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Loe York City 2 || @Datsjusloe

The second long awaited Extended Play project from Brooklyn, New York’s originated and DMV’s own nostalgic artist, LOE, entitled “Loe York City 2″. After a year and a half went by of not releasing a project, LOE returns with his most anticipated EP, showing his progression with his music and showcasing new styles, flows, and aggression within the 10 songs. 69 more words


Nephlilm bolt thrower

Quick picture of the bolt thrower as mobile artillery is just better..


The Last Dance: Part I

The Last Dance: Part I

She held onto the steering wheel more tightly than she realized. it wasn’t until she parked the car and let go that she realized that muscle running along the outside of her hands were sore. 612 more words

Beavers Conserve Water in the West

There’s been a lot in the news lately about water shortages in the West. In the search for any help they can get, some concerned citizens are turning to the oft-maligned beaver. 398 more words

Nobody Teaches a Baby Bighorn to Climb

There are a few websites that are always reliable for blog topics: Brain Pickings, Studio 360, Only a Game, On the Media, Eco RI News, Arts Journal, and until recently, AndrewSullivan.com (Andrew retired). 416 more words

How Cuba Kept Its Tropical Reefs Unspoiled

One of the sources I check for ideas to share with you is the website for the delightful environmental radio show, Living on Earth. 280 more words