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Send Lawyers, Guns and Money

“Well, I went home with the waitress
The way I always do
How was I to know
She was with the Russians, too.”

Most of the time, 1,064 more words

Locked Up Abroad : Panama (walking while black) w/ mc enigma

written by

mc enigma of Negros Americanos

Shit was everywhere.

I hadn’t understood the saying, “this tastes like shit,” until I’d inhaled a deep breath of hot air filled with excrement and urine vapor in my 8ft x 8ft cell that I shared with 6 other men at the police station in… 813 more words

Negros Americanos

Locked up Abroad: Shakedown at the Taj Mahal

   “What’s in your bag?”

            Three words and a contraction no one wants to hear. At the least, you’ve got a stranger asking about your stuff, at the worst you’ve been caught trafficking kilos of blow across the border. 871 more words

Confessions of a Millennial Succubus

Confessions of Carmina

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Looking back on my old posts, I realize this blog often reads like the rambling prose of a wide-eyed post-adolescent just discovering the sex world in a big new city. 1,527 more words

Running blogs make WebMD seem reasonable

So like any good millennial, when I decided to run a marathon I refrained from asking advice from any of my friends who had completed one and went straight to the Internet. 395 more words

Drug Mules

Drug mules, people who smuggle drugs across borders, come in all ages, genders, ethnicities, etc. In this video from the show “Locked Up Abroad,” we see a young adult male who finds a kilogram of hashish for the low cost of $250 while traveling abroad. 99 more words