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feast your eyes on this

I’m a bit partial to some art and craft on my spare time but continually living with builders has made that a bit more difficult than usual. 321 more words


And it has begun!

The scaffolding is up on our Cumbrian house.  It began last week and finished on Monday.  So exciting!  What that means is that the guys will start work tomorrow (as guaranteed by our builder, who I spoke to this morning).   53 more words


Our loft conversion...original house & plans for current house

I think we’re going to have to talk about current versus original houses.  There’s so much going on right now around both houses.

Current house: we have invited an architect to design our ground floor as we decided to actually pull down all the walls between the kitchen and dining area/conservatory…and build into the conservatory.   117 more words

The House

ding dong the loft is done

Ding dong the loft is done, the loft is done, the loft is done

Ding dong the lovely loft is *doooooooooooooooooooooone

Just like in the Wizard of Oz, that’s the tune I can found singing right now and what says ‘I’m a proper grown up with a loft conversion don’t you know’ more that a little ditty I ask you?

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How Can The Loft Conversion Be Done With Efficient Arrangements

Most people in London, owning homes with attic above the ceilings, are nowadays trying to utilise these spaces. For this purpose, they are converting these spaces to lofts with beautifully decorated rooms for different uses. 239 more words

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open up the window and breathe

The dust is literally clearing and there are fewer strangers in the house which means that the loft conversion is coming to an end.

This building project has felt very different from previous work. 283 more words


climbing to the top

From having no ceilings, to ceilings again…

The builders we’ve worked with have been quick at this sort of job which is marvellous.

Mr T took this photo as there was no way I was climbing a ladder to get this shot, but you can see the new ceiling joists, beams and other words I think I need to say in this sentence, all in place. 262 more words

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