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The theory of everything part-5b

All matter is said to be made of these tiny particles, called Atoms! So tiny has a singular Atom, they are not seen by the human eye.   398 more words


A Creationist Mess #2 – The Genesis of a Disaster

We are working our way through Jay Seegert’s Creation & Evolution: Compatible or In Conflict? (Green Forest, AR: Master Books, 2012, 2014). Last week we covered the preface which revealed a false dichotomy Seegert (and his ilk) employ frequently. 5,392 more words


Pride Painted Panic

We sat at the table we secretly owned.

He begrudgingly listened, and casually moaned.

I said what I could,

Drew up a map, showing him exactly where he stood. 51 more words


Season Comes to an End for Hawkeye Women

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK –  For the first time in almost 20 years the Iowa women made it to the Sweet 16, but that’s where their season comes to an end. 86 more words


A Simple MD5 Password Cracking Program using Python

While on my way to completion of my program in Information Systems at University of Cincinnati, I stumbled upon this very interesting assignment in my Cloud Computing course offered by the computer science department. 752 more words

Computer Science

The theory of everything part-5a

In this part we are going to take a look at the qualities and peculiarities of our first category, ”things that can be seen by the eye”, 281 more words