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Puzzle #199: Two-Cube Calendar

Every time you pick up a Martin Gardner book, there is still always a wonderful puzzle that one has not seen. This one is an original Martin Gardner puzzle, i.e. 152 more words

Alok Goyal

Solution to Puzzle #196: Bugs on a Board

Apologies for not posting anything in the last few weeks, was traveling on work or vacation through this period.

This was not a very difficult puzzle, but I got correct answers only from the two people who solve every puzzle – Pratik Poddar and Suman Saraf – thank you and well done! 100 more words

Alok Goyal

Puzzles for October 2017

This months puzzles include

  • seven new Picture Puzzles
  • twenty “Mixed Bag” trivia / general knowledge questions
  • a Skeptical Crossword about Cults and Sects…
  • 62 more words
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Solution to Puzzle #195: 1989!

I received many correct answers. These included  Suman Saraf, Vishal Poddar and Anand Sanghi. Thank you and well done!

This puzzle can be solved using the concept of “invariants” and parity. 135 more words

Alok Goyal

Puzzle #196: Bugs on a Board

Yet another very fine puzzle from A Moscow Math Circle: Week by Week Problems by Sergey Dorichenko.

Each square of a 9 x 9 board has a bug sitting on it. 97 more words

Alok Goyal

Solution to Puzzle #194: Adjacent Cells on a Chessboard

I got only two correct answers for this puzzle – from Suman Saraf and Pratik Poddar – thank you both and well done!

I am taking the liberty of copying the answer from Pratik – I find it to be very succinctly articulated. 51 more words

Alok Goyal

Puzzle #195: 1989!

This is a beautiful puzzle from Mathematical Circles (Russian Experience) by Dmitri Fomin, Sergey Genkin and Ilia Itenberg.

There numbers 1, 2, 3, ….. , 1989 are written on a blackboard. 88 more words

Alok Goyal