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Programs Case Logic PLS Neoprene Laptop Sleeve

Manufactures build laptops for company sales and profits; they adjust not build laptops for longevity. Manufactures market/advertise these laptops as what consumers are looking for, which is style, lightweight further the convenience of mobility. 279 more words

Case Logic Laptop Backpack A

For backpacks that are going to be holding clothing and personal items, you can get some that are not very heavy and are made of materials like nylon. 354 more words

Critical and thinking

Earlier this year I wrote one of my more popular posts, The Tyranny of Positive. In it I discuss how the sunny-sunny, simple cliche of “think positive”(ly!) can be used as a bully board. 1,078 more words

Logical Mindfulness

Can the logic that stems from the human mind be the test of reality, or is reality bigger than us? Is there a universal logic built into the workings of the universe by which we are able to define and relate to it? 102 more words



Don’t know if I loved you
Supposed love can be a mirage
So it shows

Logic never fails
The truth will set you free
Suppose love can be a mistake… 31 more words


The Atheist's Flying Spaghetti Monster

Most people do not think deeply about their worldview.  Indeed, I do not believe most people could even give you a synopsis of their worldview, or if they could, their synopsis is actually the only part of their worldview that they have actually actively thought out, so their synopsis is actually their full body of knowledge.   608 more words


Are we logical?

If I asked you if you were logical, you would probably say yes. But how rational actually are we? According to some studies.. most people are pretty irrational – let’s see how you get on. 191 more words