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今天上的是Fire Prevention Theory,都是教一些基本防火滅火知識,早上的課還可以,但下午的就有點睡意了,應該是因為飯氣攻心。坐在了班房一整天,比較期待明天的Survival 訓練。

這幾天寫Blog 也有點力不從心力,可能是因為知道沒什麼人會到訪這裡(其實會知道這裡的人都不多)。很想快點 Public 這裡,但還是始終未找到這所燈塔的焦點,畢竟要Public 的話就一定不會每天都寫這種流水帳式日記(就算是流水帳日記應該都會 password protected)。而且寫作的功力也需要更好才可以 Public,加上這裡讀書的生活沒什麼話題性,所以應該短期內都會保持這種文章風格。如果之後 Public 的話可以有什麼焦點呢?海上見聞偶拾可以嗎?短篇故事?電影感想?還有呢?


Bugs in the documentation of the log command, and in its handling of predicates

While developing the new version (2.3) of Consolation, I have encountered the following bugs in the documentation of the log command in Sierra 10.12.5, and in its handling of predicates. 478 more words


Consolation 2.3 released to improve search predicate support

Version 2.3 of Consolation addresses a number of issues in the log show command which it uses to obtain log extracts. These work around bugs and gaps in the documentation of… 264 more words


Research paper update

Building a framework to detect faulty IoT devices using Machine Learning.

I was able to find a dummy dataset of around 100 temperature data on the web and modifying it now as we speak to be around 10,000 entries. 227 more words


Progress Week 2

As expected, I went up in weight a this week.  I was actually a lot happier with the weight I was using this week.  I’m still not back to where I was at my peak, but I’m getting there slowly buy surely.   452 more words


Alright, this month ended up a flop due to the damn doctor visitations. We had to have 4, with one emergency, so I once again look at unpaid bills, and wonder if I should pray. 747 more words


19th of June

June 19, 2017

Dear Journal,

Today was the first day of our college comeback and just like exactly what I’ve always thought about, things went really… 198 more words