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Political Compass For Happiness Without Mass Debt

When a political compass is determined, it is determined subject to the definition of “money” and the nature of the economy in which “money” is used. 420 more words

Supply Side Economy

The Long and Short of Genres

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m science fiction and fantasy girl who stumbled into romance by way of erotica. I have mentioned that, right? Well, I am. 1,579 more words

Naughty Literati

Long and Winding Writing Road

I’ve been writing explicit erotic stories for a long time now. Started out with m/m, moved to some m/f (though m/m is more fun for me to write). 696 more words

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Dreamspinner's 2015 Daily Dose--Never Too Late is up for pre-sale!

My story, Lodestone is coming June 1st as part of Dreamspinner’s 2015 Daily Dose. Pre-order the full package today!

Alchemy “Al” Jones is an Earth Elemental with an affinity for metals. 167 more words

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Welcome to My Worlds

Spaceships and wizards and warriors with real wings.

Clockwork and spell work and ill-omened stone rings

Underground rivers with creatures unseen

These are a few of my favorite things…

453 more words
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I’ve mentioned Hurley Vineyard in a previous blog from 2012.  It’s been a while since I’d darkened their door, so I dropped in recently to see how things were going. 248 more words

It's all about the audio books!

Running really behind on all my posts for a while now. Things have been rather hectic. Now that both of the audio books I have been working on have either been sent to the author for initial or final reviews I have a little time to talk about them. 361 more words