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Daddy's Log August 2016

Memiliki banyak kerabat menjadi tantangan tersendiri bagi seseorang. Terutama jika semua kerabat di tradisi cina memiliki panggilan yang berbeda. Tidak hanya uncle dan aunty seperti orang bule pada umumnya. 604 more words


Productivity Log #2

Of friggin’ course!

In my family when something bad happens, they say “the devil caused this” or “he’s working against you.” Well, Mr.Devil say can you please just chill!! 1,351 more words


“Fuck you twat! GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY LANE YOU PATHETIC PIECE OF SHIT” -My aunt to someone who cut her off
“No… No fuck you mister convertible” …

42 more words

First, Friends, Festival

(Note on title: When in doubt, alliterate.)

Personal update and pictures! Let’s go (in chronological order).

(1) Catchup Conversations
‘Nuff said.

Also, this #ilovesg picture: 357 more words


“Fuck you you retarded cunt!”

– my aunt
“Now you see why I told you not to do that shit right?”

– my aunt to the cousin that threw out his back…

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“Move Hun. Go! MOVE IT YOU FUCK”

-my aunt talking to a car (XD)

“We’ll let the virgin go first”

-my aunt referring to a car who tried to pull into her lane…

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“Fuck.. Fuck… FUCK YOU FUCKER!”

– my aunt