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Treating your Cabins.

When it comes to treating the timber or log of your log cabins after they have been erected is by using a top quality wood preservative… 135 more words

Prefab Log Cabins

Garden Offices.

The rise in working from home has increased over the past few years because of it cost saving appeal and helping many people spend more time with there family, instead of travelling to and from work which can take up many hours over a week, this extra time you saved on travelling can be spent with your family. 72 more words

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Glulam Homes

The heartwood of a tree is by far the strongest part to use when making gluelam logs, this is because not only is it a very strong and robust material by using it to make buildings can also prevent any cracking and distortion of the logs. 52 more words

Log Houses

Log Building Homes

Buildings that are made with wood usually comes from sustainable forests and it is the heartwood of a tree which is used to craft laminated logs,this laminated log process which is also known as  89 more words

Log Houses

A wide range of log houses are available.

A log house can be designed as a traditional log style house or a more modern day town house with many sizes to choice from a log house… 108 more words

Log Houses

Cabin Planning Permission

The best tip is to approach your local planning office and inquire if you will need planning permission for your intended log building before you go ahead with any development of a log cabin or… 96 more words

Log Cabins

Glulam Logs

A log building at is made with glulam means the logs from a tree have been cut in half and the centre of the log in both halves is turned to the outside, these two pieces are then glued together using a special process. 101 more words

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