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Homemade sweet potato fries

My sister introduced me to sweet potato fries several years ago, and now they are one of my favorite side dish/desserts. If you’ve eaten these little treasures, you know they definitely fit into both categories. 206 more words


I like it dirty (when it comes to carrots)

These beautiful carrots were my #1 pick out of our CSA box this week. Never again will I buy those tasteless “baby carrots” that come in a bag and inexplicably resemble cheetos.They’ve got nothing on carrots with a little dirt on them. 59 more words


The Decline of Fast Food

NPR’s On-Point told me this morning that McDonald’s has been losing money for the last 5 quarters straight. While Tom Ashbrook discussed the many reasons why this could be the case and how the mega-chain might be saved, I found myself rejoicing at the news. 230 more words


On the demise of Organic Gardening magazine

I have been a devoted reader of Organic Gardening magazine for a number of years, ever since ordering my first trial issue via an advertisement printed on an aluminum foil Stonyfield Yogurt lid (!). 410 more words


Mira's hungry: 2015 Food Plan of Action

I’m not dieting, I’m changing my lifestyle.

Here’s my “I’m hungry” plan for 2015:

Sorta veg
Healthy portions

Locavore: The egg came first… in my fridge. 418 more words