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We Can't Hate The Bad Guys Anymore

Recently, I’ve been thinking pretty in depth about the villains and the bad guys in movies. I know, me thinking in depth is never a good thing. 1,212 more words



While I was standing there, watching Loki digging himself down in a pit…

…thinking “Yeah, dig yourself tired” – it dawned on me that’s exactly what I’ve done lately. 10 more words


In search of Anubis, Part II: Not there quite yet...

Obviously, last time we did not dig down far enough. The pottery was nice, but it was nineteenth century at the earliest. We need old… 105 more words


Working on the Break

It took a break and enjoyed a few days of doing nothing. It was time to step back and take a look from distance what I am doing. 522 more words


Repost: What's the Deal With Celebrity Crushes?

Have you ever swooned over a celebrity? Kept their photos on your walls or your desktop, or (God forbid) on your phone case? I knew someone who had a Chris Hemsworth iPhone case. 683 more words


Dear Don XXII

Dear Don,

Seems a bit daft writing when I will probably see you before you get this, but you know what my memory is like… except for ‘useless’ information. 399 more words



Line: Avengers (Movie)

Series: 1

Scale: 3.75 inch

Height: 3.75 inches

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