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Chicago Neighborhoods: Logan Square Hangouts

Another neighborhood in the Chicago series is Logan Square. This place has been gaining popularity in recent years – both to live in and spend time in – and for good reason! 511 more words


February Writing with Friends: All Seven Seas

The first time it ever happened to me

Well I can’t actually remember. I can’t actually pinpoint,

the first time it happened.

I know that every time it happened though something within me came undone. 353 more words


February Writing with Friends: Great Barrier Reefs and Other Things That Grew Between Us

“I want to interview for a position in Australia”

“No, that’s so far.”

I go. I get the job.

“I’m moving to Australia”

“No, that’s so far” … 233 more words



Welcome to my website! I’m excited about launching this new project!

I’ll regularly post my favorite pictures here.  To kick things off, here are a few I took of my daughter and her little friend last fall.

Stay tuned!

Chicago Photographer

January's End: Adventure in Photos

“Four Seasons” by Marc Chagnall as seen on the midelevel terrace of the Monroe Blue Line.

January 29th 2016.

Untitled Art as seen on the wall of our Logan Square apartment. 526 more words