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Locarno 2017 Review: Duty [Wajib]

This is expert filmmaking from Annemarie Jacir, now a veteran of the independent festival circuit. A story of fathers and sons, East and West, progression and conservatism,  352 more words

Locarno 2017 Review: Lucky

This diverting, quaintly philosophical tale directed by noted character actor John Carroll Lynch first appears a conventional homage to a cantankerous old man. But it’s more a fictional celebration of legendary nonagenarian actor Harry Dean Stanton, who ostensibly plays Lucky but really plays himself. 363 more words

Eagle eye

From Cimetta (1,671 m.s.l.) down to Locarno on Maggiore Lake. 35 more words

Photography Free Time

Locarno 2017 Review: Distant Constellation (d. Shevaun Mizrahi)

Exquisitely shot and composed by first-time director Shevaun Mizrahi (while co-edited by Shelly Grizim and produced by Deniz Buga), Distant Constellation is a haunted, artful elegy to the ageing residents of an Istanbul retirement home. 318 more words

Locarno 2017 Review: A Skin So Soft [Ta Peau Si Lisse] (d. Denis Côté)

A remarkable Montreal ensemble parade around in this bewitching, wincing documentary from Denis Côté. Four bodybuilders, a personal trainer and a strongman wrestler. They offer few coherent utterances—gruffs, chomps, snorts, snores and some astonishing breathing patterns. 306 more words

Locarno 2017 Review: Tomorrow and Thereafter [Demain et Tous les Autres Jours] (d. Noémie Lvovsky)

Noémie Lvovsky directs, co-writes and stars in this fantastical, sometimes whimsical, sometimes unsentimental portrait of a psychologically fragile woman, whose fraught relationship with her daughter exposes her to the grim fate of mental illness. 368 more words