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The Daily Grind (Rant)

I am sick of the same routine. I am not happy living in a world where I have to get up early to make it to work for an 8 hour shift with some hyped up mini-Hitler for a boss. 301 more words


Life in the Real Desert: The Hummingbird Feeder Experiment

I am not a scientist by any stretch of the imagination. Innate curiosity does drive much of what I do and as a young boy I did think that science was the path to be taken. 491 more words


My Faith is Illogical and I Don't Care!

I have had multiple conversations recently about faith and logic.  The atheist and agnostic folks I have spoken with have consistently used logic to explain away particular beliefs associated with my faith.   970 more words


Turtle Day Video from Roxi's post...

Sheesh… “How many Bloggers does it take to post a Video of Turtles?”

Here’s the video that wouldn’t translate over for me on the Reblog. Enjoy the Day. -mike


It's World Turtle Day!

May 23 is World Turtle Day, celebrating the tortoise and the turtle. Started by the American Tortoise Rescue (ATR) in 2000, the annually celebrated day shines a spotlight on care, conservation and awareness of the oldest living reptiles in the world.


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Check this out in the Videos section of Roxi's Blog. While you are there, check out her other Amazing stuff. Enjoy the day. -mike

A Rant on Counting/Math dealing with Pregnancy

Now everyone would say I’m in my third trimester, hurrah, we can all agree! I don’t know where this whole 28 weeks is the third trimester thing came from, maybe What to Expect because math and my Dr. 470 more words


Something trivial today

Once a while it’s good to be simple and write something super trivial, something taken from a daily life , that affect us all. So what is my today’s trivial topic? 538 more words