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The logic puzzle almost everyone gets wrong

This is a very famous logic problem:

“Jack is looking at Anne, but Anne is looking at George. Jack is married, but George is not. Is a married person looking at an unmarried person? 76 more words

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Puzzle #139: Gold Links

This is another famous puzzle in the Martin Gardner collection, and variations of this puzzle exist in different “sizes”. This particular one has been picked up from… 331 more words

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Solution to Puzzle #137: The Burning Island

As I mentioned, this was an untypical problem, and I did not get as many responses :-( The ones who responded correctly included Girish Tutakne, Suman Saraf and Neeraj Aggarwal+Anisha Goyal as a team over the lunch table! 87 more words

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Puzzle #137: Burning Island

For a change, this one is not a mathematical puzzle, but a nice logic puzzle (and there is no play of words here). I took this one from mathsisfun.com… 143 more words

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Cocktail blouse stitch

The sweater pictured is photographed outside Brio Italian Restaurant in Brookwood Village. I also appear to be wearing a ring on my right hand that I don’t have anymore. 537 more words

Lining Up the Suspects

Let’s play a game of Where’s Waldo?  How many red-stripey-hatted discrepancies can you find in the following newspaper articles? (Or, just skip ahead to where I tell you how many I see.) 634 more words

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March 2016 Puzzles

The MARCH 2016 Skeptical Crossword returns to the theme of General Skeptical Issues.

MARCH 2016 LOGIC & MATHS PROBLEMS is the 44th such set. If you wish, you can search for all our other monthly L&M sets starting from August 2012 Maths & Logic Puzzles in… 22 more words

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