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I'm alive and well!

So, I’ve been to the Training School in New York and today is the day that I can say I’ve been with my host family for 2 weeks! 145 more words


Windows 10 key features that you should know

New Windows 10 is fast and better than ever. Here goes some features which you should know about.

1.One of the new features found in Windows 10 is the addition of Cortana which is a voice-activated personal assistant. 584 more words


07-31-2015//12:56 AM

I know that there will be nights like this. Where either the two of us will go away silent for a couple of hours, perhaps lasting a day, two days. 78 more words

Pathbrite: How to log-in to Pathbrite every day

This guide will show you how to log-in to Pathbrite once you are registered.

 Click here

Skype for Android is getting an update today that brings two notable new features. The app now remembers log-in details making it faster and easier to sign-in, while chat gets the web link previews feature that first… 145 more words


Log into a computer with your BRAIN: Technology that identifies 'brainprints' could let you unlock devices with thoughts

You could soon unlock your computer just by thinking about it
It may sound far-fetched, but scientists have already created a prototype system that is able to do this with 94 per cent accuracy. 334 more words