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Julian Edelman Posted The Sexiest Training Video Ever

The New England Patriots’ hottest player shows us what he’s made of.

The Patriot’s hottest player, Julian Edelman, gifted us with a video of him training in LA that is guaranteed to increase your heart rate. 65 more words

16 Times Max From "2 Broke Girls" Was Your Hero

This girl gets it.

When she was all about the sass.


When she was brutally honest.


When she served up an order of TRUTH. 13 more words


it was probably nothing,
but it felt like the world
because the world means nothing
to me
without you.

Author’s Note:
“It was probably nothing but it felt like the world.”
― Morrissey, Autobiography


Which "Supernatural" Guy Is Your Soulmate?

Which of the four main boys from Supernatural is your soulmate? Crowley, Castiel, Dean, or Sam?

Shake it off Voldy

(Need to view the comic outside of WordPress Reader)

my ex man has a new girl friend and he says Oh My God I’m just gonna shake….. 28 more words

Just A Happy!

Here's An Epic Video Of Arnold Schwarzenegger Blowing A Bunch Of Sh*t Up

“Hasta la vista, baby!”

Arnold Schwarzenegger is raising money and awareness for After-School All-Stars, which offers after-school programs to keep kids out of trouble. The Governator teamed up with Omaze to shoot a video of him blowing sh*t up and it was pretty f*cking epic! 86 more words