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hello Kelly

WASSUP YOU DUMB BITCH!!!!!! WHAT HAPPEN TO THAT POMPOUS DUMB BITCH MARK AUSTIN????? Ain’t working out is it????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! You need to quit going out to eat all the time! 23 more words

Better almonds then all of squamish!

Way better haha!gonna summon the aliens later from a work shop possibly!


How to deal: Sending the message to the wrong person

Have you ever sent a message to someone else that you never wanted them to see? Someone that you’re potentially crushing on or wanting to crush because they annoy you so much!  550 more words

Things To Ponder

What to say...when you don't know what to say

Not many people would describe me as short of conversation i would think but sometimes i come across a person and well the words just don’t flow naturally like they should. 484 more words


Hens night... a sign of cheating?

Hens nights might seem like a good idea whether you’re maid of honour and want to surprise your best friend with a male stripper erupting from a cake or a police officer coming in to arrest you. 270 more words


Valentines Day is stupid

Pardon me if you don’t agree with me and some of you won’t but i don’t give a codswallop about Valentines Day. I think the 14th february is a heavily commercialised saturated event that places un-necessary pressure on a number of parties. 488 more words


How to maintain friendships

I went to a girls school in my high school years and couldn’t wait to be free of the X chromosome which lingered strongly in the air. 584 more words