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First class

We are going over wordpress :)

The NPR logo is simple, take a look!


Ethos, Pathos, Logos: focusing the conversation

In our first class, I introduced “rhetoric” as one of our keywords, and defined it in this way: the art (in the original Greek, the word is… 636 more words

My Blog

The Word Works

I’ve been posting about the Word of God and how it imparts life to us. In my last article we saw how the Word of God will only benefit you if it’s received with faith. 583 more words


Soccer Badges - Pt 1

As you all know, the biggest reason I was inspired to make this league was because of the promotion/relegation system in European soccer.  It’s also why I created a super British sounding team called the Wigginshire Wigginhamsters.   462 more words


Dans conclusion

Each of the blogs seem to move in a direction until the finish, an essay as dictated to those with tenure to me requires a conclusion. 447 more words

Left Handedness

Receiving God's Word

I’m posting about giving and receiving the Word of God as spiritual seed. I’ve talked about preaching and teaching being like a baker making a loaf of bread for those who listen. 494 more words


The Finnish Daeree

It is one thing to knick things, with a knick-knack, another to be knicked from. Here on this isle a thought has occurred, one thing a stranded individual does not get to ask except in jest is ‘let us all go out to dinner.’ 270 more words

Left Handedness