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Jumping into Logic Models: Reflections on the Curious Cat Activity

It’s been a long while since my division talked about the logic model we wanted to develop for ourselves.

So long ago that since the introduction (playing my rich uncle!) 612 more words


Incorrigibly plural

World is crazier and more of it than we think”[1]

The story goes that a group of blind monks encounter and feel different parts of an elephant, each describing it based on their partial experience. 752 more words

Complex Interventions

Showing your WHY behind your WHATs: Logic Models

A current theme at my College is finding the WHYs behind the WHATs– giving purpose to the things we do everyday. So often we go through the motions and forget about the intended outcomes (our whys). 190 more words


Understanding Program Evaluation

As a part of my practicum and the implementation of the Legal Health Check-Up, I have had the opportunity to develop and implement an evaluation plan. 397 more words

Beyond Logic Models

It has become common in systematic reviews and, increasingly, in research papers to present a logic model – a trend we entirely applaud. Logic models are usually “graphical depictions of processes” that “describe logical linkages among program resources, activities, outputs… and outcomes.” The ultimate purpose is to depict ‘ 702 more words

Richard Lilford

High Stakes Theory of Change Workshop

As soon as I got back to Joburg, my supervisor asked me to help with a Theory of Change workshop. Since most of my time so far has been in the office, I told her I would be happy to assist. 575 more words