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The Raincoats – Lola (1979)

Wanting Out

I should want to be conservative
People watch me
Its my fault people are looking
Being myself is what causes me pain

I care too little about what others think I should care more for… 139 more words


Tiger Mum, Orangutan Dad

Over the past fortnight I’ve received a couple of comments about my endeavours to expedite ten month old Mina’s development. Last week I wrote about how she has just learned to crawl… 871 more words


C a r e l e s s l y

So carelessly we run around,

Handing out love, our pride,

Our moments in life

To someone else.

We are em-joyed…

(Empowered with joy)

We mark them as the source and cling to them… 136 more words


My best poems come from anything and everything. Often a quote, a memory, or a song catches my attention and starts me musing, then writing about it.



How sweet and lush then,

Are the sounds of the choir

Composed of my feathery companions

The amazing scent of lilac and rosemary,

Mingle with the view of the tilted cherry tree… 85 more words


On Broken Rocks

On broken rocks along the shoreline
where the caves of storm nymphs hold scattered remains
of every sunken ship,
there walks Adam’s Lilith—
Collier’s too— 88 more words