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Against the Ontological Argument

I’ve always thought the ontological argument was invalid, and I’ve known what the problem is, but I’ve never really been able to express it. Today, I found a book at the library that took the problem right out of my head and expressed it perfectly: 231 more words

Holistic Reductionism in the Spiral of Recursion

Everything consists of
single systems
that is built up
by a larger system.

But a universe
of fractal-like patterns
can’t be split
in a simple way… 67 more words



WARNING: Francis Bacon was NOT the son of a secret marriage of Queen Elizabeth and he was NOT reincarnated or had past lives. He was… 339 more words



I’m a system
of strict and rigorous rules.
Don’t dare to break them
or you are incredible fools!

Prove me wrong,
but don’t dare
to leave me along… 84 more words


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Re: Why It Is Not A "Safe Bet" To Believe In God

I was directed to read this post written by an Atheist, who debunked the premise of Pascal’s wager, during a debate an a post… 317 more words

True Religion


The human mind has the inner core for emotional connection and the outer core for logical reasoning which are connected by neurons. These two cores influence each other hence we often find ourselves in a state of inner turmoil when we allow either one of the cores to dominate our thinking. 47 more words


‚ÄčThe perceived conflict between religion and science has played out across history, from lectures in Ancient Greek pantheons to discussions on Internet forums. According to a new study, the origin of this clash actually begins as a conflict between two networks in the brain.

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