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Moving to Bali

So I’ve made the leap and endured 40 hours of sleepless travel to get to Bali this week. A small price to pay for living in paradise, I suppose. 706 more words


147. The Rolling Stoves - October 15, 2015 - Auburn Hills, MI (But Location Varies!)

The company I work for is large enough and awesome enough to put on cool events regularly, such as having a posse of food trucks pull up to headquarters every few weeks during the warm-weather months. 237 more words


1st Week of Being a Business Owner

Welcome back to the latest and greatest of my journey for being an online entrepreneur. This week was full of some good productivity as well as a few minor set backs. 777 more words

What I Learned From my First Year as a Digital Nomad

The first year of taking my work on the road with me has drawn to a close. It’s been a crazy ride, frustrating at times, but overall, an incredibly worthwhile one. 1,000 more words


Location independent, nomad, digital nomad...what is the difference?

I often get questions about my lifestyle. People tell me they want to do what I do. Yet, I realized that there is a huge confusion in the travel world, especially around the meaning of location independent, nomad, digital nomad. 944 more words

International Living

9 Grammatical Mistakes You Didn’t Know Your Making

If I caught your attention in the title, good on you. 

This post comes from one of my biggest personal pet peeves. I can’t help it if whenever I’m reading on the internet/elsewhere, I’m also subconsciously making mental notes of typos. 559 more words

Better Writing