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5 Hot New Hip Hop Songs You Must Hear

Hey ya’ll! Hope you’re doing okay. We’re nearing the end of the semester, which means a lot of time devoted to studying, and not a lot of time to spare for anything else. 981 more words


We're Riding the Wave of Perceivable Light into the Future...

We’re Riding the Wave of Perceivable Light into the Future…

The light being generated by your computer screen – Right Now – wasn’t available yesterday, or tomorrow, it’s coming from the power-plant – Right Now – that’s what makes this moment Now, the fact that the energy that is creating this light is only available – Right Now – and it’s registering in your mind’s-eye. 138 more words


Apparently this is wrong!

A while ago I discussed a probability problem, I suggested that by adding a choice of a set, when the first value is designated to the player(s), changed the probabilities of event/outcome.   427 more words


Al-‘Amiri's Book of Notification of the Virtues of Islam

A classic rookie teaching mistake is to put on one’s syllabus a reading which has not been translated into a language one’s students can understand.  This is what I did a year ago with the  782 more words

Islamic Studies

If dogs have a better sense of smell than humans, why hasn't a dog said so?

‘Religion doesn’t have all the answers, but neither does science’ is a terrible argument.

I can forgive science for not having all the answers, it’s totally understandable. 145 more words


Quote Of The Day

I know my mind is sober
But I’m so high, it’s over
I know my mind is sober
But I’m so high, it’s over
And I want it ?


News: Logic's TITS World Tour Announced

Logic is hitting a world tour — it’s not his girl’s tour and it’s inspired by TITS.. ha…

Logic starts up Feb 5th on his tour. Hit the jump for dates.

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