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Former British Diplomat Craig Murray Barred From Entering The US

“This attempt to prevent a truth-teller from speaking in support of nonviolence is absolutely shameful. This is not a policy created to represent any view of the U.S.

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CIA Asset Dr Richard Fuisz : TEREX & Lockerbie

Lawyer: “You were being told by members of the Syrian government that Jibril, and or members of the PFLGC were taking credit for the bombing?”

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An Unprecedented Age of Terror?

Last night a little after 9pm, my husband and I received a text message from the older of our grown children, who had attended a friend’s wedding in Oregon with the future spouse, to say that they were safe because they left LAX for the parking lot just before the chaos at the airport ensued. 642 more words


The French DST: Yves Bonnet & Lockerbie

“Let me take, for example the Lockerbie case and also the case of the Ténéré that were blamed on Libya when all intelligence services know that these attacks were committed by Ahmed Jibril under the inspiration and funding from Iran.”

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Day 12 - Love is all around*

There had been a lot of debate last night about the best time to leave this morning, based on when the rain was going to start and stop. 313 more words

Daily Updates

US Lockerbie Lawyer: "Putin Plays Tougher than Gadaffi." No Kidding...

“When aviation lawyer Jerry Skinner stopped by his suburban Cincinnati office last Christmas, he found the door ajar and the interior trashed. The files for his latest lawsuit, on behalf of victims of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 crash, were missing.”

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Round and about

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew who paid a visit to Chatsworth.  Mrs Tootlepedal is thinking of having something similar in our front garden. 659 more words