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Beautiful failure

Ever bought an artichoke and tried to cook it? Like a whole fucking artichoke?

If you’re not sure, look below. These are artichokes.

Most of us only know artichokes for their delicious meaty hearts. 382 more words


Sippin' on Gin and Juice 

Sometimes life gives you lemons, and sometimes your CSA box gives you oranges. Oranges are not lemons. They are delicious even without beer (unlike lemons). However, Craig and I are lazy when it comes to eating oranges. 115 more words

For The Love Of Food

Crowd Sourced Butter?

I used to put butter on my toast now I put toast under my butter.

That’s how I described my love of Kriemhild Dairy’s butter from their pasture raised cows to general manager, Lindsey Jakubowski a couple of years ago. 

307 more words

How to make high quality organic fertilizer for your bonsai. 

This post begins here:

This is the closest highway overpass to my nursery. I won’t say where it is because it’s my secret honey hole. … 703 more words


you reap what you sow 

Sometimes, our Community-Supported Agriculture box includes starter plants. Look at this awesome little cauliflower plant! Love.

Local food is better for the environment, the local economy, and your body! 14 more words


Tulip Festival

Growing up in Washington, the Tulip Festival was big news every spring. Never had I been until today. It was quite the adventure trying to find Tulip Town, since the map we were given at the info desk was definitely NOT to scale.  273 more words

Healthy Living

Local Pork Tacos, Pork Hash, and the Growing Market for Free-Range Animals

Pigs are at least as smart as your toddler. If you are an eater of pork, please consider the living conditions of these animals before purchasing factory-farmed meat at your big box grocery store. 516 more words