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Logical Fallacies [required class post]

Logical fallacies are everywhere. In advertising, politics, media, everywhere. These logical fallacies help to shape the way that we think and the way that we perceive the issues in the world around us. 471 more words

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Just A Reminder: Elections Have Consequences

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been getting lectured to by various members of the purity left.    According to them, I’m not really a progressive, I’m actually a Blue Dog, or some other worse name they’ve come up with.   998 more words


Logical Fallacies and Internet Comments

As the moderator of The Scholarly Kitchen’s comments section, this has been a tiring couple of weeks. Clearly Sci-Hub (which, it should be remembered has been around for 3 years) is driving a lot of passionate opinions among researchers, librarians, publishers and other stakeholders in the community. 153 more words


How Not to Argue: Begging the Question

Pretending that no debate exists or is possible between reasonable people may be my least appreciated debate tactic, because it’s such a cheap trick. It’s a moralistic trick as well as a fault of argumentation. 454 more words

Deeper Christian Life Ministries: Part II

Previously, I looked at two claimed proofs of the afterlife offered by a leaflet from the Deeper Christian Life Ministries (DCLM). The first two proofs were relatively easy to address with a skeptical eye as they made claims that could be easily examined if not always directly testable. 1,328 more words


If You Take It For Granted, You'll Lose It

Over on Salon, there’s an opinion column by a self-described “leftist feminist” who spends a lot of words justifying her “principled stand” for not voting.   Seriously?  893 more words


"Things Old White Men Probably Shouldn't Write" and Thomas Sowell Go Together "So-Well" (See What I Did There!!!!)

From the “Letters to the Editor” page in the Altoona Mirror, I bring you today’s installment of “Things Old White Men Probably Shouldn’t Write, ” … 1,331 more words