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A Log House


The log house made with heartwood glulam logs has allowed these wonderful homes to be built to any design from a traditional log house to a modern and bold home, by using gluelam logs it has enabled many improvements in the manufacturing process and also in the construction of log homes. 152 more words

Log House

Garden Leisure Buildings can be adjusted to suit your needs.

A high quality log cabin can be just as warm as a brick building this is due to the thickness and quality of the walls  which will be determined in the thickness of the log you choose for your log cabin, the thicker the log the better the investment as a… 137 more words

Log Cabin

Beautiful wooden houses

Beautiful wooden houses are available in many different sizes designs from a wide range of log house manufactures, With each company using a different wood and manufacturing process. 133 more words

Log House

A log house will make the ideal holiday retreat.

A log house can be altered to suit your own needs making them an ideal buildings with many different designs they can be the perfect  171 more words

Log House

Log Cabin Foundations.

The foundations of a log cabin are very important with three types of foundations available which are a concrete slab, a full foundation wall or basement and a pier type which is shown on most log cabin plans as this is the cheapest to build and simplest type of foundation for a novice craftsman to construct. 114 more words

Log Buildings

A Log Cabin Base.

All log cabins need a base as these log buildings can be extremely heavy depending on its size and thickness of logs that are going to be used will give you the dimensions you will need for your strong level concrete base on which to place your cabin. 146 more words

Log Cabin

log cabin house designs.

A log house can be a one story bungalow design or two storey house but the best log houses are made with glulam logs because the versatility allows the creation of unique construction masterpieces such as a comfortable  77 more words

Log House