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Day 12 - Love is all around*

There had been a lot of debate last night about the best time to leave this morning, based on when the rain was going to start and stop. 313 more words

Daily Updates

US Lockerbie Lawyer: "Putin Plays Tougher than Gadaffi." No Kidding...

“When aviation lawyer Jerry Skinner stopped by his suburban Cincinnati office last Christmas, he found the door ajar and the interior trashed. The files for his latest lawsuit, on behalf of victims of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 crash, were missing.” 209 more words


Round and about

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew who paid a visit to Chatsworth.  Mrs Tootlepedal is thinking of having something similar in our front garden. 659 more words


In no time

One in my series on clocks – this one in Lockerbie, Scotland. Please click on image for a better view


Forgiveness in the face of evil

Last week I wrote about learning to forgive myself (by God’s grace) after our son passed away in 1988. Forgiveness can be a very powerful tool in restoring relationships (and our lives). 683 more words


Learning to forgive yourself 

I shared last week about the loss of our son Jamie and the way our lives as a family were changed forever. In the weeks and months after Jamie died, our pastor John Mosey was a wonderful friend. 499 more words


Oxenholme (station)

atop a hill overlooking Kendal
since 1847
a man in a fisherman's sweater, flatcap 
and ratty old field-bag
rain or shine

discordant symphony of aging tannoys
pending arrival
from Euston Station

assortment of raven colored taxis
parked half on the sidewalk
half in the lane
some with fares booked
others hopeful

final horn warning of arrival
Brit Rail Mark III
coming to rest
an electric hum
the heartbeat of modern travel

slipping away from the station
heading north for Edinburgh,
black umbrella,
calling points Carlisle, Lockerbie, Haymarket
it didn't really matter
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