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Atlantis Destruction: How Plato’s Location for the Lost Island was Ripe for a Climate-Related Disaster


How Plato got it right about Atlantis

This is the third in a series of articles on how Plato’s details about Atlantis are consistent with the real world. 933 more words


Different value

I ran after the blond man until I saw him approach the hypnotized one and knock him out with a soft blow to the back of the head. 201 more words


Lighthouse help

One of the docks served as a base for the lighthouse. It wasn’t that big, but fullfilled its duty.

On one of the sides, I found a spiky haired blond man, fiddling with what seemed to be a fuse box. 98 more words


Lost in sight

I left the woman behind, twirling and singing in the same spot of grass, her red dress making the dance mesmerizing… so I stood there for a moment, completely absent-minded. 265 more words


Enduring feelings

I left the market and came back to what could be considered the main street. Splitting the housing and outdoor market from the waterfront, connecting the beach to a route up north. 246 more words


Take the Plunge - Buy a New Home

Right now is the best time to buy a house, especially if you foresee a lengthy stay in your current location.  Not only is buying a home a good investment that will increase your net worth in the following years, at present, housing loan interest rates are at an all time low.  170 more words