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In Bloom

Knowing the truth that resides in our own hearts is like tuning into our internal navigational systems. Identifying these truths for ourselves is akin to picking the ripe fruit of the tree of our personal knowledge. 430 more words


Why I Embrace Epicurus Philosophy and Become an Empiricist

“He who says either that the time for philosophy has not yet come or that it has passed is like someone who says that the time for happiness has not yet come or that it has passed.”

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An Overview of Kurt Gödel's Ontological Argument

Perhaps I’ve not given it enough thought, but I must confess that I find Gödel’s ontological argument to be one of the most powerful and persuasive pieces of evidence for the existence of God — evidence that really is hard to ignore. 970 more words


Heretical Minds Episode 18: Logical Fallacies

In case you missed last weeks show here is the Encore that has been archived on YouTube! We discussed a variety of logical fallacies and gave examples for each to help you identify and avoid such blunders in the future! 230 more words


Logic Freestyles To Method Man "Bring The Pain" On Tim Westwood

In a recent visit to Tim Westwood TV, Logic couldn’t leave without spitting a freestyle for the people over Method Man’s “Bring The Pain.”


What a bizarre set of sentences:

The first paragraph from a New York Times article:

Kleiner Perkins’s victory Friday in the gender discrimination suit brought by Ellen Pao could be seen as an affirmation of the Silicon Valley old boys club.

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