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Log Line #10

Hannibal is back tonight! It’s one of my favorite shows ever, so you guys might be seeing some inspiration coming from that over the next few months. 65 more words


Log Line #9

Trying to figure out how I’m supposed to be writing short stories and stuff while freelancing is difficult. I feel like I can only do one or the other <_< 100 more words


Log Line #8

So it’s an amazement that I remembered to do this at all since I bought the Witcher 3 today. I’ve been meaning to get it for awhile now and I finally got enough money for it. 86 more words


Log Line #7

By God, it’s a good thing I don’t get paid to do these things because I forgot yet again to do one yesterday.

But hey, I’ve gotten a bunch of exercise and freelancing done. 36 more words


Log Line #6 (I Remembered!)

Well, only five days in and I already screwed up the whole “daily” thing about this idea. <_< Well, at least I remembered to do it today right? 85 more words


Log Line #5!

“A man questions everything he knew about life and death when he starts seeing his wife during a stay at their old neighborhood.”

Thinking of something horror-ish. 21 more words


Log Line #4

My feet are killing me! I was on them so much today it’s nice to finally be able to sit down and type for a bit. 108 more words