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Advice to Make it Through Life.

“It will get better.”

In my life, I hear these four words often. But do I truly understand?

Here is how I see it.

It: My life as a whole. 139 more words

Conversion, Obversion, & Contrapositon

Conversion involves switching the subject term with the predicate term of a statement. For example, the statement “no dogs are cats,” when converted, is “no cats are dogs.” This new statement is the converse of a given statement. 549 more words


Daily Musings #99

Instead of asking to be defined

As undefinable

Why don’t you just ask for people

To stop

Writings And Musings

New Programming Pattern: DRL Pattern aka MVC For Backend

MVC belongs to frontend, DRL belongs to backend, and business rules belong to source code. DRL stands for Data-Rules-Logic that is something for the backend what MVC is to the frontend. 557 more words


Balancing EcoLogic

If yang translates as powerful deep learning,

then yin might transform into wide-flows of polyculturally polypathic loving.

They work best in mutually defining balance.

Convincing By Stories

When someone writes a story, something is being invented. It is not merely a narration of facts, since otherwise it would not be a story at all, but a history, or some other kind of account regarding the world as it is. 480 more words

Getting your color on: maybe there's some truth to the trend

Post originally published on LITA Blog http://litablog.org/2016/05/getting-your-color-on-maybe-theres-some-truth-to-the-trend/

Coloring was never my thing, even as a young child, the amount of decision required in coloring was actually stressful to me. 935 more words