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A Casual Relationship With Time

Though not everyone is given the same amount of days, everyone is given the same amount of time in a day. It might seem as though most people have just enough time in the day to not complete everything on their to-do list. 1,654 more words

Let’s just agree to disagree

The Thesis of my Theory: That which is said in language with the intention of having meaning always provides a senseless result.

Tomorrow it is going to rain or not rain.

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Turns out you've been washing your hair wrong

One of the hottest haircare trends, this method requires you to first condition your hair and then wash it off with shampoo. Experts and those who have tried this method swear by its results, confirming that the hair is much shiny and manageable than before. 318 more words


What is a valid argument?

What is a valid argument?
1. Valid deduction and true conclusion
Premis 1: Humans are mammals,
Premis 2: mammals are animals
Conclusion: therefore humans are animals… 143 more words
Valid Argument

Faith – is it good or bad? Why do we disagree?

Hello Pascal and friends! :)

There’s been some renewed discussion about faith and evidence in the last few posts and comments. I’ve touched on my issues with “faith” in previous posts like… 4,327 more words


Willy Wonka strikes moralism.

“But Charlie, don’t forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he always wanted.”

“What happened?”

He lived happily ever after.”


Human Right #2: Free Speech

The right to free public speech and assembly, with no laws to infringe upon your words or thoughts.

Free speech is one that is thrown around in defense of ones ridiculous and often ignorantly offensive remarks. 195 more words