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Hey guys, I have the urge to share this with someone.

In case you are feeling like you have been stagnant for a while, or it seems as if your mates have gone ahead of you in life: be it in business, academics, marriage et all. 246 more words


Why is the Color Red Attractive in Business?


      First of all, the meaning of colors in society is cultural. Color goes beyond appearance, but generates a cultural experience. It reminds one of his/her experience and social upbringing in society. 619 more words


Ego and God co-arise. Ego ergo "God".

Ego and God co-arise.

Western science cannot find consciousness /soul /spirit, because it tries to find something measurable.
Eastern science has the underlying vision that consciousness is primary. 426 more words


Directors Chair

We made a directors chair!

You can put logos on the backrest.
Your chair must stand out!

We also make a quotation for free when you would like to put logos, so please feel free to contact us! 21 more words


Challenge One

Issued By Steve Samek

Deciding to change it up with content. Below are some links to YouTube videos from a channel called TPS, or total pro sports. 286 more words


Logomarca para o portal "as coisas mais criativas do mundo"/ Logodesign for the portal "the most creative things in the world".

Logo que desenhei para o portal @catracalivre, “as coisas mais criativas do mundo” junto com a plataforma WeLancer.Criatividade é apenas conectar as coisas. Cada informação é parte de uma nova idéia. 66 more words