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HELP Enterprise: A Social Investment Action Zone Success Story

Last night I attended the launch of HELP Enterprise and Vital Invest CIC, a business incubator and investor for people in temporary accommodation. The project is an extension of charity… 605 more words


The Ideal Way to Find Work: Community Job Searching via Job Search Buddies

Globalism, automation and a weak global economy, have all contributed to making job searching more difficult and frustrating, especially in developed countries.  There’s a new way to counter those negative forces: community job-searching via job-search buddies. 526 more words


Build a Democratic China – Largest Political Scam in Hong Kong’s History

29th April, 2015

VJ Media

Build a Democratic China – Largest Political Scam in Hong Kong’s History


Building a democratic China is a lie jointly created and spread by political comprador and academics specialising in spin. 2,519 more words

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What's Really Going On?

How Complexity Science Helps Us Understand Communities
Northumbria University Research Conference, 20 May 2015

The application of complexity concepts to communities gives a rich and accurate picture of the neighbourhoods examined. 192 more words


I'm Back!

It’s been awhile since my last post (almost a year ago) and a lot have happened in the meanwhile. I’m going to put them into a list and just to show you what kind of changes I have been through, both physically and mentally. 271 more words

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Protect Bears Ears

The Bears Ears Coalition is united behind the effort to protect sacred sites, sustain Native American connections, and the preserve the natural beauty of this remarkable cultural landscape in southeast Utah. 40 more words


Introducing the Localism Index


In an age in which data is used ubiquitously to measure and analyze society (it’s what I do here regularly), it is important to recognize that numbers and metrics are always infused with implicit values. 970 more words

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