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Why I love France

I’ve recently returned from a holiday in France, a sojourn in recent years devoted to the planning of my next novel. I’ve tried to work out how many times I’ve been there and failed, but it’s certainly more than twenty, probably approaching forty. 1,136 more words

Personal Experiences

TDoR Events and Locations 2015

2015 locations will be posted shortly. If you have a TDOR event, submit it below or here.


Ashington - Episode Five - Grace and Richard make plans behind the bike shed, William's return stirs feelings in Judy and Tracey's meeting with Dan ends with a shock announcement.


Episode 5

Friday – 15th March

It came to something when she had to ask the vicar’s wife to babysit, but she was desperate. She’d already asked her sister-in-law, Sue, knowing full well the answer would be no. 1,655 more words



Choosing a location for your pictures is one of the hardest parts of a photo shoot! For me as the photographer, I’ve been doing some location scouting lately to try to come up with some pretty amazing backdrops for some amazing subjects. 29 more words


One More Visit To the Mont

The Archangel loved heights.  Standing on the summit of the tower that crowned his church, wings upspread, sword uplifted, the devil crawling beneath,…Saint Michael held a place of his own in heaven and on earth…. 

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Second Life

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Another farewell visit to the scenic sim of Mont St. Michel, this time by Harper Ganesvoort

Rubicon Cluster / House of Trazyn

The Rubicon Dynasty managed to hold within its grasp what was estimated to be more than half Abfall’s mass following that moon’s detonation when Trazyn the Infinite and his Rubicon Necrons awoke from stasis just prior to the… 83 more words


The Rose Garden

I had such a lovely photo shoot today! Being an on location photography means you’re always looking for new places to take clients. It’s a constant challenge to give people a beautiful and special background to add spark to each snapshot. 74 more words