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Ono flavors of home

I am sitting on the lanai watching the storm blow in off the ocean like a battleship coming into port. It is a menacing grey presence on a rather humid afternoon. 125 more words

Local vs Zero Waste

To clarify my very controversial heading to this post, I do not think zero waste living is in any way counter productive to eating and shopping locally. 214 more words

Zero Waste

How to Cook a Roast Chicken

For some reason, the idea of making a roast chicken makes a lot of people think that it’s very time consuming and involved. It’s very easy and this tutorial is geared for those of you who have just started to cook. 1,187 more words


When in Rome...

It was an anticipated Pacific West Coast day with what they call liquid sunshine.

Ruby made eyes at a cheerful lemon yellow Datsun parked out front. 316 more words

Dinnerview with Mike and Corrine

What do Americans cook at home? Do we cook at all when we are not trying to impress our friends and families? In our search for answers to these questions, Marty and I decided to interview people we know (and maybe some we don’t know) and post a series of “Dinnerviews” (thanks, Mike Poorman, for the clever word!) on our blog. 1,031 more words


Multicoloured Duck Eggs

Most of the meals I eat are vegan. There are a few reasons for this, I credit my education in ecology, especially concerning energy transfer between trophic levels, for this. 116 more words


Winter Harvests

There are few things in the kitchen that are as exciting in winter as freshly picked local produce. I dug these Sunchokes up from a bucket in the pantry this evening. 41 more words