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And I’ve remembered I have tumblr.

It has been quite awhile since I’ve blogged here, but in case this was your only form of knowledge or understanding in the world, trapped in some dystopic nightmare… here are a few updates. 227 more words

Der Ahorn Frühling

Le Printemps Érable

Récemment je n’ai pas écrit ici, principalement pour deux raisons. La première est que je suis paresseux. Et oui, écrire en allemand est toujours très difficile pour moi. 1,209 more words


Quebec Protesters; Poor Social Engineers

Its been no secret that I am opposed to all this “red-rag” nonsense that is going on in Quebec right now. I feel the protesters are behaving like spoiled, petulant children, pitching a fit in the grocery store because their mother just told them they couldn’t have that chocolate bar. 1,200 more words


The Corporatist Logic of the New Quebec

Montreal Gazette copy editor Peter Wheeland has been slapped-down hard by the Quebec Press Council. It’s a sign of the times.

Copy editors are the anonymous, but essential workers at the centre of print journalism. 1,365 more words


Ce que veut dire la violence

D’abord et avant tout, je tiens à affirmer que je suis strictement contre la violence. Je n’approuve aucunement des grabuges, du vandalisme, de l’intimidation ou toute autre forme d’abus de force. 766 more words