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Panko avocado taco - Lolo

Oaxaca cheese, caramelized onions, anaheim peppers, on flour tortillas. $9
Lolo, San Francisco CA

These were pretty tasty and unique. I loved all the different flavors, and the deep fried avocado had a nice firm texture. 38 more words


Huitlacoche and requeson wonton ravioli - Lolo

With basil and arugula sauce and pine nuts. $14
Lolo, San Francisco CA

This was very different and I thought it was yummy. The huitlacoche was bitter and I’m not sure it’s a flavor for everyone, but I liked it. 6 more words


Calamari sope - Lolo

Blue corn masa, avocado puree and habanero crema. $11
Lolo, San Francisco CA

These were very cool and different. I thought that the squid ink in the sope was too overpowering though. 37 more words


Keep It On the LOLO

So I recently came across this artist on one of my Pandora stations. “I Don’t Wanna Have to Lie”, came on and I immediately was interested in the person behind the voice. 323 more words


My Top 50 Video Games: #30 - #21

30. Lego Star Wars

I love Lego.  I love Star Wars.  So why wouldn’t I love this?  I do.  Its incredible amounts of fun, I like that the lego building aspect is brought into the game, along with a unique brand of humour.  505 more words

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“Naija Go Survive” is Lolo’s passionate statement of solidarity toward our great nation, as we urge the youth of the land to be catalysts for peace and progress, not puppets promoting chaos and anarchy. 485 more words


Best New: LOLO - Comeback Queen EP

Lauren Pritchard is no more. In her place an edgy indie artist called LOLO is hitting the music scene hard and it’s clear with her recent release, Comeback Queen, she’s planning on staying and making her name known. 120 more words

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