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The Galileo Gambit — "I am Galileo"

“The Galileo gambit (also Galileo fallacy; users of the fallacy are Galileo wannabees) is a logical fallacy that asserts that if your ideas provoke the establishment to vilify or threaten you, you must be right. 69 more words

Planned Parenthood just tweeted supporters to let Congress know that Planned Parenthood is more popular than cheeseburgers

Today Congress has passed a bill temporarily defunding Planned Parenthood.  As expected Planned Parenthood is all worked up.  Look at their twitter accounts.

Here’s one that stood out to me tonight: 367 more words

Christian Worldview

Interview with Vegan Sidekick

Humour can be a great form of activism and a way to get the vegan message out there!

Are you interested in learning a bit more about the creator of the ever popular… 31 more words


Highly Illogical: Thinking about social media and the proliferation of the anecdotal fallacy

Everyone does it – we’ve all argued at one time or another that something is true because “our friend had the same thing happen to her” or a method works because “such-and-such a famous person does it”.   1,432 more words

Life Lessons

Idea for the day on logical fallacy part 3 - The bandwagon

The bandwagon fallacy, as the name suggests, is an appeal to truth of an argument on the basis of popular opinion. It often begins with “everyone knows…” 603 more words

Idea For The Day

The bad logic of Ashley Qiang's Defense of Planned Parenthood

Various Planned Parenthood Twitter account has retweeted an article defending Planned Parenthood titled “We Should Focus On Condemning Anti-Abortion Extremists, Not Planned Parenthood.”

I got tired of the attacks on PP, so I wrote about it.

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#NewHorizons #PlutoFlyby – The Pseudoscience Flows #10 — Crrow777 Thinks It's ALL Fake


I really don’t want to give this one much time. “Crrow777” as he is known on YouTube, or just “Crrow” in interviews, is (from what I can tell) rising somewhat in the conspiracy world for reasons that I don’t understand. 1,140 more words