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Loki and BPD

let’s examine Borderline Personality Disorder symptom-by-symptom, while acknowledging that neither of us is a professional psychologist or psychiatrist, and give it our best educated guess! … 847 more words


Loki as Chaotic Neutral, Not Chaotic Evil

The good / neutral / evil alignments can basically be broken down like so:

good = wants to help other people
neutral = self-serving, doesn’t really care about others… 1,076 more words


MCU: So Did Literally Everyone Else In Asgard Know Loki Was Adopted, Or What? Okay, I’m exaggerating, but only a bit!

So we all know the story. Odin sets out to kill himself some frost giants and, along the way, finds one of his very own, conveniently in non-blue packaging. 728 more words


Loki-Meta: Comparative Societies

Often we hear in Loki fanon about what a terrible father Odin was. That he was hard on his boys. That he expected too much. That he was particularly hard on Loki. 1,334 more words


I thought we could unite our kingdoms one day

“I thought we could unite our kingdoms one day. Bring about an alliance, bring about a permanent peace – through you.”

From the first time I saw the movie Thor in the theater, something about this line from Odin bugged me. 682 more words


The A to Z of You and Me

My sister and I participate in a book club with a few other friends.  James Hannah’s book was our first in a while, and a good choice to get us back on track. 281 more words

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Norse Mythology - Neil Gaiman

I avoid myths and mythology for the same reasons I want to read them.

I love the idea of stories that have endured, somehow, for centuries. 641 more words