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Lodestone: The Witch's Amulet

Lodestone, also known as Magnetite, is one of the most potent stones for manifestation. This stone magnetically attracts into your present, what you most need to experience. 232 more words


I’ve been avoiding writing for the last several months.  There are many reasons for this.  I’ve been turning to artwork as an expressive outlet, a need to be out of my internal, intellectual world, a deep, pervasive feeling of exhaustion, and, related to that exhaustion, no desire or will. 294 more words


Mars, the Lodestone and Blood Red Energy

Motive, motivate, motion, action, activate… what planet am I talking about?  The one and only Mars of course, the red planet, associated alchemically with the metal iron. 422 more words


Finding the Words Again

I lost my writing north like a compass with an old needle that lost its north-seeking ability. Now, you can do two things if that happens: you can throw out the compass – which would equal giving up on the writing dream – or you can fix the damn needle. 257 more words

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