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'Our Shared Values'?

Obama’s Twisted Interpretation of “American Values”

By Mark Alexander ~

“Every consideration that can influence the human mind, such as honor, oaths, reputation, conscience, the love of country, and family affections and attachments, afford security for their fidelity.” —John Jay in Federalist No.

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Obama's sympathy for Islam finally explained... he was abandoned by two Muslim father figures???

Wow… this could explain why Barack Obama have a lot of sympathy for Muslims and could explain why he’s been trying to get acceptance by them. 234 more words


"The establishment’s fear of the truth empowers Obamaby LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD" ~ Family Security Matters

The establishment’s fear of the truth empowers Obamaby LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD

July 28, 2014

What would happen if Americans learned that Barack Obama is not just an individual with a history of radical, anti-American associations, but an illegal President and an unindicted felon?What would happen if Americans learned that… 585 more words

Alternate News

PressTV: Putin puts fear of God in New World Order: Barrett

 Russian President Putin

Wed Mar 19, 2014 12:31PM GMT

By Dr. Kevin Barrett

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In the wake of Crimea’s independence referendum, Hillary Clinton says Russian President Putin is a “new Hitler.”  Zbigniew Brezezinski, former National Security Advisor agrees, calling Putin not just another Hitler, but also a thug, a menace, a Mafia gangster, and a Mussolini. 1,227 more words


Fun with Signatures

Above are various signatures from the INS records that were released to Mr. Kenneth Allen, pursuant to an FOIA request.  Dates of the signatures by Lolo Soetoro are included in the snippets.  332 more words

Open Threads

Barack Obama, or Soetoro, or Soebarkah..... In 2 Places at the Same Time

from the American Thinker…….An Interesting Read:

The  44th President of the United States is, of course, Barack Hussein  Obama II.

Barack  Hussein Obama II has also been known by names such as Barry Soetoro, Barry  Obama, and Barack Hussein Obama (Soebarkah). 73 more words