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October 6: "Passing Through Albuquerque"

At dusk, by the irrigation ditch
gurgling past backyards near the highway,
locusts raise a maze of calls in cottonwoods.

A Spanish girl in a white party dress… 104 more words


i spy

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This is how it started.  A few months ago I ordered a lovely peony root from jungseed.com.  Jung’s sends the root when it is time to be planted.  824 more words

5. Deciduous Leaf

This is a picture of a honey locust tree leaf. It is a prime example of a deciduous leaf because in the fall, the leaves change colors and fall off of the tree. 10 more words

Camping Pics and Stuff

I don’t think I’ve been reading enough lately. I got distracted by life for a while and it’s been bothering me. I’ve been listening to audiobooks, but I miss just lying down with a book and being absorbed for hours. 84 more words


Guest Post: Consider the Ant – the story of insects in science and theology

No animal or plant group can quite match the insects for their diversity, profusion (in numbers of species as well as numbers of individuals), adaptability, mobility – or in a word, their ‘evolvability’. 1,040 more words

Awe And Wonder

Cicadas are a lot more than noisy insects

My first real experience with cicadas was back in the mid-60s in Maine. I remember riding my bicycle really fast down a hill and getting smacked in the face by one of the noisy red eyed critters. 514 more words


The weak is strong, the small is wise

Four things are small on the earth, But they are exceedingly wise:
The ants are not a strong people, But they prepare their food in the summer;

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