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Locust - popular, safe and useful hair washing fruit in Vietnam specially with traditional women having virgin hair

Every woman in Vietnam at least 1 time wash hair with locust, specially with traditional women with 100% virgin hair. Locust fruit containing 10% saponin, foaming cleansing oily and dusty on the scalp. 624 more words

Oh, Lil' Locust!

I swore if I got out of Bowling Green alive I would post this comic here. It’s also on my Patreon page, which I’m giving another go to now that both I and my computer are in a more stable place. 59 more words

in the cloud

the wings
of a lonely locust
flash yellow
in the sun

he traverses
he traverses brown
then the search for a mate

in search of a mate… 39 more words

A Poem A Day In January 2017

Finding Joy Despite the Locusts

Photo credit to http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/madagascar-locust-crisis-in-pictures-9456788.html

“…so that joy has withered and fled away from the sons of men.” Joel 1:12

Here’s a little background. Joel was the son of Pethuel. 1,191 more words


Though 2016 started off on a promising note, it turned out to be my YEAR OF THE LOCUST. I didn’t only lose financially and massively for that matter, I also lost people, resources and materials, and hadn’t it been for some crazy investments I’d gotten my hands into, when I could have decided to enjoy excess in the days of boom, maybe I’d have no data to post this after qwertying it today. 1,020 more words


A Gears of War Legacy

“I want to chainsaw someone!” Those were the frustrated words out of my sister’s mouth as she sat back in her chair and readjusted her grip on the Xbox One controller. 779 more words


The Fountain on Locust

Art Deco charm at the home of the Ice Cream Martini – The Fountain on Locust
ST LOUIS, MO/January 3, 2017 (STLRestaurant.News) Located in the 1916 former Supreme Car Co. 17 more words