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Two for One!

Happy Thorsday! As a bonus, this week there are 2 new sections: 12.0 Rescue and 13.0 Fire In Ice! Enjoy!


FILM: Prepare yourselves: The Scoop on Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok

The recent Disney D23 expo has some serious heavy hitting releases announced and as the Marvel universe has done in 2017 with Spiderman: Homecoming and… 397 more words


COMICS: Loki To Usurp The Title Of Sorcerer Supreme This November

The Sorcerer Supreme, a title which has been handed down through the generations to those who show incredible knowledge and enhanced prowess with that of the mystical arts. 217 more words


In Retrospect - For Asgard!

It looks like it’s going to be a great year to be a Thor fan. I believe we have a female “A Force” multipack being released this year with six figures, two of which are Asgardian in nature. 893 more words

Action Figures

Story Time


Stop here to avoid Thor spoilers.


So the guy at the top is Loki. I’m going to make the (presumably valid) assumption that you have a vague idea of who he is, thus avoiding having to explain it. 224 more words

1-800-Mischief Audiobook Out Now!

It has arrived!

The audio version of 1-800-Mischief is now released and ready for your listening pleasure.

While writing Loki’s story, with him being the culture geek he is, it certainly has been a pleasure to be his author. 112 more words