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Steve Rogers: Agent of Hydra

So, Steve Rodgers, the too good to be true all American, sweeter than apple pie, hero is in fact a member of the cult-like organisation that splintered from the Nazis for being too hardcore. 277 more words


When I Get Home

I usually trudge through¬†the door about five or six in the afternoon. Some days, it’s before four. Most days, it’s after six. Loki hates when I go to work, and I hate to leave him. 231 more words




Portrayed By: Tom Hiddleston

First Appearance: Thor (2011)

Based on the Norse Mythological deity of the same name (I love a good rhyme time), Loki is the single most recurring villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (you could argue that HYDRA is but HYDRA is an antagonistic faction whereas Loki is a single figure). 652 more words

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My favorite villain Loki. Read a great review by Maxwell Zwain here!

The Reason the Bed's Not Made

I pull the blankets and pillows off the bed, prepared to make it before I head to work. First sheet I toss onto the bed. Quick as lightning, a sleek blue cat dives under the sheet and pulls it off the bed. 247 more words


Loki's Friends

Loki doesn’t get to meet the outside animals. Hopefully, one day, he will. But he is close friends with the parakeets. Sadly, his favorite recently passed away. 506 more words


How I met Loki, the little God of Mischief

It was nearly a year ago, I was cleaning the Cat Room of the animal shelter. We were running low on space, but not so low that I was worried, when animal control brings us a kitten caught in a trap. 880 more words


Envy - A limerick

I see the way you covet the throne
Take Mjolnir for your own
But Thor’s the heir
To Odin’s chair
Loki, your envy leaves you standing alone… 11 more words