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Free Speech VS Political Correctness at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

A great demonstration of intellectual discourse – which UMass students try to shut down by screaming in protest.  A panel of three diverse speakers raise some… 31 more words

Constitutional History

A Critique of Atheists and Atheism

To abate the visceral reaction of some to the title of this article, let me first state that I am an atheist myself. This article is not apologia for religion or pseudoscience or anything of the sort. 1,557 more words

What Type Of Brain Do You Actually Have? http://ift.tt/1T9eA0a


Sudoku variants

Once a month I take a more in depth look at a certain type of puzzle. This post I intend to list as many Sudoku variants as possible. 2,016 more words


Atheist Skin and the mantra: compassion,logic and reason





My atheist skin is powered by reason, compassion and logic. It’s thrives on the love of family and friends.
It’s attracted to common sense,decency, and knowledge.It’s disappointed that is has so few compatriots… 8 more words


What I Learned in Logic

Today in my logic book, I learned that Ray Charles is God!

This certain passage in my book caught my attention as I was flipping through it, and I looked more carefully. 52 more words


Show me the evidence

As anyone who has paid even the slightest amount of attention to my blog of late will know, I’ve been having some discussions on Twitter about God and Atheism.  716 more words