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Justified Belief and Knowledge - A Solution to the Gettier Problem

Edmund Gettier presented well formulated arguments against certain prevailing conceptions of knowledge in his famous essay “Is Justified True Belief Knowledge?” Aside from awakening the professional philosophical community at the time to doubts worthy of address, the chief virtue of the essay is that it provided a clear outline of a certain kind of epistemological challenge through the use of two straightforward and plausible illustrations. 2,557 more words


Why I Don't Believe In An Immortal Soul

I was recently talking about reincarnation with someone, and it inspired me to make a post about why I don’t believe in an immortal soul. If you’re not familiar with the general argument for the existence of an immortal soul, the basic premise is that our body is full of energy that cannot be destroyed, thus this energy must go somewhere – so we must transform into either a spiritual being or some other type of life form. 321 more words


Day 1: We have to start somewhere!

What does the title mean?

I was born in late May and my star sign is Gemini. I like to read my horoscope most days. 260 more words

A New Beginning

Talk About Intuition!

I feel like tossing logic out of the window at times. It has absolutely NOTHING on the “funny feeling in the tummy” or gut instinct as called in polite circles. 482 more words

Focused Reflections

The flaw in sound logic or the sound of flawed logic...whichever you prefer

I once was told that I needed to take a class in logic because I was unable to sufficiently satisfy a proposition with my answer. In the eyes and mind of the proposer, my words failed to disprove their conclusion because I chose to look at the final step while ignoring the steps that led to the conclusion and was essentially accused of filibustering the syllabus. 546 more words


Logicked sucks at philosophy #1

Christ almighty. I shouldn’t be surprised at this point, but I keep finding fresh faces among the “science roolz, philosophy droolz” atheist camp. Since being exposed to such buffoonery years ago, the shock I once felt has mostly vanished. 1,539 more words


All the logic around us or at least some of it!

Since I am not going to bed tonight as I am on fire with my programming I will meditate and code till I feel good about it. 669 more words