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Loki: 2016 Edition

Sudah lama rasanya kucing ini nggak muncul di blog, walau HP saya penuh dengan foto-fotonya Loki. Sekarang Loki sudah setahun lebih (ulangtahunnya bulan Oktober 2014) dengan berat 9 kilogram. 214 more words


Day 23: 5 Talented People

Today as the challenge asks me, I’m going to post 5 pictures of famous people I find attractive. As you’ve guest today it will be more about images than actual writing (and you call yourself a writing challenge). 314 more words


Mythology In Space: Part 4

I would like to propose the following contest for the best cinematic villain in the scifi/fantasy genre: DARTH VADER vs. LOKI.

They’re both from space, and they both have mad combat skills. 222 more words



My beads arrived and I made a bracelet. Carnelian, lemon quartz, moonstone and pyrite beads. Bad lighting is bad, but whatever.



Someone managed to get into the room last night. They were only here for a few moments and didn’t bother to introduce themselves. Quite rude if you ask me.  67 more words