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On bravery

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Today I saw a brave man. He was speaking in a microphone, loudly, for his immediate circle to hear. Those who passed on the other side of the street, if they did not cover their ears could hear him. 495 more words


Wish Without Logic! 

​How does one earn money?

There are so many ways and the way I’m using doesn’t seem good to me. The way is good. One can also get fame and popularity through this way but rarely one who is average looking can get work here in good character. 536 more words


Anatomy of a frustrating conversation

As readers of this blog, of my books, and of pretty much everything else I’ve written so far know, I value rational discourse and (still) believe it to be the only way forward open to humanity. 962 more words


Day 16 Of A New Year

Well it was a no-brainer that I wasn’t going to get into a deep sleep. Dozing through movies, nodding playing a game on the iPad was the extent of it. 353 more words

Books & Stories

How Do I Know?

A month ago, I hurt my Achilles tendon.  This week the downer of not being able to run drove me to admit I was injured, and seek internet advice.   473 more words


My Thoughts In The Backroom

I was glued to my chair that rainy evening, busy editing my songs when I heard my parents’ commotion in the living room, talking about someone’s death. 1,116 more words


There is this bizarre phenomena that I run into now and again where someone will respond to criticism of modern racism by pointing out that in the early to mid 20th century, the Democratic party, particularly in the south, was unabashedly racist and for a while even aligned itself with the Klan.

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