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Welcome to My Worlds

Spaceships and wizards and warriors with real wings.

Clockwork and spell work and ill-omened stone rings

Underground rivers with creatures unseen

These are a few of my favorite things…

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I’ve mentioned Hurley Vineyard in a previous blog from 2012. ┬áIt’s been a while since I’d darkened their door, so I dropped in recently to see how things were going. 248 more words

It's all about the audio books!

Running really behind on all my posts for a while now. Things have been rather hectic. Now that both of the audio books I have been working on have either been sent to the author for initial or final reviews I have a little time to talk about them. 361 more words


Lodestone Announcement

Translating from a recent Lodestone announcement:

2014/10/03 05:00
Final Fantasy Reborn Media Disclosure News (gossip or intelligence) – Year 2014, October,

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I am a lodestone man,
wishing to be fluorite.
Iron filings hang from my chin,
my bones are unrefined.

I sit in the dark,
away from the fridge, 77 more words



pulling the iron
from within my convictions
crude geomancy
expected to weaken me
misjudged my perseverance 6 more words