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I’m doing a lot of coding these days, trying to improve my Python skills and recover all that algorithms and data structures knowledge that, well, I never really had, but given my resume I should have had. 45 more words


Atheists are the world’s least logical thinkers: “That car approaching has no turn signal; therefore he will not be turning.” (CRASH)

Baptists are next: “That car approaching has no turn signal: Heaven help me. 43 more words


We need evidence.

Tonight, while watching a video of ISIS destroying 3000 year old artifacts in Mosul, Iraq, I found myself feeling sickened, wondering in what world could these actions possibly be justified? 151 more words


The Cynical Optimist

I am a cynical optimist and I have been this way all of my life. I live entirely inside of my head. I smile at strangers and take sips from my coffee while my head is streaming with thoughts I can’t control. 483 more words

Wierd Indian Marriage Logic

It’s a tough job being single in India. Everyone from your parents to your neighbours wants you married off and settled.

UTV Motion Pictures / Via… 98 more words


The Realm of Nerdatonium


My novel, Chronolocity is now read. However, that is only the first step in the process. The next step is to find readers. That right there is almost as hard to find, the right audience. 530 more words

luck vs luck

I don’t see luck as other people do. Most people see luck as a factor that will determine if they succeed or fail. Most of them believe that when it’s over. 307 more words