classes

May 2015 saw another election victory for the Conservative party in a UK general election, as they formed a majority government at Westminster. Many are concerned about the social equity issues arising from some of the policy decisions already announced, not least the £12 billion in welfare cuts announced in the July budget. 901 more words


"The Christian Nation Thesis: How It Is Right, and Why It Is Wrong," By Bruce Frohnen

As the Obama administration continues its assault on the rights of religious groups, and Christians in particular, to conduct themselves in accordance with their beliefs, supporters of religious rights often are accused of subscribing to the conviction that ours is a Christian nation. 1,545 more words

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Revisiting the Local Government Platform

Lately there has been a batch of talk about “(local) Government as a Platform” including blogs from Dave Briggs, Gavin Beckett, Mark Thompson, and others, with… 923 more words