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prefabricated building

The prefabrication building process started back in 19th century and not only did this define the assembly of these structures with the incress in demand and the latest technology it has made the components easier to construct. 75 more words

Log Buildings

Granny Annexes

What is a granny annex?

Granny annexes are self contained garden rooms which not only help provide an extra room when one is needed they are within easy reach of the main home. 78 more words

Log Buildings

The Log Cabin.

The log cabin has many uses apart from being a great place to live this log buildings make excellent holiday homes or even a garden office for a large spacious garden. 118 more words

Home And Garden

Wall Log Thickness

why is the log thickness of a log building important for any log house there is a minimum recommended thickness of 70mm  and each company will have a selection of thicknesses to choice from and as long as you have the right amount of insulation in place you will be surprised at how warm and cozy your home but it is best to get high quality windows and doors or all your heat will be lost, as lesser quality windows and doors may swell or twist creating droughts in your log home.

Log Houses

log cabin bases

Not only do Log cabins, garden cabinshome cabin offices and granny annexes need a solid level foundation base it needs to be strong enough to withstand the weight of these building as many can weigh 1 ton or more depending on it size and the thickness of logs used in its construction. 102 more words

Prefab Log Cabins

Treating your Cabins.

When it comes to treating the timber or log of your log cabins after they have been erected is by using a top quality wood preservative… 135 more words

Prefab Log Cabins