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Battle Log - Mon, April 27


PM –
Lat Pulldown 3×20
Cable Row 3×20
Leg Press 3×15
Crunch 3×15
Cable Chest Press 2×20
Plank w/ Alternate Shoulder Touch 2×20
Treadmill 7.5mph 20min… 27 more words


Manesh's Reflective Log.


During this module I aimed to expand my knowledge and put to use the things I learnt throughout my life in business. From a young age my father within his businesses taught me things, then I learnt a lot throughout college and university, I was a t a stage in which I was ready to start up another of my own business’. 1,221 more words


A Heart Full Of Love

“If I stand alone, it does not mean, I am any less a human,

If my arms do not hold another, it does not mean, they are incapable of holding, 70 more words

A Light on a Hill, Part 4

Shar: Silver Dragon, High Priestess of Kaadon (God of Law, God of the Tivosian Empire) Slen Manor Anemone Valley: She woke with a start, sitting up clutching the richly woven sheet to her chest. 2,307 more words

A Light on a Hill, Part 3

Year 5,270 Tivos

Celebrian Sirfalas, Silent Coil to those in the Order, stood on the prow of the Alassë Súrion with her hands folded at the small of her back. 1,318 more words