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"It's 'Chella Lit"

Welcome to Coachella season everybody! I physically am not there but mentally, I am raving in my flower crown and acid wash jean shorts to Glantis and Lady Gaga. 364 more words


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Humor Best Funny Girl Moments – League Of Legends

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Video Best Funny Girl Moments – League Of Legends

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"Your locker is going to love your jacket."

Here is the thing about being a teenager in a school with a strict dress code. Everything is promiscuous. My school has always had the flair of over the top when it comes to, well, everything and a dress code infraction means a two hour detention and depending on what it is, you are forced to buy sweatpants at the school store to cover it up. 587 more words

LOL Moments

Why would I want TWO baked potatoes?

And…it’s another Food post!  Haha!

My foodie picture addiction began a few years back after a friend added me to a Facebook food group. The whole group is just a bunch of positive folks who love sharing their delight in cooking, sharing recipes, posting mouth-watering pics, and talking to other food apprecianados. 186 more words

The Hen

Confession: I laugh at myself...

All the time…

So, last time I posted I wrote about how I am very comfortable with my body.  I am happier than I have been in a while.  251 more words

All the time.. 

Cause food do bring so much joy, as much as regret! But at least they never disappoint.

Side note: I never knew that I put on so much weight til now. 9 more words

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