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Yes a loft conversions can be built in the winter

A loft conversion build is kept water tight all year round

Building a loft in the winter is just the same as building in the summer. 42 more words

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Loft Conversions London

Looking for a loft conversion for your house in London. Please visit NL Loft conversions London to get a free quote.

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Transform Your House Into A New One

Article Written By: Edmunds Design And Construction

Usually, there are spaces in the house which are unused and slowly they get converted into junkyard. You can utilize these places in a better way. 238 more words


Dorma loft conversion patio doors balustrade, your very own Juliet balcony

Great sea views from finished Dorma loft conversion patio doors

A simple elegant balustrade creating a Juliet balcony. Keeping you safe and still able to enjoy the views. 28 more words

Loft Conversions

How To Loft Conversion Best Pra

Video Transcript

welcome to love conversion com in this video we take you through the installation of some still work love conversions involved good amount of structural work most houses were never designed to allow for the additional loads created when converting the loft a simple solution usually involves adding some still work to carry the new habitable floor and additional roof construction whilst at the same time supporting the existing structure the steel sizes and connections are all calculated by a structural engineer and a fabricated away from science or during the steel requires some careful measuring and setting out and a sketch needs to be made there delivered to site and usually positioned in the roof space black crime yeah the steel beams carry the new floor joists and stud word that will form the new habitable space sometimes steals a spliced to enable simple installation especially in a terraced houses so you do not have to not through into a joining lofts especially useful when a party wall agreement is in place all the steelwork should be supported on load bearing walls and placed on concrete pad stones as specified by your structural engineer some fabrication on site is often needed drilling for the final position of a support post is a typical situation once the stills are all in a level the floor joists can become fixed given a good work in area

Loft Conversions

Considering a Home Extension

Some people prefer to have extended living spaces, as their family expands. Laying down about an amazing home expansion plan can be an ideal preference to enhance the utility and living space inside your existing home and accordingly bring up its whole value. 433 more words

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Robust Loft Conversion In Clapham

Converting your loft is a fantastic decision and has a considerable amount of benefits to offer. Many people leave their lofts as is and that is not a good option when value is there to be add. 474 more words