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Four Years of Travelling Without a Home.

I began reminiscing about my four years as a nomad on the treacherous yet breathtaking drive to Spiti. Although Bolivia holds the title for the world’s most dangerous road, the route to Spiti in the Trans Himalayas must rank pretty close. 1,661 more words


getting ready to hit the road--nomad style.

i’ve spent the past month getting ready to hit the road. nomad style. i’ve been selling possessions, buying more crap, coordinating/consulting/commiserating…and,

i. can’t. wait!
i’m about to leave–i just moved all my stuff from one storage to a larger storage unit so it would be easier and i could split it with a friend, essentially making it cheaper. 382 more words

Genuine Homemakers' Brandi Glanville Unfaithful With Eddie To Make Leann Jealous?

Who does not want to be effective and abundant in this lifetime? Ever since we have actually been purchased into this world and have had the concept of its running, we have always desired to be a rich and effective . 416 more words


Lovely Langkawi...with kids

We were very spoiled with the picturesque beaches, nature, lakes, waterfalls and so much more this beautiful Malaysian island had to offer.

Langkawi is a small island which can easily be traveled in a day or two.   1,136 more words

The Art of Adjusting to New Environments

A Guide for Digital Nomads

For most people, traveling three weeks out of the years for vacation is a great culture shock and a fantastic shift from the mundane everyday. 612 more words


Go Getter.

I’ve been reminded lately by so many podcasts I subscribe to & by paying closer attention to my heart & everyday surroundings, to be a go getter. 229 more words


Is Your Personality The Reason Why You Stink At Working From Home?

Ah, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Astrology for nerds. Despite being of dubious scientific validity, over 80% of Fortune 500s use some version of it to make hiring and other team-building decisions. 926 more words