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LoL balance update

Riot Games just announced their latest balance update, aka patch 3.5. I don’t know if the universal peace has been reached, but everybody seems glad seeing the patch notes. 36 more words

League Of Legends

Data is the next Intel inside

I believe everyone has use free services from many sites. Have you ever wondered why they let you use the service for free? The answer is very simple. 782 more words

Tim O'Reilly

Ud1eByTh3 B3ast best support NA

Played a game with fellow clan member, Ud1eByTh3 B3ast, the other night and we effectively carried our team to a pretty sick victory.

League Of Legends

The LoLKing Phenomena

I was duo que’ing (in secret, of course) with a friend of mine the other day. We had just gotten into a game and it appeared that everything was going nicely. 1,138 more words

League Of Legends