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muốn khoe với cả thế giới, hóa ra bước tới bên cậu ấy, đã gần như vậy rồi.


Solar Technology in Clothes

Radio show Living on Earth did a segment in February on new technology to store and release solar heat. Here is host Steve Curwood on his outing to MIT to learn about the breakthrough. 279 more words

Unrequited Love

You came holding a cup. Said it was an offering. Said it was filled with all I said I wanted. Sitting on a thrown balanced in emotion. 341 more words


Angel’s Journal, Entry Three: “Flurries of Excitement”

Journal Entry:

Things are moving so quickly now around The Master that it’s hard to keep up or sense the direction of events. I noted my own optimism at the greetings given when He entered Jerusalem, and how heart-warming it was to see Him given the acclaim He truly deserves. 719 more words


Only One Can Understand

Being in love with a prisoner is one of the most challenging relationships I have ever had in my entire life.  Given, I am only 23. 730 more words

Love Behind Bars

New Music: Loe - Ghost (Prod. by ASADVS)

Houston has some really great undiscovered talent. I’m loving this new wave of great HOUSTON music and will do everything on my end to make sure we stir some shit up. 31 more words

New Music

Loe Bar in February

In winter, it’s as if everything is waiting. And, of course, it is. Waiting for spring. February is still winter, but trees already have buds ready to unfurl, early birds are beginning to pair off, on milder days overwintering butterflies and bumblebees make brief appearances to find food, and rosettes of plant leaves are beginning to unfurl from the earth. 516 more words

What's Wild In Cornwall