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Titik Balik, Menulis, Facebook, dan.. dia?

4-5 tahun yang lalu, aku masih anak cewek yang tergolong lumayan polos. Kalo ngomong nggak pake bahasa kayak gini. Ngomong yang pakai Bahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar sesuai ejaan EYD dan bisa membuat guru bahasaku menangis terharu saking indahnya bahasaku. 478 more words


7 of the Craziest Crimes to Ever Happen in Michigan

Just to help you imagine walking a beat in Battle Creek

Det. Russ Agnew and Special Agent Milton Chamberlain team up in the CBS drama to clean up the mean streets of Battle Creek, Michigan. 50 more words

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Judgement Day

Judgement. We’re always subjected to it and a lot of us live in fear of it, me being one of the latter for sure. Yet, it seems like our  first instinct is to just cast judgement on those around us. 271 more words


Boom Goes The Dynamite!!!!! Stage 2

Sooooooooooooooo BOOM!  I did it I am now apart of the healthcare industry. I got the job, I spoke about in my last post. I couldn’t be more happy, the thought that someone has decided to give me a chance is cause to scream and shout.   246 more words

January 30, 2015

It really brothers me that this sticker is by every toilet in this building. You know how they say they put those warnings on hairdryers to NOT use them in the bathtub because someone out there was dumb enough to try it? 8 more words