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Attacking the Straw Man - A Logical Fallacy

On my third blog, I talked about how, although Hitler did not do nothing wrong (contrary to popular meme belief), associating your opponent’s view with Hitler’s might not give you an edge. 541 more words


Playing the Nazi Card - A Logic Fallacy

Reductio ad Hitlerum, or playing the Nazi card. 

“I am against tobacco smoking.”

“You know who else is against tobacco smoking? Hitler. Therefore, you must be a Nazi.”

420 more words

Wisdom of the Crowd - A Logical Fallacy.

Last time, we have explored a bit on survivorship bias – how presenting cases differently could make us shift our focus or deduce a wrong conclusion from the data collected. 479 more words


Survivorship Bias - A Logical Fallacy.

I’ve always been an avid reader of r/dataisbeautiful. However, occasionally there would be a misleading or downright false post.

Today, I would explore one of the most common (and interesting) errors people make when making an argument or collecting data. 343 more words


Mini Infografis : Mahir Debat Kusir

Kamu suka nonton acara debat di TV?

Jangan heran kalo debat tipi sering bikin emosi, acara debat tipi dirancang kontroversial biar dapet banyak penonton. Yah kayak debat kusir warung kopi lah. 513 more words


Third Party Fallacy

You don’t know and she doesn’t know, so in order to solve your mutual problem you presuppose the existence of a benevolent 3rd party who possesses the resources you lack and has your best interests at heart.  436 more words

Editing Workshop: Signals for Argument

When you make an argument in writing you are participating in an ongoing conversation. One of the primary ways that conversation takes place in writing is when you quote other critics and views, bring them into your argument, and in some way work off them: come to terms, forward, counter, take an approach. 837 more words

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