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The Fallacy of "It's True Because I Want it to be True"

“ has not yet received a … technical name; yet the thought that ‘It’s true because I want it to be true’ is perhaps the commonest fallacy of all”–Peter Kreeft (Socratic Logic, p. 68 more words


There is no evidence because... what evidence would they leave? 'Skittles' for droppings?

… to cheer him after the but whoopin’ He got from Swarn Gill the last couple of days.

No evidence, but True nonetheless

Pink fluffy unicorns created the universe while dancing on multicolored Rainbows of pure joy. 189 more words

Reason is Not Tautological (PART TWO): How to separate true tautologies from fake ones

I have heard it said, or at least implied, that reason is tautological. And this most often, in my experience, by those espousing the “efficacy” and “truth” of eastern philosophy (mysticism), which they present as a counter-means of interpreting reality to that of western “logic”. 721 more words


"I hate your plan. (But I won't suggest alternatives.)"

Names can create power. ¬†Finding an existing accepted name is even more helpful. ¬†I encountered a management challenge that has been hard to name. After circling the problem for a few weeks, I opened up Pirie’s, … 1,778 more words


Reason is Not Tautological: Reason as its own proof is not fallacy, but logic (PART ONE)

If reason is a fallacy, then the question becomes:

What standard is it supposed to have violated?

Well, there is only one standard it could logically violate in order to be proven untrue. 397 more words


The White Crow

Crows are black, you learn when you’re a child. Then you see a photograph of a white crow. Or maybe you’re out walking and you spot an honest-to-goodness albino crow! 632 more words


My Biggest Problem with Creationists (and Evolutionists)

My single biggest problem with Creationists is something that I’ve done in my title: treating them as a monolithic group that all believe the same thing. 1,458 more words