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Editing Workshop: Signals for Argument

When you make an argument in writing you are participating in an ongoing conversation. One of the primary ways that conversation takes place in writing is when you quote other critics and views, bring them into your argument, and in some way work off them: come to terms, forward, counter, take an approach. 837 more words

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Past week was great demo of power of propaganda

As everyone now knows, last week Sunday evening, United Airlines forcefully removed a passenger from one of their United Express branded aircraft.

The initial official statement from United Airlines was that they reluctantly had to remove a belligerent passenger from an overbooked flight, the passenger’s injuries were because the passenger fell and hurt himself, and the airline had every right to do so. 360 more words

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The Joy of Comment Threads.

So I clicked a link at Slate yesterday that took me over to The Cut at New York Magazine to read an article asking insiders in the world of advertising the question many of us have been wondering: how the hell that Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad got made.  118 more words

Batshit Insanity

Autistic Point Of View - Logical Fallacies

Two posts in one day? Oh heck yeah! One of the most interesting things known to man is the idea of philosophy, and that of logical analysis. 408 more words

Ad Hominem Attacks in a Modern World

To the average, modern American the words “ad hominem” bring vivid images of politicians verbally abusing one another, of media simultaneously using this tactic while condemning it, and even name calling in everyday arguments. 968 more words


Trump and Political Fallacies


In what you see as yet … there may perhaps be no great mischief; but depend upon it, in the quarter from whence these proposed arrangements come, there are many behind that are of a very different complexion; of these ones are suffered to be carried, others of a noxious character will succeed without end, and will be carried likewise. 2,980 more words

Why the Book Is Usually Better than the Movie

I receive e-mails from Jerry Jenkins about writing because I apparently made a mistake at some point and signed up for them. Today he hit on a triggering topic for me: the rule, “Show, don’t tell.” 1,916 more words