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Security Increased At Logan Airport After Ft. Lauderdale Shooting

BOSTON (CBS) – Under the watchful eye of State Police wearing tactical gear, passengers from Ft. Lauderdale arrived at baggage claim.

“Seeing all the security and all the press I feel totally blessed being here,” said passenger Grace Hill. 283 more words


Passengers On Boston-Bound Plane Witnessed Chaos At Ft. Lauderdale Airport

BOSTON (CBS) – It was the first text John Moberg sent to his wife. “I’m home, I’m safe and I’ll see you soon.”

He and fellow passengers arriving at Logan Airport Friday afternoon were among the last to leave Ft. 214 more words


Officials: Customs System Outage Causes Waits At Airports

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. Customs and Border Protection issued a statement Monday saying a processing system outage caused delays at various airports.

CBP officers continued processing international travelers using “alternative procedures” until the system came back online but waits were longer than usual at some airports, according to the statement. 112 more words


Will Logan Airport Numbers Keep Climbing?

BOSTON (CBS) — Logan Airport celebrated its 36 millionth passenger this week, but the question is, will this growth continue until the airport averages 100,000 people a day? 109 more words


To Avoid Travel Delays, TSA Warns Against Common Packing Mistakes

BOSTON (CBS) — Syrup, jam, that nice bottle of wine you want to bring your family for the holidays. These all fall under the category of what not to pack in your carry on luggage. 432 more words


Government Proposes Letting Passengers Make In-Flight Phone Calls

BOSTON (CBS) – A new proposal by the Federal Transportation Department would allow passengers to make mid-air phone calls during their flights.

The plan is being studied and a final decision is still years away, 159 more words


Boston Airport Exhibit Sheds Light On Mental Illness

BOSTON (AP) — An exhibit opening Friday at Boston’s Logan International Airport featuring larger-than life-photographs along with the personal stories of people who have struggled with mental illness is designed to shine light on a topic often kept in the dark. 477 more words