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Bug Reports and Change Logs: v0.133X

Current Release Build: v0.133c

Release Change log:
– v0.133c: fixed a crash during the blackjack game (part of the main storyline)
– v0.133b: fixed a saving menu message… 59 more words


Estonia 원목 가격은 하락

2015년 6월 에스토니아 모든 원목 가격은 하락하였습니다. 평균적으로 제재목용 원목 가격은 5월과 비교하여 2% 할가하였고, pulpwood는 1.5% 떨어졌습니다. 2015년 6월 spruce 원목 가격은 EUR 65.00/m³ 로 거래되었고, Birch 제재목용 원목 가격은 5월에 비하여 거의 EUR 1/m³, 2014년 6월에 비하여 EUR 2/m³ 이상 하락하였습니다. 10 more words


Teaching Log: Week Two

Part One:

That was a doozy. I barely made it through my class without losing focus completely or deciding to just leave the room

I’ m realizing more and more that the two classes I teach will need different time-tables and schedules, and that getting through this semester is maybe just a matter of keeping with the flow and not drowning. 716 more words



Lamb of God on Jimmy Kimmel?



‘Local Family still recovering following a 2012 Assault'

By Gemma England

Thursday, August 27th 2015

A local family are still in the process of recovering after a much-loved son and brother was assaulted in Rotorua in March 2012. 497 more words


Adverntures await!

Hi my name is Vernice, and welcome to Verncity.

I finally understand what it is to have “butterflies” in your stomach. Except they’re not just in my stomach, they’re everywhere. 263 more words