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1.18.17 | Just a thought

Make sure you don’t mix up your priorities in the heat of the moment. If you’re focusing on your studies and seriously want to do well, focus on that rather than your group of friends next to you who chose not to study, it can save you. 120 more words


Keeping going 

What with one thing and another as well as feeling under the weather, I never did the get on the bike yesterday. Nor am I running today. 139 more words


You Snooze You Lose

Not sure what’s happening with the color in the second panel. We don’t color the cartoons. Clearly, whoever does is into really rapid climate change. 19 more words

Comic Commentary

TensorFlow on Windows

So they released TF on Windows (Last November actually :P) which is going to make things real easy for people who use Windows in their daily use. 200 more words


1.17.17 | Back to College

Today was my day back to college (which is half a day for me, still being in high school the first half), and I guess I’m able to say that I kind of enjoyed it. 219 more words


The Nation

Many of us are ambushed. Most of the time it is thought we are doing something that is in a distant landscape. Money drives us to a spiral of greed and subjugation of the self on others. 98 more words


The cultural battle

I was once told really bad things about FOSS and propietary software. But specifically about FOSS.

First let’s define what a cognitive trick used among SW products which is naming the product as GNU Image manipulator program (GIMP) but in this case It will display in the screen IMP which will subconsciously translate to… 64 more words