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Puzzle #157: The Journey of a Monk

Thanks to Abhinav Jain for this wonderful puzzle!

One morning at 6 am, a monk began climbing a tall mountain, which happened to only have one path to the top. 126 more words

Alok Goyal

Everyday Brain Training

Millions people do everyday physical training / exercises. They want to keep their body in good shape.

Why a smaller number of people intentionally do everyday brain training… 145 more words


Solution to Puzzle #150: The Tutu Coin Puzzle

Thanks for the many messages I received for Tutu and his family, truly appreciate that!

This was an already posted puzzle, so not many people responded. 53 more words

Alok Goyal

New Puzzles For September

You’ll find a new lot of Picture Puzzles and “Mixed Bag” Questions  in the PUZZLES PAGE ;

September 2016 Skeptical Crossword Puzzle is about general skeptical issues; 21 more words

Puzzles & Diversions - Vic Skeptics

Solution to Puzzle #147: The "Aha" IBM Puzzle

This was a beautiful puzzle, but I did not receive as many answers as I would have liked. Correct answers came from Pratik Poddar and Suman Saraf. 155 more words

Alok Goyal

Solution to Puzzle #146: The Proud Party Goers

Apologies for not being able to post last weekend, ended up in parenting duties more than I bargained for!

This was not a very difficult puzzle, but I did not get as many solutions. 147 more words

Alok Goyal

9 Logic Puzzles Which Will Make You Think

There is a certain captivation with a good old logic puzzle. We find ourselves drawn into them – eager to pat ourselves on the back if we are able to solve the challenge which has been set before us. 1,080 more words

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