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How False Constructs Come to Be Regarded As Irrefutable Truth: The "Disruptive Physician", Addiction Medicine Specialists and the 21st Century Inquisition of Doctors--Let's See if She Floats!

“This physician may be clinically competent; indeed, he may be technically superior. However, no one wants to refer patients to him. No one wants to assist him in surgery. 2,104 more words

Logical Fallacy

Heretical Minds Episode 18: Logical Fallacies

In case you missed last weeks show here is the Encore that has been archived on YouTube! We discussed a variety of logical fallacies and gave examples for each to help you identify and avoid such blunders in the future! 230 more words


Cognitive biases and logical fallacies

I bear witness to so much pain and suffering, often caused by the application of cognitive biases and logical fallacies to produce illogical arguments and subjectivity.  383 more words


Bent Science and Bad Medicine: The Medical Profession, Moral Entrepreneurship and Social Control

The Medical Profession, Moral Entrepreneurship, and Social Control

Sociologist Stanley Cohen  used the term “”moral panic” to characterize the amplification of deviance by the media, the public, and agents of social control. 2,813 more words


A Potential Manifesto [Work in Progress]

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  1. WE are DETECTIVES exploring INNER and OUTER SPACES. WE should avoid focusing too much on those inner spaces that are familiar to us.
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Logical Fallacies in Climate Change Denialism

During my time at Vanderbilt, I knew of the morass of pro-anthropogenic global warming (AGW), anti-AGW, and flat-out denial websites, but never actually explored them. Navigating Google to research my previous post reintroduced me to that wide range of mindsets and mental gymnastics that end up in the climate change debate. 1,362 more words

Courtney Van Stolk

Stop using anecdotes to prove your argument!

Stop it, seriously. It doesn’t work, and you’re making yourself look foolish.

Using anecdotal evidence to support your argument is a popular but wrong way to win a debate. 258 more words

Life Lessons