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Ranking the best and worst NBA logos, from 1 to 30

The NBA has 30 teams, and they all have logos. Here is a definitive ranking of said logos, based simply on how good they look, from best to worst. 1,007 more words



There was a horse, one horse that someone who considered life a drudgery decided to name it so, and Drudge lost all. It was said the bookies, bookmakers, placed what they called the Alpha Bet on Drudge. 223 more words

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Where Wolf?

She followed the deep currents of the black isles like a wolf, “where wolf?”, the cutter knew to ask this to a full moon as it dipped into inky blackness like a spoon. 113 more words

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My Stationary Cupboard

In my stationary cupboard, marked at the door by the only picture I could draw, two half ellipses sat side by side to see a bird somehow glide. 145 more words

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Review: James (EEC)

Besides being one of the administrators to a number of “nerdy” Facebook groups (I should add that they are wonderful groups which have helpful discussions on biblical languages and theology), William Varner is a Professor of Bible & Greek at… 746 more words


The Parable of The Sower (Part 1)

Growing up, I went to Church regularly with my parents. Whenever I was in the Adult congregation (cos we had children’s church) I would make notes of everything the Pastor said- even his ‘halleluyahs’. 360 more words


The Great Bombast

It may seem strange to some that as a brute would mark the ides of March, that which was to die for would be buried beneath the grounds of P. 59 more words

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