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My First Big Adventure

Welcome to The Wayfaring Brunette!

My name is Marissa, and this is the beginning of the newest chapter in my world. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to experience the world and all of it’s splendor, to immerse myself in a new country and a new culture, and to be in the moment in my new surroundings. 526 more words


Vulnerable spot

Yet another “failed” spitpaint picture. If you haven’t heard of it, Spit Paint is a daily art contest facebook group. The admins give several themes to choose from for the day and the object is to complete an artwork in any medium with that theme. 97 more words

Open Art Life

Can digital nomading be an option for baby boomers?

When you hear the words digital nomad, you think of a young fellow who is traveling the world with a backpack, working on the road. But what about the elder nomad? 591 more words


Transitioning to Travel Life

I’m going to guess that most people reading this don’t get to travel like it’s a full-time job, likely because they have a full-time job. However, many travel bloggers you can find on the internet do get to travel full-time, or at least most-of-the-time. 1,108 more words


What makes the difference between rejection of your proposal and acceptance

All freelancers know the dreadful words “I am currently focusing on another project, but will keep your offer in mind”.

This is the moment when a digital nomad asks himself what made the client reject his offer. 609 more words

Digital Nomad

Comfort? Forget it! Compromises are the staple of location independent worker

A digital nomad or location independent worker have to get out of their comfort zone and get used with making compromises. What type of compromises? The cozy life you knew before you started your digital nomad adventure is going to fade out and you will face a new world. 766 more words

Digital Nomad

Monthly Roundup 14: April 2016


Summary of April 2016:

In April  we took taxis, tuk tuks, and the subway, rode bicycles, flew on an airplane, and took our first inter-country bus ride. 5,220 more words