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The Bistro

Once a week for lunch, my daughters and I meet so nous parlons Francais et mangeons au Bistro. Our combined New Year’s resolution had been to get the Rosetta Stone for French and either learn or improve our existing/non-existing knowledge of the language. 398 more words


Perennial Vegetables

Since last April, I have been working on ways to extend the growing season in my garden’s USDA Hardiness Zone. And, while the hoop tunnels have worked and done an incredible job–I am a true believer of them– I am even more intrigued by perennial vegetables (the ones that come back year after year—smiles). 517 more words

Year-round Gardening

A nice "Greenhouse Effect"

Our home has some pretty incredible, south-facing, ceiling-to-floor windows, and during the winter months, when the sun is low on the horizon, we love to bask in the warmth and sunlight that pours through them. 301 more words


Spring Rolls in Winter

Spring rolls are something we all love and don’t get around to making very often, although we should…they aren’t really difficult at all! Last weekend, before my younger daughter left for a short out of country visit, we gathered in the kitchen and worked together chopping vegetables, singing Christmas songs, and delighting in the fact that we were all together–something that may not always be the case as lifestyles and career choices pull us in various directions. 182 more words

Year-round Gardening

A Wilder Thanksgiving: Part 2

The Five Contemplations*:

This food is the gift of the whole universe,
The Earth, the sky, and much hard work.
May we eat in such a way as to be worthy…

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Fast Food from...the pantry?

Today was crazy. As soon as our feet hit the floor it was non-stop all day. Parcels to wrap, orders to mail, classes to attend, hay to load, business supplies to pick up, etc., etc., We had been saving all our errands to do on one day; today.  300 more words


When life gives you pumpkins...!

It’s finally beginning to feel like autumn: a nip is in the air; the sky is a different shade of blue; the leaves have begun to change color and fall; the wisps of smoke from a few chimneys are swirling in contrast to the heavy dew laden mornings; and, pumpkins are everywhere–in the fields and on front porches! 348 more words