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Vài vướng mắc về "Lolita"

Thông qua một người bạn, mình biết được về bài viết với tựa đề ” “Lolita” – tiểu thuyết về một tội ác”

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Tea Break


Love at first


He imagined an



An elliptic art

Of delusion

Fantasy of


She dripped with


He strived to gaze… 19 more words


Lolita Headband Tutorial

This tutorial was created by Smallrinilady and teaches you how to create adorable headbands! :D

Hope this helps!! :D


Land Before Time: Dino Dress

Sometimes I can go for months at a time convincing everyone around me that I am ready to become an adult, and then I reveal my true self and let everyone down. 268 more words


Last weekend was Baby The Stars Shine Bright’s 2nd Anniversary celebration. I decided this was an excuse to wear my favorite skirt! I was going for a cutesy goth trickster demon look. 140 more words


Meet Idea: Pokemon Go Adventure!

Unless you’ve been living under Mt. Moon, you’ll know that Pokemon Go is the latest craze to sweep the world. And while running around by yourself catching Pidgeys and Rattatas is fun for a while, the real fun can be had when you’re out with a group of friends, taking down gyms and hatching eggs left and right. 454 more words



I finished this book just under eight hours ago, and my senses have yet to stop tingling from Nabokov’s infatuating style. His every word seems to be coordinated in perfect symmetry with the one preceding it, forming, over the course of the novel, a delicately intricate web of images that seems to be fashioned from a sort of cosmic fabric so strange and yet so undeniably accurate in everything that it portrays. 180 more words