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RDC(R&D): The Hot Trail

*Chapter  Twenty-Seven*

I stepped off the RV, scanning my eyes around for the Doctor and the Wolf, immediately finding them by frontside of the Betty. They looked to be in a heated discussion, but that quickly changed once they saw me in approach. 2,524 more words


Mr. Teeps' Tuesday Takeover

I’m obsessed with my child dog. It’s true. So its only fair that he gets to takeover the blog AT LEAST once a week.

Since it’s moving week, our daily walks include some extra pee-pees and sniffs on our favorite trees, walls, signs, posts, mailboxes, other dogs etc… to say goodbye. 249 more words


Honeymoon now available EVERYWHERE!

Mythology expert Caroline Capello agreed to marry Loki, the Norse god of fire and lies.

She didn’t realize the most dangerous part of their marriage might be the honeymoon… 110 more words

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Norse Mythology, by Neil Gaiman / *****

It’s been kind of wonderful to see Neil Gaiman’s reaction to the runaway success of Norse Mythology, a book that, to be fair, really shouldn’t be as popular as it is. 579 more words

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On Sunday at 16:00 while I was tucking into my Sunday dinner, my cat BB-8 also known as BB for short decided to tell me by meowing that she was starting with labour. 754 more words

Midweek Mashup - Swindon Town, 1993

Two Swindon Town fans were discussing the club’s sole season in the Premier League (or FA Carling Premiership, as it had just been rebranded), 1993-94. 382 more words

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