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Logical Flaws in Creative Flows…

Creative Writing is not just about creative thoughts but there are strong logical foundations behind that creative formation. The facade is backed by logical ground, well set to take the weight of the creative power that gets unleashed. 880 more words


Nope, they're both oppressed!

Both of these fine ladies are oppressed, despite the delight made clear by their wide eyes and huge smiles.

This disappoints me about belief, billions of people are happy submitting to a God. 122 more words


Social media chaos on Paris attacks

I know many would dislike this post due to their specific attachment with some specific group, this is what they believe in sub-consciously and is part of their attitude and the disputes due to attitude can never be resolved until one changes or at least comes to NUETRAL state, simply logic, where there is no place for the FALLACIES. 371 more words

Cheryl's birthday riddle

This riddle was given in the Singapore and Asian Math Schools Olympiad, and it managed to stump the internet. It is the twenty-fourth question out of twenty-five questions, so it is quite hard. 256 more words

Term One

The Incredible True Story: What If Money Was No Object?

This is a totally irrelevant post to my blog, but today I dug deep into this new album that I have been listening to for the past couple of days. 775 more words



Many people believe that getting rid of guns will solve the problems that plague society today. Unfortunately these people do not understand that the actual problem is that bad people want to do harm to others (read: … 365 more words
Common Sense

Christianity Was Never Meant to Be Provable

Christians often fight an uphill battle in defending their faith for the simple reason that it’s faith that we’re defending. 1,022 more words