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Tom san x Jerry Kun

My new Blank Canvas T shirt, with “Tom san Jerry kun” embroidery.


#Turtle says Welcome Back!

Blowing #bubbles soft and fine! ❤ The people are returning from #SpringFestival at last! My favorite #cafe (The Bridge Cafe) reopened finally with #coffee, hot #tea, #carbonara, and #pizza! 20 more words


Time for #Spring fun!

Hooray!! #Spring has Sprung! #China is Starting to prepare for sunny days and warm weather! They are Starting to get out their totally Awesome kites!! Nobody does kites like China – they are HUGE and in really awesome shapes – saw a long Dragon one time. 20 more words


Who are the Scone Rangers?

In recent times  Afternoon Tea is making a renaissance away from the quintessentially decadent British spot of Tiffin that was once a luxury outing to something that is becoming more accepted as just simply an Afternoon Tea date with girlfriends. 815 more words

Afternoon Tea

Shifting sands

It has been a complex business. I had thought that coming home would have some kind of natural simplicity implicit in its processes. After all we weren’t trying to migrate to new pastures we were simply returning home after an extended spell overseas…11 years in NZ. 169 more words


Surrounding Inbetweens

This was my final piece of work from term 1 at Falmouth:

It was a piece aiming to summarise the ideas about repeatedly going within a moment of inbetween and then within it again where the materials I used (wood branch slices) are involved with many circular representations of being surrounded and within a moment of nothing or in between.