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Why the Book Is Usually Better than the Movie

I receive e-mails from Jerry Jenkins about writing because I apparently made a mistake at some point and signed up for them. Today he hit on a triggering topic for me: the rule, “Show, don’t tell.” 1,916 more words

Who's to say what beliefs are correct or not?

Ever noticed how many quotes by famous, so called “successful”  people you see floating around on the internet? It’s quite interesting to ponder the reasons why it is seen  as important to include the name of the person who said the quote. 679 more words



Orang yang mengajarkan kepada Anda dikotomi, seperti Syiah non Syiah, kafir non kafir, itu alasan secara manthiq-nya adalah karena tidak cukup pengetahuan mengenai denotasi sebagai unsur penting dari logical division. 319 more words


Your Man Smelling of Old Spice and Not "a Lady"

Old Spice! Everyone knows this commercial depicting an unconventionally good looking man in some really unconventional places and situations all for the sake of Old Spice body wash. 340 more words

Mansplain Bingo

really mansplaining refers to debate practices done incorrectly or in bad faith
it’s all about the pretentious people appealing to their own authority
in lieu of proof/s… 420 more words


Jenis-jenis kesalahan logika alias logical fallacy ...monggo disimak

Jenis-jenis kesalahan logika alias logical fallacy …monggo disimak mantemans. Ada ungkapan logika tanpa logistik tidak berjalan bisa jadi ada benarnya gans sehingga mengalami kesalahan berlogika. “Cinta ini kadang kadang tak ada… 632 more words


Logical fallacies - download the free poster now!

Please spend a minute or two to have a look at this wonderful initiative from Jesse Richardson, an ad guy who decided to finally use the skills he developed while working in advertising for something useful: a website that lists a number of common logical fallacies in a very user-friendly way. 142 more words

This Is How I See It