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Information technology departments in addition to accountancy corporations engage in an essential purpose with ebook logo trying to keep in addition to controlling this money connected with corporations in addition to projecting this disorders on the personal year onward. 624 more words

Art Logos


Logo design for small businesses and brands.


Pamlico Catch

“Pamlico Catch” is a non-profit group that promotes wild caught seafood landed by commercial fishermen in Beaufort and Pamlico counties in NC.¬†They get mostly blue crab and shrimp, so the idea I went was with a crab that is blue. 78 more words



“iCanFitness” is a company for health and fitness. It’s a place to work out. Because of this, I decided to have a flexing arm be the background image. 76 more words



“Humbot” is meant to be an application for teaching things in a more simple way that’s easier to understand. They wanted a penguin in their image, so one was created to show it’s top part. 46 more words



“CookOo,” is a cooking application for your mobile device. It’s meant to try and keep cooking in a more simple way. The idea I had was to use an egg of the, “Cuckoo” bird, which is one of the parts the name plays off of, and get the shape of it for the uppercase “O” in the name. 37 more words


Pet Mastery

“Pet Mastery” is meant to be a store that sells pet accessories, or stuff pet related. I wanted to go with the idea with a dog here, however I feel as though there are multiple things I could have done better. 31 more words