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Drinks are on Pearl

There exist moments in between what you are doing, what you are posting, what you are experiencing and even in between your very breaths that will simply pass you by. 650 more words

From the frontline

This morning’s bulletin on the bug front is that, at last, I found an unblemished, bug-free and truly beautiful guava on our tree. It tasted wonderful, fresh from the garden and still warm from the sun! 126 more words

Environmental Issues

August 14th, tech problems and a relaxing summer eve

Why is it that a computer or printer decides to go on the blink when you are in need of them right at that moment?! 240 more words

Who Hardens his Heart will Fall into Harm

“Rabbi Yoḥanan said: What is, Happy the man who fears at all times, but who hardens his heart will fall into harm? (Proverbs 28:14). The destruction of Jerusalem came through קַמְצָא וּבָּר קַמְצָא ( 1,023 more words

One-Liner Wednesday – Limitations

That would be as in “know your limitations” and find a way to work through life anyway. The actual one-liner was delivered by me to my daughter Faith, as she worked her way through a fairly difficult bit of woodworking. 704 more words


The Good Fortune Clock

The luck he had been riding finally stopped

Anything he learnt could not amass what he had forgot

Self-preservation was his primary goal

So he overlooked the deeds that tainted his soul… 21 more words


What Is That? Could This Bizarre Winged Creature Be A Fairy, An Alien Or A Locust From The Book Of Revelation?

Source: End Of The American Dream, by Michael Snyder

I wasn’t going to write about this.  I was trained as an attorney and I am skeptical by nature, and so I generally don’t like to write about things that I can’t prove.  1,092 more words