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I can't log in: what to do when you forget your password, or its doesn't work

Whenever you start your Mac up, it should prompt you for a password. What do you do, though, if you type your password and it won’t let you enter, or if you forget your password altogether? 1,310 more words


A short history of the computer password

The password is nothing new. In fact, it has been around for centuries. Way before Hotmail, Skype and Netflix were prompting you to create a secure code with a funky username, the Romans reportedly used passwords as a way to convey important military messages between troops. 910 more words

Security News

Username: Not Found

Hello my future college students! <3

This is a special, University of Illinois student eyes only, one of a kind, master post.  This will help you navigate the cluster-fu** that is the University of Illinois website system. 1,226 more words

Daily Posts

What's in the Setting Tab...


The main goal of a Settings tab is to allow the author to customize and personalize the background occurrences of a webpage or website. The settings are for you to make your site unique from all the others as well as to help you connect better by changing how emails are received or the way notifications are sent, to better make your website appeal to others. 239 more words


Logging In, Logging Out

So I’ve been at the hospital for more than seven whole days and the free internet access has logged me out automatically! This is bugging me on several fronts. 519 more words

Daily Musings

What Happens When I Die Part 2

In my previous post, What Happens When I Die, I considered things like what would happen if I died abroad, and the basic necessary process of dealing with my remains. 498 more words