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Dynamics 2.2

I sit down at the console, pull up a virtual globe, and start cycling through Classifications.

(Continent containing Rocket-Surgeon/Continent not containing Rocket-Surgeon)

South America.

(Country containing Rocket-Surgeon/Country not containing Rocket-Surgeon) 3,779 more words

Dynamics 2.1

“Gideon Weston, also known as Rocket-Surgeon, suffered a psychotic episode in late 2010 that left his sanity in splinters,” Commander begins. As she speaks, a picture of Rocket-Surgeon’s real face appears projected on the wall adjacent to the console, right next to a picture of Rocket-Surgeon in a ramshackle costume that looks mostly metallic. 1,506 more words

Research 1.6

I’m interrupted from reading up on the major missions the leader of Power Set 2 has taken to get a feel for their general strategy by a gentle rumble not far away; someone’s using the hangar. 2,524 more words