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Device Reads Mind of Completely Paralysed Patients

I grant you, the title of this post makes a bold claim but I’m confident I’m not misrepresenting the science. A couple of weeks ago an interesting, open access paper was published in… 663 more words


Locked-in syndrome research simplifies communication

By Kaylee Messina

Staff Writer

Imagine living a life where you cannot speak to communicate with loved ones, cannot move a muscle, or even blink your eyes. 559 more words

Simmons College

Blink by K L Slater

Three years ago, five-year-old Evie Cotter disappeared from school. With no evidence or eyewitnesses, the police are at a complete standstill in their investigation, not even knowing if the child is dead or alive. 322 more words


World's First Implanted Brain Computer

By: Tina Davidson

Someone put a remote control in her brain and she can communicate?

It seems that this is more likely to happen in a sci-fi movie (or an episode of… 161 more words

What happens in locked-in syndrome, exactly?

What is it?

Locked-in syndrome (LIS) is a condition in which the patient is in a normal state of awareness but isn’t able to move or speak. 464 more words

16-39 Segment 2: Locked-In Syndrome


Some people who have a stroke in the brain stem suffer from a condition where they are fully conscious and aware, yet appear to be in a coma because they cannot move a muscle, except for sometimes the eyes. 1,224 more words

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