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Logos As Brainwave Entrainment!

Logos is the cosmic law. The word comes from Greek Lego which means ‘to write.’ The logos is the writ of the cosmos. It’s the inner order of the world. 1,314 more words


Logo 20 aniversario E.B.G. Málaga

Por petición de Nicolás García, Presidente de E.B.G. Málaga. He realizado el siguiente logo para conmemorar el 20 aniversario del club, el cual es una de las mayores canteras del baloncesto andaluz y nacional.


Chicago Combatives logos

The original Chicago Combatives logo incorporating the Martial Blade Concepts triangle, Spartan helmet and Spyderco yojimbo blade silhouettes is by Jessica Wilson; I was hired to clean and update it with a Metallica twist, as well as providing a modified version of a host gym’s logo for the t-shirt.


Digital Art

Logo design: the most intricate dance of simplicity, memorability, and message conveyance that we are asked to create. Being the most important visual for a business, logos are often the most time consuming, tedious projects you will receive from a client. 327 more words


Trump and America’s Populist Turn

Logos Journal 2017: Vol. 16, nos. 1-2

Thus rather than conceiving of authoritarianism as a social pathology arising as a reaction to the irrational disequilibrium between the system and the lifeworld that can be remedied by advocating and instituting a democratic equilibrium on normative grounds, such an understanding of the critical theory of society held that authoritarianism was inherent to the irrational objective and subjective dynamics of capitalist society as such. 245 more words


Mandela Effect: Blending of Letters and Words

Whether you know it or not, everything is changing and we are seeing letters and words blended, in scripture and out of scripture. Let’s take a look at the BLENDING of letters and other strange new shapes of letters in our social security card, logos and scripture verses. 143 more words

Mandela Effect