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Farm to Food Bank

Did you know?
1 in 5 children in Canada go hungry
1 in 10 families deal with food poverty on a daily basis

Farm to Food Bank visits local farms in the Fraser Valley and collects produce that would otherwise go to waste. 150 more words


Stobiefest: The Wedding of Phil and Angie

As a husband and wife team, we love food and we love love.  There is nothing better than being part of a festive and joyous event celebrating such love.   234 more words


Fun with a Spear or How a Former Vegetarian Became a Hunter

A few days ago at lunch, someone commented that it was weird that I went hunting. After all, most of the food I ate was vegetarian. 475 more words

Meaningful Eating

I recently happened upon the book Blessing the Hands That Feed Us: Lessons from a 10-Mile Diet by Vicki Robin about her month-long quest to eat only foots grown or raised within a 10-mile radius of her house.  800 more words


Food Rescue Is The Spice of Life

I woke up this morning and the house smelled sweetly of peppers and warmth.

From the upstairs window the fog waited to greet me,

Then bowed and left so the sun could make a grand entrance. 230 more words


The Perfect "Pearing"

I was standing in the front yard with bare feet, a towel on my head and wearing my pajamas in the middle of the afternoon because I just got out of the shower after finishing a very dirty job. 166 more words