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10 Movies that you should totally watch

You may know that I have made a post before, which is 10 TV shows to watch  , and now I’m doing a 10 movies list, so I think I will going to make it a 10 things series, especially since I have so many ideas in 10 things… , so  you can expect some more soon!  284 more words

Black Twitter Don't Play: 10 Unpopular Opinions That You'd Probably Get Slapped For

The concept of free thinking maybe a new age idea, but freedom of opinion has always been our thing as Black folks.

And we’re always strapped with the perfect comeback or explanation regardless of how bizarre our perspective on something is. 201 more words


Sebuah Indikator

Seseorang pernah berkata kepadaku.

kau ingin tahu kualitas udara sebuah kota, kawan? kau cek saja upilmu. jika upilmu hitam, maka polusinya tinggi sekali. begitupun sebaliknya. 19 more words


Crusty Commander: Here's Visual Proof That 45 Could Use Some Coconut Oil

As you proceed through the rest of your week, the President is guaranteed to do or say something that’ll confuse you and piss you off at the same time. 160 more words