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The weak man fallacy is postmodern moral relativism

In short, you can’t judge our worst because you don’t appreciate our best.

Yes, it’s the Marilyn quote writ spergy.

It’s a form of manipulation that snidely suggests: unless you cede ground (cheerleading for us, hang Burden of Proof), you must have no ground to cede (intones reciprocity may be given in exchange like a con artist). 1,083 more words

12 Days of Scepticism: Day 8 - The Argument From Personal Incredulity

For my next trick I will attempt to explain the Argument From Personal Incredulity. Not to be confused with the Argument From Personal Ignorance, the Argument From Personal Incredulity essentially looks like this: 597 more words


12 Days of Scepticism: Day 7 - No True Scotsman

Day 7 in this 12 part series brings us another oddly named fallacy: No True Scotsman (NTS). This is fairly common in my experience and is similar to but subtly different from the good old Moving The Goalposts. 444 more words


12 Days of Scepticism: Day 6 - Straw Man

The hapless, unfortunate straw man; poor guy. Why does he have to be used by people all over the world in their shoddy reasoning and illogical arguments? 507 more words


12 Days of Scepticism: Day 5- Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

Post hoc ergo propter hoc; this is one of my favourite logical fallacies, not just because it sounds cool but because it’s so commonly used and easy to spot. 213 more words


12 Days of Scepticism: Day 4 - Ad Ignorantium

So there was a bunch of us shooting the breeze late on Christmas Day and some interesting topics of conversation came up. There were two separate groups chatting away at different ends of the room and in the one I wasn’t in I overheard something about the moon, which piqued my interest because the moon is super cool. 794 more words


12 Days of Scepticism: Day 3 - Argumentum Ad Populum

It’s the third day of Christmas and my daughter gave to me: an appeal from popularity. She said that she wanted to go to the park wearing clothes that showed her belly off. 425 more words