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Logic and Truth

Ok, this intrigues me.

Of course, there are all sorts of “dangers” in putting this here. I know that there’s the potential for angry words, logic leaps, irrational labeling that misses the point altogether. 211 more words



We often find logic in everything; even in the colour of sunset (orange or red or purple sometimes).We want all our answers to be logically correct and we don’t mind to ask google when in doubt. 302 more words

The Well

I had a friend named Gabriel back in late elementary and middle school. He was obsessed with Sparta and knew the answer to any question about it you could think of. 295 more words


What If He Dies

When you think of OCD, what do you think of? I would wager that most people think of someone obsessively cleaning their house, washing their hands, or flipping switches. 505 more words

What's emotion got to do with it?

Emotions have a lot to do with a lot, actually.  But not just emotions; we humans are also uniquely capable of reasoning, of logical thought.  To put it simply, we have higher brain functions.  349 more words


Teaching as a Grad Student: Guest Lecturing on Logicism

I was recently given the opportunity to give a lecture on Frege’s logicism and related topics for our Logic III course (cross-listed as an undergraduate and a graduate course). 447 more words


Chasing rainbows

We hear of the fortunes awaiting us at the end of the rainbow. A double rainbow I can only imagine. We never see an attempt to obtain it, we only hear of the glory in doing so.  230 more words