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Book-A-Week 2: Two books on coding journeys (Review)

Hi, Reader!

Welcome to Book-A-Week 2. For October 29 to November 5, I actually read two books, which were both about learning how to code. 1,352 more words

Book Reviews

4 Promising Careers You Can Make Remotely

In today’s hyperconnected world, we have transferred almost every aspect of our everyday lives to the digital ecosystem. We move our sensitive data to cloud storage platforms, make purchases on e-commerce sites, pay our bills via mobile phones, keep in touch with friends and family through social networks, and communicate in real-time via instant messaging apps. 837 more words


The Backpacker State of Mind

It occurred to me today as I paid the seamstress for a pile of clothing repairs and dropped off my worn-down-with-love-like-a-velveteen-rabbit boots to be resoled, that I have begun to distribute my maintenance tasks around the globe. 690 more words


I'm baaackkk!!

Phew! It’s been awhile. We have been busy shifting our travel-around-the-world-life to a work-from-anywhere-in-the-world-life and somehow my poor little blog got neglected along the way. Writing here and sharing my experiences has brought me so much joy and satisfaction that I have been chomping at the bit to get back at it and bust out the DOZENS of stories, experiences and recommendations I have been collecting along the way. 290 more words

Rtw Travel

Four Years of Travelling Without a Home.

I began reminiscing about my four years as a nomad on the treacherous yet breathtaking drive to Spiti. Although Bolivia holds the title for the world’s most dangerous road, the route to Spiti in the Trans Himalayas must rank pretty close. 1,661 more words

getting ready to hit the road--nomad style.

i’ve spent the past month getting ready to hit the road. nomad style. i’ve been selling possessions, buying more crap, coordinating/consulting/commiserating…and,

i. can’t. wait!
i’m about to leave–i just moved all my stuff from one storage to a larger storage unit so it would be easier and i could split it with a friend, essentially making it cheaper. 382 more words