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Grinworthy Quotes (12)

Here’s W. V. O. Quine discussing the fact that Frege didn’t adopt a type theoretic approach (like Russell and Whitehead’s) when faced with Russell’s paradox. 99 more words


Hear to Understand

Today’s readings (click below to open in new tab/window):
Psalms 67; 150, Joshua 24:1-15, Acts 28:23-31, Mark 2:23-28

We all like to think we are open-minded – that our beliefs and attitudes are the result of well-informed reasoning and thoughtful consideration. 467 more words


PSA: "It Begs the Question..."

PSA: Please stop misusing “it begs the question.” I see this mistake all the time from otherwise educated people, writing big articles for the NYT, The Atlantic, and other major outlets. 31 more words


Your Greatest Advice is Your Own

When I first began posting on this blog years ago I used it as an outlet to promote my two books. I’m seven years older and wiser now, so of course, my motive is different. 918 more words

Self Help/ Motivation


Let’s talk about definitions.  Many people seem to be confused about them.

We use words to talk about things. We use language or λόγος 2,633 more words


Predicate Logic and Popular Culture (Part 85): Three Dog Night

Let be the proposition “Jeremiah was a bullfrog,” let be the proposition “Jeremiah was a good friend of mine,” let be the proposition “ is a word,” let be the proposition “Jeremiah said at time ,” let be the proposition “I understood at time ,” let be the proposition “I helped Jeremiah drink his wine,” let be the proposition “ is mighty fine wine,” and let be the proposition “Jeremiah had at time .” Translate the logical statement…

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They were celebrating my dying bit by bit with their cheerful screams and claps. Oh! It was deafening. Here I lay choked up in pain and they appeared passionate over my anguish. 2,096 more words