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10 Self-Defeating Ideas You Should Probably Stop Believing

The idea of a two-edged sword, or a sword that cuts both ways, has a storied history. The analogy is somewhat problematic, as swords always have two edges anyway, and it is in doubt that a trained swordsman is going to be constantly cutting himself with his own sword. 683 more words


The case for Trump

Folks twist themselves into strange mental contortions attempting to defend Trump.  The arguments tend to be in 3 main species, and one overall genus.

  1. A democrat did something bad once, I swear.
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"Veterans ballot" endorses non-veterans over veterans

A sample ballot circulating at early vote sites identifies which candidates are military veterans (or first responders, in one case) but only endorses them if they are Republicans. 184 more words

Lee County NC

in between

Older than the past

Still, younger than tomorrow

Today is ageless

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Day 9

Hobbes has been on my mind lately. Maybe there is a tradition of philosophers trying to fit God into their theory and they always have failed, but that doesn’t make Hobbes religious because it’s only a generalization. 47 more words

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Quote for Today: Naomi Shihab Nye


Before you know what kindness really is

you must lose things,

feel the future dissolve in a moment

like salt in a weakened broth. 241 more words

Quote For Today

Creating 'God' - if we can do it, it may have been done before.

Once you realize that there’s a possibility to become immortal tapping into the very framework of human body on genetical/molecular/atomic level, and merging with technology, you realize that there’s a possibility for the existence of god — other entities may have achieved immortality in the past and are hanging now around watching the ‘lower’ entities who are created “in the image of god”. 78 more words