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After changing out of my work clothes and FINALLY getting that pesky bra off –my 3 year old is asking why I’m doin dat

Me: Because they are annoying… 73 more words




Every Saturday my father and I go grocery shopping. Often times funny moments or conversations happen. This one has stuck with me for the last couple of weeks… 111 more words

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Six years ago today I started a new journey, a new way of life, a more worry filled life – I became a mother.

I had planned a normal day – morning walk, some house cleaning, and shopping – but knew with the first low back ache at 530am –¬† today would not be like any other day. 1,187 more words


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My mother called me for advice the other day. And I giggled.

Then I hung up and I laughed…alot :)



It's All in the Name of Business

So I’m getting gas and I see this…

and of course I do a double take just to make sure I read the sign right . 101 more words

LOL Moments

Idiot Drivers. Beware the Road Rage Monster

I’m dedicating this section to the utterly stupid and asinine drivers whose sole purpose in life is to drive like a complete and total moron. If that’s you…the shoe might just need to kick you squarely on the backside…of your head! 337 more words

The Hen


Ok…so I might have a little bit of road rage. Just a smidge. Haha! So here I am, cruising along the country back roads at a steady 60 mph and I round a corner to find myself smack up on this monster going barely 40! 130 more words

LOL Moments