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What Is Mathematics?

Mathematics is creative.

Unfortunately, this is lost upon many — if not most — students of mathematics, in large part because their teachers may not understand mathematical creativity, either.  712 more words

Logic Puzzles

Solution to Puzzle #110: Circular Dining Table

This was a relatively easy puzzle and many people sent a correct answer. That included Siddhartha Goel, Suman Saraf, Pratik Poddar, Traveling Salesman (which I believe is a nick name), Narsimha Pai and Salil Panikkaveettil. 168 more words

Alok Goyal

Puzzle #18

Here is a Masyu puzzle.

RULES: Make a single loop that uses all the circles and doesn’t cross itself. When passing through a white circle, the loop must go straight through the cell, but must turn on at least one of the adjacent cells. 28 more words

Puzzle #111: Soldiers in a Line

This is another beautiful puzzle that I got through my daughter (Anisha) and her friend (Abhiram), which they got in Alok Mittal’s Mathematical Circles class. 99 more words

Alok Goyal

Solution to Puzzle #109: Fox in a Hole

From this week, I am moving to a one-week shifted model, where I will publish the solution for puzzles posted 2 week back instead of one week back, this will give everyone two weeks to look at the puzzle just in case they do not get a chance in the first week. 326 more words

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Puzzle #110: Circular Dining Table

I am leaving for a vacation, and hence not able to post the solution to the last week’s puzzle. In the meantime, here is another puzzle, will post the answers to both next week. 143 more words

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