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Judas Priest Stream Live Version Of “Locked In” From “Turbo: Remastered”

Judas Priest are streaming a live version of “Locked In” from their upcoming “Turbo: Remastered” 30th anniversary release. The song was recorded during a show at the Kemper Arena in Kansas City in 1986. 7 more words


Locking you're child in a car for the win 

As a Mother you’ve got to stay on your A-game at all times! Seems obvious & simple enough right? After all, how hard can it really be to not lose them or let them fall in harms way!? 644 more words


Locked In

My Senior year of college my roommates and I found ourselves locked inside our apartment. It was like our own little escape room, free of charge. 426 more words


Locked In: Episode 4 Synopsis

The party of the year is over, and the killer will be revealed in “Hello, Elle”, the penultimate episode of Locked In, a mini-series by xlittleliars.

60 more words
Locked In

Locked In The Psych Ward

A year-long BuzzFeed News examination raises severe concerns about how America’s biggest psychiatric chain– Universal Health Providers– made its earnings. Check out the story here: buzzfeed.com/intake. 17 more words

Stuck in the liberary

At first it was dark. I couldn’t remember where, how, when off the situation. A sudden strike of Terror and claustrophobia went through me as I realized I was alone and locked in for the night.   478 more words

Brain Farts

Chapter One: Sid by Wylie Strout

“Dog?  Cat?  Bus?  Worm?  Yes.  Melba, did you pick up the waste can?  No.  No, it was a dog on the corner?  I see.  What did the bus do?  2,654 more words

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