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Lazy Sunday

We trimmed back some bamboo this weekend and  since Lola and Anna like to chew on the small, young branches, I thought I’d try giving them some of the larger pieces but cut into smaller pieces. 87 more words


A Not So Great Escape

Warning: the following two paragraphs are an anecdote. Those who are allergic to ambling anecdotes should proceed directly to the next bolded heading in the post and resume reading there. 2,057 more words



My furry niece, Lola.

Iowa, 2011.


The Hierophant

Prompt: Take a chance

The Hierophant

Without really knowing what the Hierophant means, I picked it out of the Tarot deck lying around my house, which my mother bought from the bookstore – when there were big box bookstores competing for everyone’s cash for about 20 years – and for once, I checked it out, opened the small bag that the cards were wrapped in, the clingfilm plastic that used to cover the cards now long gone, after my daughter checked out the cards for their pretty pictures, but I was too strung out at the time that she opened the cards and just wanted to look at the pictures, I took the cards from her, saying THIS IS LOLA’s, and she can’t play with them, or even just look at the pictures, because really, I was a little scared that she would ask questions and I didn’t know what the Tarot really was for, and I didn’t want her to get any ideas about the beautiful drawings and pictures, and I wonder actually how the artist came up with the pictures for all 52 cards of the tarot, they were all Victorian and a little kitsch, but all good, collages – I wish I had time to collage, I told myself – so I snatched up the cards from my weeping, bewildered daughter and put them back inside the cheap satin cloth bag they came in, and returned the instruction book into the box that they came in, the first time they came into my house, when my mom was curious about telling the future or coming to terms with her past, using the Tarot as a tool to recover, or remember, or repatriate her own past. 271 more words


My Favorites : ไอเท็ม Base makeup สำหรับร้อนนี้



สาวๆหลายคนที่เคยเจอกัน ก็ชอบสอบถามว่า เจออากาศร้อนๆแล้วทำไมหน้าไม่ละลาย?

แต่งอย่างไรให้ติดทนทั้งวัน? ตอนนี้ใช้อะไรประจำบ้าง?


Make Up

The Bag-Cat

Yesterday I wrote about how Lola likes boxes and crinkly things. Crinkly things include for example carrier bags, which she will lick if she can get near them. 93 more words


Fresh Hype // ACTRESE - LOLA

Just sent in was this track from someone who’s recommended ACTRESE quite highly. The track LOLA is so far the only one to go by for SoundCloud, but of course that hasn’t stopped us measly enjoying it! 139 more words

Fresh Hype