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Jon Stewart, Meaning Well, Inadvertently Created the Monster He Fought Against

We have been fighting this battle for a, in just two weeks, a year now. The war, however, started a long time ago and we’re just now realizing the casualties involved. 539 more words


Idea for the day on logical fallacies - part 0 introduction and part 1

Part 0 introduction

This is the beginning of a series for Saturday’s about logical fallacies.

A logical fallacy simply means a mistake in logical reasoning. 605 more words

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Experiential Evidence Doesn't Count

Here’s my dilemma for the day. I have friends, sometimes very good friends, and they have had (like pretty much anyone who has lived) bad experiences in life. 278 more words

Social Issues

Thinking about books about Thinking

Maybe you’ve caught an episode of the National Geographic Channel’s awesome show “Brain Games,” and you enjoyed the fast-paced, colorful explanation of how our very own brains do amazing things (and often conspire against us). 439 more words


PART 2 (Tuhan Sama dengan Perasaan?)

Untuk mengantisipasi pertanyaan lanjutan dari anda: sakit tidak punya kualitas berat, warna,panjang, tinggi, lebar, dsb
jangan menggunakan metrik yang salah untuk mengukur objek. gunakan metrik yang tepat. 880 more words


Analogi "Antara Angin dan Tuhan" #Tuhan dan Angin (PART 1)

– Berdasarkan Kedua sisi
Tuhan dirasakan oleh emosi, ini subjektif. Sama subjektifnya dengan ketika saya merasakan sinterklas benar-benar mencintai saya dengan hadiah-hadiah natalnya. Orang lain tidak merasakan hal ini karena ini subjektif, hanya saya saja. 557 more words


Like Belly Buttons

I’ve been thinking about arguments lately. Mostly I’ve been thinking about how horribly, tremendously, comically bad we are at arguing. Americans, I mean. We do so many things so well. 930 more words