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“My plan is out the window.”


In Balance: A Gnostic Folly

Imagine the world arrested
The stars fixed fast, the clock stopped
Earth's hot heart locked in what dread chains--
Not a pin drops.

Judge now, ye that have eyes to see:
What seeks to ascend, fleeing earth to rarer heights? 175 more words

These are not your regular locusts. Migrating toward Revelation 16, part 2

I suppose by now you have figured out that I struggle to stay on point. I suppose that is why you love me so. I really am going to get to Revelation 16 eventually. 2,813 more words


300 acres to be sold at the courthouse door.

Wilson Advance, 25 November 1881.



By virtue of a decree of the Superior Court of Wilson county, rendered January 5th, 1882, I will sell at the Court House door in Wilson Monday the 6th day of February 1882, the lands whereof… 335 more words

Births Deaths Marriages

The book of Matthew, according to Barnabus, Clement of Rome, Polycarp, Justin Martyr, Papias was written by Matthew, one of the twelve disciples. It was first written in Aramaic and then rewritten in Greek. 267 more words

John's Hygiene and Diet

Matthew 3:4 wasn’t just describing John’s hygiene and diet…… :)

John the Baptist wore a camel’s Garment and a leather belt – this ties him to Elijah (2 Kings 1:8). 100 more words

Bible Study

Locust and Islam

After voicing my heart for those fleeing the terrorist and seeking refuge in other nations, I was met with many comments and also private messages, videos of torture inflicted by ISIS and a warning that we should not let them in. 1,207 more words