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....of 'bubbles', logic & camping...

…”Vancouver tops list of ‘bubble’ cities on global real estate risk ranking”…”If logic had anything to do with the U.S. election, it would not be such a close race”…”Wild camping: share your stories and photos”… 431 more words

How My Arts Degree Prepared Me for Learning to Code

One of the things that I love about the coding community is that software developers come from a diverse array of backgrounds. Despite the common assumption, they’re not all Computer Science grads. 530 more words

Learn To Code


Pssssst. . . Friends–
Blessings in your courage
And courage through your blessings,
The places, the people, the processes. . .
the knowing,
the logic, 69 more words



It’s been a week so its time for a new blog entry. I know last week reeked of basic logic, but if you’re still here with me I promise it will pay off (if your not you should come back, we may or may not have mooncake… its actually to late for mooncake…). 740 more words



100 PRINT “How you doing?”
200 PRINT “What is the title you were given at birth?”
300 INPUT name$
310 PRINT “Hmmmmm….”
400 IF name$ = “Pema” THEN GOTO 700… 29 more words

Spring 2015

Post Holiday Stress Syndrome 

I’m just back from a week away and trying to get into routine again. Why is it when you come back from a break you often feel more tired than when you left to go? 957 more words

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