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I recently heard a philosophy professor present a talk entitled, “Why I am not a Christian?”  The title, of course, is taken from Bertrand Russel’s 1927 talk on the same subject, though the professor I heard was not nearly as hostile to Christians as Russell.  2,204 more words

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The Present is the Only Place where Light Exists

The Present is the only place where Light Exists. Light in The Present is a Constant Confirmation that you are Living in the Moment.

Light that had Previously Illuminated The Present (The Past) has faded or been reflected into space, carrying images along with it; it exists only in Memory or Photographs. 232 more words


Logic Gates (IV)

Logic Gates (IV)

I will include in this post some crops I made from this PDF about this topic.


It is a 46 page PDF downloadable in the link I gave above and other links. 1,907 more words

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Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

Do you ever see someone and just expect more of them than they give you and then get disappointed in them when they didn’t even do anything wrong? 286 more words

Third Option?

The devotees of guns who insist that the Constitution guarantees them a right to carry automatic weapons are fond of saying that the “cure” for the incredible number of guns deaths in this country — including the latest mass shooting in Oregon — is to lock up the crazies before they start shooting. 727 more words

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Solutions To Programmable Array Logic Problems Through Network Support

by Intuic | The Social Media Agency
Programmable Logic Array (PAL) is one of the earliest field programmable logic devices, launched in the market in 1978 by Monolithic Memories Inc. 16 more words

Logic Gates (III)

Logic Gates (III)

I’ll keep the structure for explanations I gave in the previous post, so in this one I’ll start with this.

‘… the structure of this post: first, I’ll start with the implications of implementing circuits with their complementary versions ( the NOT swapped ones), …’ 1,313 more words
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