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Loli of the Week

That’s a good high tea.

Also neko loli best neko

I guess the Merlion counts as half-neko since lions are cats, and fish lolis are fine too


Beware the Loli - Angel's 3Piece! Review - 12 Days of Anime

Description (taken from Crunchyroll): A shut-in ever since he had a traumatic experience, Nukui Hibiki’s biggest hobby has been using vocalization software to create and uploading songs online. 960 more words


Exposure of boobs (胸チラ)

I’m sure most of you know about パンチラ(panchira), but you might don’t know where does it come from. パン comes from パンツ and チラ from チラチラ, a japanese onomatopoeia that means… 17 more words


Loli of the Week

This week’s random dump.

If you would like anything featured in the next Loli of the Week please pm me.



Small tits (貧乳)

貧ひん乳 にゅう and ロリ two of my favorite words. Use those terms in google or boorus to find this kind of pics.