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Cunning Neighbours: Izaga / Proverbs pt 5

The source of this latest meditation on Proverbs or Izaga ngesiZulu is a proverb that runs

amaqili awakhelani

the cunning do not build next to one another…

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Looking Back: Locust -- 'Truth is Born of Arguments

Wonderful artwork, wonderful title, and a wonderful LP, Truth Is Born of Arguments came out via R&S back in 1995, and a record worth recalling more than most of the records that websites and others thought worthy of marking an anniversary during 2015. 123 more words


Anacridium aegyptium - Ägyptische Wanderheuschrecke - Egyptian locust

Art (species): Anacridium aegyptium – Ägyptische Wanderheuschrecke – Egyptian locust
Gattung (genus): Anacridium
Unterfamilie (subfamily): Cyrtacanthacridinae – Großschrecken
Familie (family): Acrididae – Feldheuschrecken
Unterordnung (sub order): Caelifera – Kurzfühlerschrecken… 250 more words



I was visiting the Clouston Garden of Remembrance en route to Colenso when I came across this locust sitting on the barbed wire fence:

The weather was inclement and while I was watching it, a strong wind blew fiercely across the veld: 13 more words

Yemen’s Dangerous New Invader

From Diplomat Artist Buzz: Conflict & hunger are current pestilence in today’s Yemen. Now, the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) has discovered Desert Locust infestations likely resulting from heavy rains last November associated with tropical cyclones. 8 more words

Painted Locust 1V

Short update today, but I wanted to get some pics of my most recently painted model up.

The most recent addition to my BattleTech force is a humble Locust, and it was a fun little project to help me get a quick win and some momentum back. 77 more words