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Why My Unctuous Uncle Was A Mess!

Dapple an apple fleck Ben affleck,

Infinity wars quarks quasars,

Zara kings queens jars bazaars,

I know I am nobody,

You’re a nobody too,

Let’s pretend to end, 174 more words


The Play on Vernal Equinox!

Triggers of memories,

Are easy to read,

In environment,

Language and speech,

And in body,

Validations with models in your head,

Then validations by models outside your head, 82 more words


The Crescent Moon!

The crescent Moon,

Rises in the West,

Just where the Sun had set,

It seems those two are living in together,

If every one is about someone else, 104 more words


The Current, Ocean and The Shore!

I am that love current in your being,

The urge to love,

To expand,

To be,

I am that current which takes you to the ocean of bliss, 163 more words


Bangle Seller's Song!

Oh bangle seller,

Your articles are yellow, green and blue,

And despite the flu you trudge,

Oh bangle seller your song,

Is soothing and romantic, 229 more words


Jambul Tree!

The cat relaxes on the quilt,

Two birds sweetly chirp to each other,

On a Jambu tree in Jambudweep,

Bright green are its leaves full of life, 54 more words


The Land of the Ands!

This is that land we talked about,

Which usually exists only in our heads,

As the background score of life,

Hummingbird with purple mystery,

And a neck which rotates three sixty degrees, 174 more words