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1minute29: Aquarion Logos 14

The enemy of today’s episode is: a man who put a bomb in a 4 year-old kid’s backpack and bragged about it on Twitter. A word person appears, and the crew at DEAVA name it “person”. 90 more words


Designing Animated Logos In Adobe Photoshop

For some, animation could be one daunting task but the actuality is that if you have all the necessary tools at your disposal then all you need doing is to follow the steps mentioned. 16 more words

Effective brands.

I had a look at some effective high-end clothing brands and their logos that have been successful for years, and I thought it was quite interesting to see what made them so successful. 233 more words


Vagaries of Thought

“…some of the greatest enthusiasm for p-zombies as a product, rather than as a concept, came from social science research – finding itself in a position to become an experimental science at long last, as the accessibility of entities which  175 more words


Return of Halloween

With autumn comes October, and with October comes Halloween. For this years’ edition, I’ve rendered a fun new logo to accentuate the coming times.

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