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The General doesn't falsify the Specific.

I was very pleased to hear Tucker Carlson jam up one of his victims for deflecting a specific line of questioning by supporting it with evidence from the General. 370 more words

The Dilemma of Public Opinion

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, and other social media platforms are booming in full swing, making it convenient for you to quickly challenge ideas, convictions, or policies which you cogitate to be poor, bigoted, or wrong; without the fear of being censored, threatened, or killed. 1,506 more words

Logical Fallacy

The remarkable power of propaganda

I just scanned Twitter for items about the Affordable Care Act.

I estimate 99% of the Tweets were lies, contained significant errors, left out key information, or significantly exaggerated points. 259 more words

Social Media

Destroying The Myth That Government is Business

There was a Republican candidate who touted his business success as a qualification for office.  During the campaign, a number of unflattering facts came out about his past, and his reaction was to attack the press for it.  1,014 more words


Two heroes murdered in Portland defending teens against anti-Muslim hate speech

An individual harassed two teen women on Portland’s Trimet MAX rail system, verbally attacking Muslims and others. Three local heroes stepped up to stop the verbal assault and two were murdered by the attacker and one remains hospitalized. 931 more words

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When YOUR Truth isn't THE Truth

We all have them, those things we hold to be true, yet… aren’t.

We call then logical fallacies. Truths that seem to hold water, at least for us, yet upon more public scrutiny, leak like a sieve. 877 more words

Awas! Jangan Ada Wahabi Diantara Kita

Oleh : Dr. Arifin Badri, MA *

Nama wahabi begitu buruk di telinga banyak ummat Islam, identik dengan kekerasan, anarkis, dan kebencian. Namun demikian, kebanyakan ummat Islam tidak tahu apa dan siapakah sebenarnya kelompok wahabi tersebut? 1,928 more words