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Mars, the Lodestone and Blood Red Energy

Motive, motivate, motion, action, activate… what planet am I talking about?  The one and only Mars of course, the red planet, associated alchemically with the metal iron. 422 more words


Finding the Words Again

I lost my writing north like a compass with an old needle that lost its north-seeking ability. Now, you can do two things if that happens: you can throw out the compass – which would equal giving up on the writing dream – or you can fix the damn needle. 257 more words


Vintage Fun Finds (#1)

Before recent body sprays started making irresistible sex magnets out of young men…

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…a company called O&B Supply was distributing a romance-inducing perfume (for men… 189 more words


5 feather #bookvirew of LODESTONE: Book 1 Witch Hunt by Wendy Scott

5 feather #bookvirew of LODESTONE: Book 1 Witch Hunt by Wendy Scott

There’s a cauldron of trouble brewing in Valloaria…
Download Lodestone today and strap on your broomstick –you’re in for a hell of a ride: The Witch-Hunt Series. 448 more words
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*~*Personal 5 Star Review of Lodestone by author Stephen England

This review is by Tonya from My Family’s Heart – I am giving this book a 5 Star Review

BUY YOUR COPY AT – AMAZON.COM… 251 more words

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Political Compass For Happiness Without Mass Debt

When a political compass is determined, it is determined subject to the definition of “money” and the nature of the economy in which “money” is used. 420 more words

Supply Side Economy

The Long and Short of Genres

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m science fiction and fantasy girl who stumbled into romance by way of erotica. I have mentioned that, right? Well, I am. 1,579 more words

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