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Chapter 2.5- Toddler Cuteness

Nicky soon had his birthday. He looks some much like Kathryn, I wish she would visit him more but she doesn’t seem that interested in him, 119 more words

Sims 3


This cute little cheerleader will make you fall in love.

1.10 - Brand New Day

It had been three days since Yasmin’s confrontation with Ari. He had left messages on her phone apologising but she ignored them. She told Gabriel she needed some time to herself and he respectfully obliged, he never rang her and only sent her one message a day wishing her and the baby a good day, understanding that Yasmin wouldn’t reply. 1,175 more words


Growing up

As I’ve established a couple of times here I am a Filipino, and my family are too of course. We do have Spanish ancestry on my dad’s side but I was raised by my maternal gradmother, and boy does she have an iron hand. 751 more words


This is how I like my bed to look when I am not sleeping in it.

This is how Lola likes the bed.

We have not come to a compromise on this situation yet. 8 more words


Sharing is caring

Despite the fact there are more than enough chews strewn all about the apartment she conveniently only wants the one her fur brother has. This usually leads to a non-stop whining fest and growling from the tiny dog which is hilarious rather than threatening. 40 more words


Chapter 2.4- The Tour

I got offered a chance to go on tour, Mum and Dad offered to look after Nicky for me so I wouldn’t have to drag a three month old around the country. 172 more words

Sims 3