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I remember when I was still untouched by death-when I was a child who believed in immortality and invulnerability. It all changed when I chose nursing to be my course and came face to face with the punitive certainties of death. 588 more words

Nine years ago...

Nine years ago, August 6 was a Monday.

It was a day so ordinary, one would think nothing can go wrong. I was sitting in class, counting down the hours left until the bell rings our dismissal. 178 more words

Samoy Tadalan

New Music Saturdays 07.23.16

It’s hard for me to finish books when it’s this nice out. Since most of my books are ebooks, I tend to read them before bed or when I’m commuting somewhere. 257 more words

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Song of the Day: LOLO - The Devil's Gone To Dinner

LOLO releases new tune of awaited debut album
LOLO’s debut record is not even out yet, but it already deserves one prize. In Loving Memory Of When I Gave A Sh*t… 285 more words

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what a long strange journey

In a few weeks, I will have been in Montana for exactly two years. And in those same few weeks I will be returning to London. 986 more words

P100K Cash Gift for Filipino Centenarians, Approved!

Is your Lola more than 100 years old already?  Are your grandparents celebrating their 100th birthday anytime soon?  Well, here’s a birthday gift they will truly love! 140 more words

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25 of #52FilmsByWomen: Lolo

Lolo (2015, directed by Julie Delpy, written by Julie Delpy and Eugénie Grandval)

Julie Delpy, probably best known for her role as Céline in the… 212 more words