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Is certainly Colors Necessary during Custom logo design?

Just imagine a world not having logo designs. Let’s suppose all the things will have ebony together with white-the fog, any flora, fauna, any affluent vegetation, butterflies together with everything else that could be amazing? 329 more words

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Why you should carefully choose your logo color design?

What logo color design is good for your brand Did you know that people are very discriminating when it comes to logo color and visual appearance of a brand? 576 more words

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Beads-by-Kindy gets her Official business logo

The ever creative model Kindness Prince starts her own bead making business after graduating from Michael Okpara Universityoof Agriculture Umudike. She makes professional coperate and bridal beads, her clients are always impressed by the services she render. 64 more words

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MOLLY'S MINI SUPERMARKET subscribes for our 2in1 business package 

Molly Mini Supermarket is located in Imo State, Nigeria. They provide quality services to their clients. They sell provisions, cosmetics, pet supplies, seasonal productsuctsuctsucts, canned food, food stuff, electronics, poultry and dairy products, etc. 81 more words

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Official Logo for Big Daddy Stores 

Big Daddy Stores is a unisex fashion design store that’s geared towards providing their clients with the best of trendy wears. Big Daddy Stores is located in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria. 46 more words

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Logo design for FEGOCOOKOSA Annual Convention -  UYO 2016 

The 2016 FEGOCOOKOSA Annual Convention was hosted in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State . The convention lasted from 21st – 23rd October. The daily events are underlisted. 84 more words

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FEGOCOOKOSA Logo rebranded with a touch of Gold. 

Federal Government College Okigwe is a top notch federal unity school in Nigeria, it is located in Imo state (the eastern heartland of the country). It is a great citadel of learning which aims to educate Nigerian students and inculcate good morals not withstanding religious barriers and different traditional beliefs; it embraces citizens from all tribes and strives to chun out good citizens and universally competent leaders of tomorrow. 119 more words

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