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Solution to Puzzle #168: Who Gets the Easter Eggs?

This was a very counterintuitive puzzle, and a relatively difficult one, though one does not need to know any specific mathematical construct for it. Only two people (father – daughter pair) got the correct answer – Mahi and Suman Saraf! 301 more words

Alok Goyal

Puzzle #169: Division of a Cake

This is a very old puzzle. I remember this puzzle being asked by my Chemistry teacher in Class XI – Dr. Ravi Gopinath, someone was has had a strong influence in my passion for puzzles. 184 more words

Alok Goyal

Puzzle #166: Donut Sharing

This puzzle is a variation of a puzzle I had posted very early (amongst my first 10 posts). It is very simple, and intended for children. 135 more words

Alok Goyal

Solution to Puzzle #163: The "Hatke" Puzzle

This was a truly “hatke”or a “wierd” puzzle. Unfortunately as it turned out the answer is not very elegant and not very “correct” either. That said, it was a good exercise to exercise the brain, and I got the best attempt from Suman Saraf. 138 more words

Alok Goyal

Puzzle #165: Truth & Lies - 7 of them!

Welcome back, and a very happy new year to all of you. Lets start with a new puzzle before I post solutions to previous problems. I will begin this week with a very nice puzzle from the NSA collection. 218 more words

Alok Goyal

Puzzle 23: Black Hole Tapa

Rules (copied from the TVC instruction book): Follow regular Tapa rules. Additionally, each row/column must contain N Black Holes. Black Holes must be placed on the Tapa wall. 201 more words