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30 Days of Loki: Day 6

VI. Other related deities and entities associated with this deity

While a lot of the deities I talked about in yesterday’s post weren’t blood relations of Loki and could have thus gone in this entry, I wanted to keep this entry in the series focused on Loki’s relationships with other deities within the Norse pantheon, as well as some friends and enemies from outside the Norse pantheon. 937 more words

Northern Tradition

Interview: Loki

Back in April, Common Weal’s Commonfest took place at the QMU. Common Weal emerged during the independence campaign as a pro-independence movement that provided an outlet and created a community. 5,080 more words


What to Do with Freedom

This weekend the United States celebrated Independence Day, the anniversary of the day our forefathers declared themselves independent from British rule. In the 239 years since that declaration, America has come to be known as of the “Land of the Free.” But what does that really mean? 374 more words


Gaming Gathering, Part I: What Frivolousness is this?

The human male and female are enjoying one of their midsummer traditions–they have been joined by a large number of friends (they have friends?!) from near and far for a few days of boardgames and other frivolities. 150 more words


Month of Loki: Day 5

I bought offerings of Fireball and a new cinnamon version of Rumchata for Loki. <3


July for Loki

He plays my heartstrings, serenades my soul with His touch, His fire…….. & its the sweetest music i have ever heard. Hail Loki!

Loki as I See Him

Loki as I see Him…  He’s very complex.  There’s more to Him than just jokes and puns and good times.  He can be intense, frustrating, and exasperating.   668 more words