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All at once it hits you square in the face; the obvious mistake made repetitively in life—listening to the distractions! My personal distraction belong to the category of music and its, how you say, ease of manipulation. 90 more words

A Few Things That Surprisingly Made My Wife Mad.

Here is a short list of things that might seem practical, logical, or fun but I have found will probably result in making your wife angry. 267 more words


The Exploitation of the "least reasonable man"

While watching a segment of The Daily Show with John Stewart about Republican Senator James Inhofe’s (R-OK) attempt to nullify decades of research supporting man-made climate change by presenting as evidence, a snowball from a recent Washington D.C. 833 more words


Societal Norms? What Societal Norms!?

What are societal norms exactly? They are rules as to how to behave in the society you were born in, and they are given to you by the people in your life – you simply absorb them by copying those around you. 515 more words


Is "Love Love"? Exposing the Ad Council's fallacious argumentation in their new video

Sorry that I haven’t made a post in a while; between going to school to finish my degree, teaching two classes at my church, and issues in my family, I’ve just been too terribly busy to stop and write anything. 843 more words


Relations & Their Relatives : 6

Re: Peirce List DiscussionEdwina TaborskyHoward Pattee

In the best mathematical terms, a triadic relation is a cartesian product of three sets together with a specified subset of that cartesian product. 107 more words


The logic behind religion.

We all know that religion has been around for a long time. A really long time.

Earlier it was used to give name to the things or phenomenon we couldn’t understand, instill some sort of moral laws and have some sort of security in the belief that we are never alone, that god is always with us. 494 more words

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