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Recent O gauge weathering

October so far has been a bit damp and dreary, so little weathering has been possible. In the last few days a few dry spells gave me a chance to look at some wagons for a friend. 76 more words


Batch of Loco's for some Friends

Here we have a batch of locomotives, all in OO that I have had for several months, some are even off to Australia. I tend to batch my mates weathering work so that I can keep material costs down. 74 more words

OO Gauge

Merlin's Lane Stock Weathering

I have now weathered the first three loco’s and  a wagon for the O Gauge Fuelling Point layout. After doing an Exhibition unweathered,  this is what they should have looked like!


LIMA Class 40

This is my 100th post on this site and I thought that I must have a special class of Loco’s to celebrate. It just has to be the Class 40, larger cousin and predecessor of my favourite, the class 37. 92 more words

OO Gauge

LIMA Class 37 - 1994 - 99

For my last batch of Class 37’s we move on to 94-99. In this era we saw the privatisation  of the previously sectorised businesses. Initially five parts where privatised, they only lasted for a year or so before the whole lot were sold and EW&S later EWS became owner of them all. 24 more words

OO Gauge

LIMA Class 37 - 1989-93

Moving on to the next era, we move on to the sectorisation of the Railfreight industry. I have modelled most sectors in which they served. All loco’s are to the usual specification as the previous posts. 23 more words

OO Gauge

LIMA Class 37's 1984-88

When  Lima brought out the Class 73 – it was, for the time, a very good representation of the real thing. When they announced their next Loco would be a Class 37, I thought great, we can move on from the Hornby 37 with Class 47 bogies!!!!  62 more words

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