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Thanks for selling my info to your cronies, Sensenbrenner!

When I lived in Wisconsin, Jim Sensenbrenner was my U.S. Representative, so I wrote to him (as was my civic duty) about issues that concerned me. 464 more words


The Appeal to Embargoed Evidence


There is a mode of fallacious argumentation, related to argumentum ad ignorantiam yet sufficiently distinct from it, that I am going to call… 741 more words

Strictly Theoretical

The Toxicity of Words

Some argue offensive words like “whore” or “slut” should be banned from usage—not in a legal sense but as a matter of social acceptability.  I believe society need not render more words as so socially unacceptable that their very utterance destroys lives, causing those that speak such words to be shunned or lose their jobs. 562 more words



Change is rarely pleasant.

Don’t get me wrong, change isn’t always bad—the changing seasons, the newly-filled potholes, a fresh change of socks. In fact, we live in a society where bigger is better, tomorrow is full of gold and yesterday is old pat. 639 more words


The 77 Cent Wage Gap Fallacy

I almost posted about this last month when “Equal Pay Day” happened. Instead, I sat back on the lookout for a good explanation of why the “fact” that “women only make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes” is meaningless. 774 more words


Idiotic Cartoon of the Day

So, the idea here is because natural disasters cause pollution, we shouldn’t be concerned about man-made pollution. Cartoonist Rick McKee uses and abuses his skill and gleefully steps in a stinking pile of the black-or-white logical fallacy – that if our health is threatened by nature, it therefore cannot be threatened by anything else – including ourselves.  48 more words


Beware the slothful induction

If ever there was a logical fallacy which seemed to epitomize intellectual dishonesty, it is slothful induction.

Slothful induction, sometimes called “ignoring the evidence,” is the fallacy whereby an inductive argument is denied its proper conclusion, despite strong evidence for the inference.  367 more words