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1 Day Mindfulness Urban Retreat for Beginners

This was an awesome meditation retreat organised by Liam, which took place at the LARC (London Activist Resource Centre). Throughout the day we went through a really diverse range of meditation techniques and practices, punctuated by periods of sharing and discussion. 120 more words

Playing Tourist

That Flat Boy took some time off from playing tourist to just plain play around yesterday…while Aunt Tere and HER were busy visiting the little fishing town of Honfluer, Flat Boy was playing! 24 more words

Cambios de la LOMCE frente a la LOE.

El curso 2014-2015 entra en vigor la LOMCE, lo que supone una serie de modificaciones que afectaran a todo el sistema educativo. La LOMCE, Ley Orgánica 8/2013, de 9 de diciembre, para la mejora de la calidad educativa, no es una nueva ley de educación propiamente dicha, sino que modifica la anterior, la LOE, en concreto introduce 109 modificaciones. 780 more words


Hordes online charity raffle 2015 #WAAC

The raffle is live for a chance to win a fully painted Legion of Everblight army!

Info is below, please use the link to go see shiny pictures of the army and please spread the word… 43 more words


Live! - JKLMNO, Loe & IAOTU - Central Station, Wrexham

Music can often involve crossing borders and for last nights gig I crossed one. Admittedly it was only popping over the English-Welsh border from Chester to Wrexham. 406 more words


Nephilim protector

Do like a light beast with an abundance of armour don’t you?


"Un Autre Monde", par Loe

A Little World accueille à partir du 9 mai, et jusqu’au 9 juin 2015, une exposition photos de Loe.

Une agréable visite du (ou des…) monde(s) de cette artiste. 241 more words