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Loki lo sleale, sincero amico dell’umanità

Voglio condividere questo articolo, dall’origine e storia assai dubbi ma dagli argomenti veramente interessanti.
Prima apro una parentesi sull’autore, il Professor Carlo Maletto, il quale non si capisce se sia una persona reale o meno. 2,201 more words



Your song for the day is “Beautiful Scars” by Madonna. 

Loki is, as all the gods, complex and enigmatic. He is, as all the gods, also imperfect. 163 more words

Weaponized Storytelling: An Interview with Al Ewing

A veteran of the British comics scene, Al Ewing has kind of conquered America over the last few years. With series like Iron Man: Fatal Frontier, Mighty Avengers, and Loki: Agent of Asgard, Ewing has made his mark on Marvel and distinguished himself through his humor and thoughtful examinations of complex issues like identity, class, and race. 4,193 more words


Message Given by Loki:

This is no ordinary love,
No ordinary love…


Message received

I can watch for you a life time.
You are my favorite movie.
A thousand endings,
You’ve never been too big.

I never know what’s coming,

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Thunder Hooves Necklace

Both Odin and Loki had input into the design of this necklace. It pays tribute to Sleipnir, who is Odin’s steed and Loki’s child, and could be worn by someone devoted to either Loki or Odin, to Sleipnir Himself, or someone who works with the Wild Hunt or has a horse spirit guide, totem or fetch. 289 more words


Mischief in Houston, Part III: Food Geekery

Now I know what the small ice chest we brought down in the car is for. The humans are visiting one of their large, fancy indoor food markets. 81 more words