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Marvel Movie Rewind - Thor: Ragnarok

I think out of every movie in the MCU (except for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War), I was looking forward to Thor: Ragnarok the most. 595 more words

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Mystery Blogger Award

I was nominated by Erin from Undercover Binge Reader for the Mystery Blogger Award. You can check out her post here. Thank you so much for thinking to nominate me! 525 more words

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Loki, the Bellows, and Hot Air

The Snaptun stone is a hearth stone that was found in 1950 on a Danish beach, though the soapstone from which it was carved originated elsewhere in Scandinavia. 1,234 more words


Lessons from Loki: Moving on

One great lesson Loki has taught me, is to keep moving, whenever circumstances become stale, stagnant and blocked. Whether it’s a change of physical circumstance, or a mental shift, that’s needed, Loki opens up awareness to the possibilities. 176 more words



I was wondering where and how people found small dead animals, because I wanted a few small bones for crafts.

I found a shrew about 10 mins later, but talked myself out of picking it up. 137 more words

Top 5 Characters who are going to die in Infinity War

Okay so clearly there’s going to be a major character death in the upcoming marvel film. The million dollar question is who?

Well I put together a list of 5 characters I think will kick the bucket in Infinity War. 217 more words


You Will Always Kneel – Marvel's Best Villains

The MCU has long been criticized for having a villain problem. Warranted, but it’s slightly disingenuous to the Marvel villains that do their job. If the goal is to challenge the hero’s worldview, then the playing field is a lot bigger, and a hell of a lot badder. 1,512 more words