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Howl At The Moon

One of my friends has a “Heinz 57” dog named Loki.  The mutt was purposely named after the Scandinavian God of the same name (not the comic book character).  465 more words

Cultural Highlights

RDC(R&D): Birds of Prey

*Chapter Seven*

I popped up out of the bed with a start, disoriented and confused, I can’t even remember when I fell asleep. Did Hunter fucking drug me? 2,879 more words


Episode 1: The Coming of The Avengers

Writer: Stan Lee
Penciler: Jack Kirby
Inker: Dick Ayers
Letterer: Sam Rosen

Plot Summary

Loki, God of Mischief, has decided that he must have revenge on Thor for having him imprisoned on the Isle of Silence. 395 more words


31 Days of Devotion, day 17

How does this deity relate to other gods and other pantheons?

Hail, Antinous, God of Peaceful Connections!
In your Boat of Millions of Years you traverse… 94 more words

Poetry (Day 289): Nemesis


Loki and and the Joker,
and all the rest,
burning the world
with magical beams,
and bombs and guns
and things we’ve never seen. 21 more words


Mindf***, or Quite Possibly One of the Most Unsettling Stories I've Ever Read.

And mind you, I consider myself an aficionado of terrifying stories.

Whether they be urban legends, classic literature, folk tales, modern horror fiction, or creepypasta… I’ve often said that there is nothing better than a good suspense story. 1,178 more words


Sharon Day - Queen of Fools & Recreational Alexandrian Tradition

And so…LOL…Sharon Day feels the Loki effect! We are loving it! It’s almost impossible to tell the difference between her and Scott Blunt.

(Sigh…) It goes to show how fucking easy it is to implant a seed on fertile soil. 396 more words