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Enhance your property value with Loft conversion in Berkshire

The conversion of an empty loft into a usable home can be the most effective way of adding a great value to the property. Aside from enhancing the market value of the home, it increases your liveable space as with this conversion you get the chance to use the attic as a bed room or study room or the room for the teenagers. 324 more words

Brilliant Storage Tips for Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Kitchens, Hallways, Bathrooms and Home Offices

If your home is being suffocated under heaps of mess and clutter, try our great storage ideas designed to make use of every bit of space. 566 more words

Loft Conversions

Fitted Wardrobes - A Better and Affordable Solution

It is very important to investigate well, before buying your fitted furniture. There are so many factors to check before you purchase such as the quality of material, size and space, finishing, accessories etc… So, take your time when selecting, until you are 100% confident you have found the right one. 276 more words


Try Out The Best Fitted Wardrobes For Loft Conversion

The architecture of building a house isn’t the same as it used to be. Everything is extremely accessible with multiple options to choose from and you can actually build the house of your wildest fantasy. 227 more words

Fitted Wardrobes For Loft Conversion

After the rain

My dream balloons are being popped one by one and it’s a battle to fight the idea that that is in fact all they ever really were: sparkly bubbles of hot air. 858 more words


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The Advantages of Considering a Home Extension

Many men and women choose to own extended living spaces, as their household grows. Placing about an impressive house extension program may be an perfect alternative to boost the usefulness and living room within your current house and consequently increase its general price. 507 more words