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Verizon is not unlocking the Galaxy S III bootloader after all

In yet another twist involving Verizon’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S III, contrary to our earlier report, Verizon will not provide a software update to unlock the encrypted bootloader. 94 more words

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Atrix HD Will Have Locked Bootloader, But Providing User-Unlock Method Is Motorola’s Goal

Motorola confirmed tonight, in a series of tweets, that the Atrix HD will indeed have a locked and signed bootloader. This means that altering the kernel on the Atrix HD will not be possible, limiting the customization possibilities of the phone. 79 more words

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Samsung Announces Galaxy S III “Developer Edition” For Verizon, Hackers Rejoice

When we told you that Verizon was keeping their Galaxy S III tightly locked up, many folks were upset, considering the other carriers have user-onlockable bootloaders on their S III’s. 515 more words

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Backup and Restore ICS to Computer [Walkthrough]

With the 4.0.4 leak out a lot of people were wondering what happens if this is not made available to the general public.  I did some digging around have been working with the built in backup of ICS using ADB.   488 more words


Where One Falls Short of Perfection

2011 was quite the year for HTC. It was the year where their strategy of pumping out device after device began to falter. Apple’s iPhone 4 showed that having one device, with definitive branding/marketing, and with excellent fit and finish could stand the test of time in consumer eyes…the device is still selling well mere months before its replacement.   772 more words


Bypassing the Atrix Bootloader: So Close!

Anyone familiar with the bootloader situation for recent Motorola Android phones knows the sad truth of what happens when manufacturers decide to impede progress. They only slow us down. 95 more words

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