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City block cohousing shared meal

10 people interested in city block cohousing brought food to share and gathered around a big table in one of the houses in the neighbourhood where we are starting this… 371 more words


Localism is Great (beats pretty good) as Long as Charles Taylor is Your Neighbor

Joshua Rothman has a thoughtful piece on Charles Taylor and ends on a surprisingly hopeful note considering the recent election and how fly-over country voted: 1,117 more words

Novus Ordo Seclorum

Western ‘Democracy’ - The Worship of the Slaves


Our current Prime Minister in the United Kingdom is unelected. The Coalition was illegitimate and then we had an unelected Prime Minister as well. In America, even though more people voted for Hillary Clinton, the post of the President went to Donald Trump. 231 more words

Random Thoughts

Trump, Christians, and Local Politics

Some of the polls are saying evangelicals voted for Trump at record numbers. As someone who has been urging Christians to apply Christ’s lordship to the political sphere for some time now, I’d like to take this opportunity to urge all those evangelicals who voted for Trump to consider one of the implications of supporting Trump. 632 more words


Nationalisms, Globalisms, and Their Alternatives

While the world probably doesn’t need any more commentary on the recent American election, I’d like to offer some anyway, though in a way that looks at happenings beyond the US to the rest of the world, where we see related patterns unfolding according to local particularities and conditions. 1,661 more words


Community housing project - initial meeting

At an initial meeting on Wed 2 Nov, 2016 11 people gathered to discuss the project which is to form a cooperative to own and manage housing on a city block in Cowley. 261 more words


Livin' La Vida Local

My city is the best place to live, or to be dead. Tucson celebrates Dia de los Muertos in a very big way.  I love the festive, colorful death party that is our own home-grown version of the Mexican All Souls Day.   395 more words