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Two stories, only one has a happy ending.

After many days of rain and gloom, the sun burst forth today and the skies were a benign blue.

But, there’ll be no sunshine for this car owner when he/she comes to retrieve their car, which had been parked illegally. 171 more words


Interactive Fiction that I made

So I mentioned a little while ago that I had been inspired to write interactive fiction and claimed I would post something if I finished it. 78 more words


Allentown Police Save Unattended Child

(VIA The Morning Call) – A topic which we have covered on our blog numerous times is the danger of leaving a child unattended in a hot vehicle. 348 more words


CripLitBit #22: The sound of chewing at the other end of the phone….

The sound of chewing at the other end of the phone filled Gretchen’s ear.

“I thought you were out with your mother tonight,” said Zenith, Gretchen’s best friend. 175 more words


Stuck in Seoul Zoo: A letter box By-product.

Today I went back to Seoul Zoo at Seoul Grand Park for another attempt at finding a letterbox, whcih is like a Geocach or a type of scavenger/treasure hunt. 357 more words


chapter fifteen: locked in

Lilly sighed contently, closed out Skype, and brought up the email screen. The Suns’ e-mail account was already logged in on the screen. Inadvertently, a few emails from gov.cn addresses caught her eyes. 734 more words