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A Semester in Review: Entrepreneurial Media

I liked a lot of the things that we did during our semester of entrepreneurial media, but I think my favorite part was learning from the doers themselves. 340 more words

The Entrepreneurial Hunger

I have always had an idea in my mind of what it was like to be an entrepreneur. I’ve watched talks in numerous classes or just on my own, read passages about it, and so on. 311 more words

Slaying the Dragon: Scott rants about how epic life can be when facing challenges

David Burr and Jamie Reiss impressed me in a plethora of ways. But to me, one stuck out above the others: Their sheer resolve.

These founders of… 254 more words

Rounders, Kickstarters and Sandwiches Oh My!

Starting your own business is a notion that seems utterly mystifying to me. However, David and Jamie, from Localmotive and Lunch Box Foods don’t make it sound as terrifying. 301 more words

Going Loco for Local

“Right now Jamie and I are working about 90-100 hours a week.”

When David Burr said this, I’ll admit that my first reaction was to see that as a total between the two and average it out to 45-50 hours a week between the two of them. 369 more words

In the Eyes of the Entrepreneur

I absolutely loved the talk that David Burr  and Jamie Reiss of Localmotive and Lunch Box Foods gave. It was very easy to understand them and it was also extremely interesting to hear their story. 320 more words

Localmotive and Lunch Box Foods success shows hope

While I have never considered becoming an entrepreneur, it was inspiring to hear the success that both David Burr and Jamie Reiss shared when they visited class last week. 375 more words

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